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“Big Brother 8”: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I’m doubling up on episodes tonight. Spent Tuesday night at the movies. Saw "Hairspray" … great flick. I've taken notes on tonight's (Thursday's) "Big Brother 8" episode, but I'm too tired to flesh them out and add some zing to it.

Now, on Dasher, on Dancer … oops, I mean on to Tuesday's episode of "Big Brother 8":

It’s Day 28, after the recap. We find Dick is very, very, VERY excited (did I mention he’s excited?) that Kail and Jen have been nominated for eviction. Actually, so am I …

Jen is in shock and in tears over being nominated by Dustin for eviction. Dustin tells Kail that neither she or Jen are his targets this week. His target is…..why should I tell you everything?….Oh, alright, if you insist….his target is…..Zach. (I know, I know, I’m a master of suspense.)

But, meanwhile "Big Brother" fans, back in the Diary Room, Dustin says as long as one of his original four targets--Jen, Kail, Zach or Nick--goes home this week, he feels content he’s accomplished his goal.

Jen says she’s hurt by Dustin’s nomination, while Kail is shocked, rather than hurt. But Kail reassures Jen that neither of them will be leaving: "We’re the toughest girls in this house," says Kail. (Why do I have the disco song "Bad Girls" in my head now????)

Alone, Amber tells Dustin she thinks Zach, Nick and Jen are in an alliance. Amber says Dustin might be able to "backdoor" Nick. "Big Brother" to English translation: Get Nick evicted.

But, fellow "Big Brother" fanatics, the action’s only just starting, for it’s now time for the Veto Competition! (Sorry, I’ll try to contain myself …). Competing are Dustin, as head of household; Jen and Kail, the two nominees; and three other houseguests chosen at random: Daniele, Jameka and Jessica. Dustin must chose a houseguest to host the Veto Competition, and Dustin chooses Eric. We learn the Power of Veto Competition will take place later.

Jameka tells Kail God has already ordained who’s going to win the Power of Veto Competition. (I love the Church organ music they’re playing while Jameka is talking!) Jameka tells Jen she will fight for Jen, because Jen chose her name.

Meanwhile, (you know, we could really use a narrator like the guy from the 1960s "Batman" TV series… "Meanwhile, back at the Batcave …), anyway, meanwhile, Evel Dick is upset that Jameka will fight for Jen. Jameka says she’s not going to compromise herself to please Evel Dick.

In the Diary Room, Dick asks, "Jameka, don’t you think that God has something better to do? Do you really think He’s worried about your freakin’ ping pong ball and you playing for this skanky chick?" Dick says, "This is her personal agenda, not God’s will."

At the Veto Competition, the participants have to wear black clothing and black berets. Berets??? (In the words of "Will & Grace"’s Karen Walker, "Honey, I thought we talked about the beret. Patty Hearst couldn’t pull it off, and she had money and a gun.") When the houseguests come into the Big Brother house from the backyard, they find the living room had been transformed into an art gallery.

They have to guess the Big Brother slogans and phrases depicted in pictures show to them, playing for "Big Brother Bucks." (The first phrases and slogans are: Head of Household, Memory Wall, Diary Room and Power of Veto). Then, there’s an offer of a prize, and Dustin purchases a six-night trip for two to Barbados with non-stop champagne flights for $750 "Big Brother Bucks." We then have more puzzles (the phrases are: Nominee, Alliance, Julie Chen, Chopping Block). Then, they are given the chance to purchase $5000 cash for $1500 "Big Brother Bucks" and, again, Dustin purchases it. The houseguests are not pleased. (I wonder if Julie Chen is depicted on the "Big Brother Buck.")

Amber is having a crying fit (again) in the Diary Room because Dustin took the money, because she said Jameka could have easily taken the money and didn’t. (I’m buying stock in tissues now). Jen then throws the competition by answering "Safety" when the correct answer is "The Power is Up For Grabs," putting the burden on Jameka of taking Jen off the chopping block.

Dustin says he feels terrible for taking the $5,000, saying, "Everybody hates me right now." Jameka says, "God is so gangsta, that’s what I love about Him."

Dick starts in on Jen about putting the burden of the Power of Veto on Jameka.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the results of the "America’s Player" question: Which question would America like Eric to start in the "Big Brother" house? The answer: "I’d do that for a dollar." He needs to get a minimum of three different people on five different days to say the catchphrase. Eric gets Evel Dick on board with getting the other houseguests to say "I’d do that for a dollar."

Dustin says they have two options to nominate in Jen‘s place: Nick or Zach. Daniele is upset about nominating Nick. Jameka says they should get Zach out because he’s "shady."

At the Veto Meeting, Jen says Jameka should use the Power of Veto on her because, "I always think everything happens for a reason. I have enjoyed being here and I’m sure everyone else has. We’ve all grown together and I really enjoy being here." Kail said, "We’re in a hard position, ‘cause we’re friends and I’m not going to ask her to chose the veto with me over my friend." Jameka says she’s learned some things about individual’s characters this week, and uses the Power of Veto on Jen.

As Head of Household, Dustin must now replace Jen on the chopping block. He chooses Nick, because, says Dustin, he’s been playing all sides since Day 1 and has worn himself thin strategically.

It’s time for "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house: Nick or Kail? Well, I already know what’s going to happen, since I’ve had to double up on episodes tonight. I’m voting for Kail to be evicted. And, yes, I’d do that for a dollar ...

Blogger's Note: I hope to have tonight's episode posted sometime Friday, so be sure to look for it!/Brad

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