Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 29, 2007: The Sequel

The show begins with, you guessed it, a recap.

But, before I get started, I’ve noticed I’ve spelled Zach’s name two different ways in this blog. To set the record straight, it’s Z-A-C-H.

In the Diary Room, after Mike’s eviction, Kail, who was also on the chopping block, says, "I’m speechless … prayer does work!" Haven’t been much for the power of prayer before that, Kail?

It’s now Day 27 in the "Big Brother" house.

Evel Dick (as opposed to Knievel) accuses Jen of voting for Kail to be evicted.

With his hair slicked back, Nick’s kind of reminding me of Matt Dillon in "There’s Something About Mary."

The houseguests are wondering who cast the second vote for Kail, and America’s Player (that’s Eric, for those who’ve lost their scorecards), has flown under the radar.

Wow, they are really carrying on with conspiracy theories about who was cast the second vote to evict Kail. I’m thinking it was actually the guy in the grassy knoll.

In the Diary Room, Amber breaks down about Dustin winning Head of Household. Says Amber, "They were happy tears." Happy tears? Sounds like a good sequel to "Happy Feet."

It’s time to see Dustin’s "Head of Household" room, and we see pictures of Dustin’s family, or as Dustin calls them, his "famfam." Dustin gets emotional over his brother’s letter to him. (Can someone please pass the Kleenex?)

Evel Dick says it’s bizarre when Amber says she has two kids: she has a dog and she has a daughter. Evel finds it incredible that Amber would give her life for her dog, as well as her daughter. ("Where’d you find these people here?" wonders Dick in the Diary Room. I’ve been wondering that myself, Evel.)

After the commercial break, we see what Dick does at night after everyone has gone to sleep. He calls it the "Dick at Night" show. Dick messes around with the kitchen faucet and actually winds up getting Daniele with it.

We see that Zach doesn’t really fit into any of the cliques in the house. Says Daniele: "I would rather eat slop for a month than have to sit and talk to Zach for an hour." Now, that’s some serious dislike going on there.

Evel goes to talk to Daniel privately about her not giving him respect like she gives the other people in the house. She retorts, "but they give ME respect." Daniele says Dick has said things to her that she will never, never forget until she dies. Dick and Daniele agree to work on their relationship. (More Kleenex, please.) At the end of it all, Dick and Daniele hug (now that’s a Hallmark moment.)

Eric says he’s starting to see a bond between Jessica and himself. He tries to do some dance moves with her. I’m picturing her flying across the room.

Dustin comes out dressed in a crown and robe and announces it’s time for the food competition, "The Humpty Scramble." Kail and Evel wind up being paired together, which Evel calls "a match made in hell."

Teamed in pairs, the houseguests have to reassemble their own broken Humpty Dumpty. Jameka and Jessica finish constructing their Humpty Dumpty first. They get to choose the five people who will be put on slop for the rest of the week. They choose: Evel Dick, Zach, Kail, Nick and Jen. (Jen says slop is more nutritional, because then she can’t eat things like cookies and pasta.)

After another commercial break, Evel and Jen are sitting alone and Evel inquires whether Jen has had certain parts of her body augmented. Jen says she will neither confirm nor deny.

Kail and Dustin discuss working as a team. Kail says Dustin could put her up as a pawn, as long as Dustin gets four commitments of others not nominated Kail before he puts her up. Back in the Diary Room, Dustin says they are in a scenario where Kail is "weak, feeble, desperate and annoying." (Sounds like my Monday mornings …)

Jen goes to talk to Dustin alone in the Head of Household room. Jen tells him that she didn’t vote for Kail to be evicted, and that this week he should nominate Dick and Daniele. Dustin asks what Jen’s opinion was of Zach. Jen says if he puts anyone up against Zach, Zach will go home.

We get the results of the last America’s Player question: Who should Eric get nominated for eviction. America votes for Jen.

Regarding the nominations, Dustin says option one is Zach and Kail. Option two is Jen and Kail. Jameka said Zach and Kail sounds like a better choice. Eric begins to campaign for Jen. In the diary room, Dustin says the two pairings that have to get out of the house soon are: Kail or Jen and Nick or Zach.

It’s time for the next "America’s Player" poll: Which catch phrase should Eric start in the house? 1. Sweet chicken! 2. Booyakah! 3. I’d do that for a dollar. I choose Booyakah! (I just like the sound of it).

After another commercial break, it’s time for nominations. Dustin has nominated and Kail and Jen for eviction. Dustin says Jen is a strong competitor in this game, and Kail has exhibited questionable behavior over the past week. Booyakah!

In the Diary Room, Dustin says he’d like to see Kail go home this week. He made an agreement to put her up as a pawn, but he says that’s not the case.

I’d be happy to see either one of them go. We’ll see who wins the Power of Veto competition ….

