Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007

After the usual recap, it’s Day 48 in the "Big Brother" house.

When we last left the Caped Crusaders … oops, wait, this is "Big Brother," not "Batman" … when we last left the houseguests, Dick and Dustin were up on the chopping block for eviction.

Dick says, "I’m thrilled to be up on the block against Dustin. I’m probably going home, but this could be a really, really big coup. Don’t think it’s going to happen, but not giving up hope."

And then we hear from our other nominee. "It’s actually a shame that Daniele did come off the block because I really would have liked to see her go and see Dick freak out: ‘I lost my daughter for the fifth time, or maybe sixth time in my life, oooh-hooo-hooo-hooo," Dustin says in a mock cry.

Dick’s giving up the veto to Daniele was not lost on his daughter. "Being in this house," Daniele says, "it is pretty much the opportunity of a lifetime, and for somebody to give that up for you, it means probably more than anybody would ever know."

Jessica apologizes to Dustin for putting him up on the block. In the Diary Room, Dustin says, "Week 4, I cut off Daniele’s right leg when I evicted Nick, and here I am, two weeks later, cutting off her left leg when her Dad walks out the door. And now that they’re both gone, (she’s) got nothing’." Well, they’re not both gone …yet, Dustin. As the old saying goes, don’t count your houseguests before they’re evicted. (Can you tell the tea I drank two hours ago is wearing off?)

"Dustin I know is shady," says Jessica, "that just makes me question him even more. He is definitely high on my radar now."

Jessica and Eric talk. Eric apologizes about giving Jessica the cold shoulder (he was under orders from America to give her the silent treatment, remember?) Jessica and Eric bury that hatchet (but not in Dick’s skull.)

In order to talk possible strategy and become more acquainted with her, Zach makes Jessica dinner. They talk about who should be evicted and Jessica says voting Dick out might not be the better decision. Zach says Dick’s diversions keep Zach and Jessica off the radar and it might be a good diversion to keep Dick in the house. Zach gives Jessica his word he will vote Dick out. In the Diary Room, Zach says, "When I gave her my word that I would vote Dick out, yes, I will stick to that, unless Jessica tells me that I don’t have to stay true to my vote." They should have made Zach "America’s Player"--he’s such a follower.

Speaking of "America’s Player," it’s now time for the "America’s Player" poll results of who should Eric target for eviction this week? America votes to evict … Dustin.

Eric and Jessica (yes, they’re fully clothed) talk in bed. Eric gets a little flustered when Jessica takes off her top. (Yes, there’s a shirt on underneath …)

Dick talks to Eric and tries to get him and Jessica over to his side. (Why am I hearing Darth Vader say to Luke Skywalker, "Luke, join me!") Dick tells Eric if he and Jessica vote with Dick and Daniele, they will not put them up on the block.

Eric goes back to Jessica and says they should get rid of Dustin and align with Dick’s side. "I believe me, you, Dick and Daniele could wipe out the other four with ease. Jameka doesn’t have four HOH’s and Amber is just royally garbage. The way I see it, though, is you can align with the weak or you can align with the strong. There are advantages to both, but you could be potentially taking out a huge threat and I think there’s honor amongst thieves … not to suggest that we are thieves, but …" Jessica replies, "We are after this week."

After the commercial break, we go live with Julie Chen and the houseguests in the living room.

Regarding the Veto Ceremony, Dick tells Julie he was going to do what he had to do to make sure Daniele stayed in the house. Asked by Julie if she would do the same for Dick, Daniele says that luckily she wasn’t put in that situation. Jen was surprised Dick gave her the Slop Pass in the food competition.

Julie congratulates everyone for making it to the half-way point in the game! (We’re only at the half-way point??? Aaaack!)

Julie asks Amber if there’s anything she wants to say to her 5-year-old daughter and she does, and of course, she does it emotionally.

We hear from evicted Joe, Dustin’s ex-boyfriend. "It’s very entertaining watching the downward spiral that is Dustin on television. To see him going from, like exactly our relationship, beautiful, well-put together, great funny person to slowly, ‘Oh, you’re really selfish. Oh, you’re really self-involved.’" When Dustin chose to take the prizes in a recent competition, Joe says, "Dustin’s choice to take the prizes really shows his true colors." (Great, I have Cyndi Lauper’s "True Colors" in my head now …) "He ultimately is just looking out for himself and he doesn’t care who he steps on along the way to get there," Joe says of Dustin.

In the Diary Room, we hear from the houseguests and who they’re considering for eviction this week.

Says Amber, "I know that I want Dick out of here. He’s very mean, and scary, and moody, and the list is endless."

Daniele says, "I obviously want to keep my Dad in the game, because he’s my biggest ally. I can trust him the most over anybody. I just can’t stand Dustin. He’s the biggest phony in this house."

Zach says, "Dick a huge instigator in the game. He picks people apart in a way in which I think is completely unsanitary in the game, to be honest." Thank you for that vulture imagery, Zach. Zach says it’s unfortunate that Dick is up against Dustin, "because Dustin needs to go as well. But, you know, it’s a really hard toss-up."

Jen says, "So, Dustin and Dick are my options to vote out. It’s finally a win-win. The last three weeks have been lose-loses. So, I’m very excited that finally I get to vote someone out that I actually want to leave."

Eric says, "My initial take on the matter was to send Evel Dick home. He came after me and he’s a big threat in this house. However, after I got my directive from America, I knew it was time to up the ante and make a big move in this house. I’m going after Dustin in a big way." Yeah, yeah, Eric, you just want the money.

Says Jameka, "I would like to have E.D. out of the house. We feel uncomfortable with his presence. He’s mean-spirited by nature. I want to see him, the back of his head and that B.B. bag leaving out of the front door."

After the commercial break, Jessica talks with Julie live in the HOH room. She’s been questioning some of the people in her alliance, and Jessica says she trusts Eric and Jameka the most.

Julie tells Jessica viewers are wondering if Jessica has romantic feelings for Eric, and asks her if she does. "I have a great time with Eric every day. Who knows? Maybe when we get out of the house there might be something, but I’m really trying to stay focused on the game right now."

We learn tonight’s evicted houseguest will be the first member of the jury.

We then hear from the two nominees:

Dustin says, "Well , guys, it’s been a very fun past several weeks getting to know every single one of you. And, I hope that you guys make the decision to make the next six weeks even more fun than the first six weeks."

Says Dick, "I did what I had to do, you guys do what you have to do. My only regret is that Carol is not here to give me a long, deep, wet kiss on my way out the door." I’m sure she feels the same, Dick.

It’s time for the live voting. Amber votes to evict Dick, Eric votes to evict Dustin (per America’s orders), Jameka votes to evict E.D. (Dick) and Daniele votes to evict Dustin.

After ANOTHER commercial break, both Zach and Jen vote to evict Dustin.

Soooo, by a vote of 4 to 2, Dustin is evicted from the "Big Brother" house. (By the way, has anyone noticed Dustin’s wearing a grey T-shirt?)

Talking with Julie Chen, Dustin says he is "so stunned" and regrets volunteering himself to be the replacement nominee.

Dustin watches the goodbye videos from the houseguests. He doesn’t learn that Eric is "America’s Player" (most likely since Dustin is part of the jury which will vote which of the last two players will win "Big Brother 8.")

After the commercial break, it’s time for the HOH competition. A little person enters the house and starts spouting phrases like "A stitch in time saves nine." Then, the houseguests go into the backyard and there’s a pirate on stilts and a barbershop quartet. Back in the house, there are 3 rabbits in a cage with an ace, a 5 and a 9 playing card tied to their necks. There’s also a person dressed as a statue. (I’ve had dreams like this. That’s what I get for snacking at midnight.)

The Head of Household competition is, "Strange Visitors," a series of true or false questions about the visitors the houseguests just had,

On the first question, Jen is eliminated; Dick and Zack are eliminated on the second question; Eric is eliminated on the third question; Amber is eliminated on the fourth question. Daniele wins the Head of Household competition.

It‘s time for "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated? Well, since Daniele is Head of Household, something tells me she won’t nominate Dick for eviction. I would say, go for Jen, Eric.

Julie asks Amber if the house will feel empty without her best friend Dustin in the house. "Yeah, it’s gonna be awkward and empty in the house with not having him, but we had some great times together and everything happens for a reason and this is a game and I have to keep that in mind that anything can happen."

Words to live by, blog readers. See you after the next episode …

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