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, July 29, 2007--Part I

OK, here's the deal: I DID watch "Big Brother 8" on Sunday, but I was away for the weekend visiting my childhood hometown of Hicksville (why are people not surprised when I say I grew up here?), Long Island, N.Y. (and Billy Joel, who also grew up there, is almost as famous as myself. Almost.) Anyway, I have to switch from "A New York State of Mind" to a "Big Brother State of Mind," and when I do, I'll be posting. So, stay tuned.

Friday, July 27, 2007

"Big Brother 8," July 26, 2007

After the recap of the show’s recent past events, we begin on Day 27 in the "Big Brother" abode.

Mike says he hates to campaign against Kail and he doesn’t think she’s emotionally strong enough to stay in the game. Meanwhile, Evel Dick thinks Mike should be the one to get out of the "Big Brother" house, and of course, Dick goes around the house voicing his opinion about it to the others.

We then learn the results of the "America’s Player" poll on which houseguest Eric should campaign to get evicted from the house. America choses….envelope please…ow, ow, paper cut…I hate that….America choses….Kail. (I’m just a master of suspense, aren’t I?)

Evel Dick then goes into the other room to break wind. At least he went into the other room to do it. (And, this is one of those times I’m glad there’s no "smell-avision.")

Zach , Dustin, Jessica and Amber tell their feelings about Kail and Mike in the Diary Room. (Zack: Kail has played her hand and has basically packed and ready to go; Dustin: Mike eats a lot and has the personality of a dead fish; Jessica: Mike is very strong but she’s not sure how smart he is because he never talks, ever; Amber: Mike is hard to read, he’s a wild card: Jessica: Kail’s a strong player because she’s smart and competitive and if she stays longer it‘s going to be harder to get her out later; Dustin: Mike is a strong player, silent but strong types are the silent but deadly types and he’s gotta go.

Julie talks with the houseguests. We see the clip of Zack streaking into the pool. Jen says she’s stopped investigating who put mustard on her pillow until she gets home from the show. (But then the mustard's gonna hit the fan, I can tell.)

We’re about to hear from Daniele’s live-in boyfriend of two years about Nick and Daniele’s relationship in the house. But, first a clip of Daniele and Nick talking on the bed. Nick tells Daniele he is "in like" with her. Awwww.

Her boyfriend , Kris, thinks Daniele is his soul mate and he wants to marry her. He wants to believe Nick and Daniele’s relationship is all strategy and game play. He says it’s all about trust, and then we hear Nick and Daniele smooching under the sheets.

Dick says if he had the choice to make, he would evict Nick out of the house right now just to be safe than sorry. Dick says when he campaigns, "everything is out in the open" to avoid the he said-she said drama.

Switch back to the Diary Room: Jen says Kail is a liability, Jameka says that if you can get a commitment from Mike, he’ll be on your side until the end; Jessica says Kail jumped into the game a little too fast and had really sloppy game play; Nick said the only reason he’d want to evict Kail is the eviction is in shambles; Jameka thinks Kail can help her personally in the long run; Jessica says she has the impression Mike is a lot smarter than people take him for and if they don’t get him out now, it might be harder down the road.

After the commercial break, we meet both Jen’s mother and her friend, Her mother thinks Jen made a bad rift impression. Jen’s mother said it did hurt a little bit when she took the picture with her and her mother down. Jen’s friend, Kara, said she told Jen before she left that she had to play dumb and not let people know how smart she is.

In the nominees last-minute speeches. Mike believes in integrity and honesty; Kail says she appreciates the houseguests friendship.

And, now, it’s time for the live vote to evict:

Zach votes to evict Kail; Jameka, Jen and Dustin vote to evict Mike.

Of course, it’s time for another commercial. When we come back, the voting continues…

Eric votes to evict Kail; Amber, Nick, Daniele and Jessica vote to evict Mike. (What’s with the slicked back hair, Nick?)

By a vote of 7 to 2, Mike is evicted from the Big Brother House. Mike hands out flowers to all the girls as he leaves.

Dick accuses Jen of voting to evict Kail.

Mike talks to July about playing with integrity and honesty, and Mike wanted to give loyalty back to Kail.

Tonight’s HOH competition is called: "Eliminator": It’s a series of questions about the people who have already been evicted. In the end, Dustin wins the title of Head of Household.

It’s time once again for the "America’s Player" poll: Who should Eric get nominated for eviction? Take a wild guess who I’m gunning for. Yup, you guessed it. Jen. With Jessica a close second. C’mon, guys, don’t fail me now.

Not enough coffee or Red Bull last night

OK, I didn't have any coffee or Red Bull last night, so, while I DID watch "Big Brother" and took notes, I fell asleep before I could write up my blog entry last night. So, if you're looking here for my blog entry for last night's episode, it should be posted later today. (Unless I fall asleep again ...) And it was a banner day on my "Big Brother 8" blog Web site on Wednesday: I got my first comment. Thank you, Michael! Keep those comments coming! I love to hear what you all have to say about "Big Brother 8"! I need more coffee ... More later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We start out with, yes, you guessed it, a recap of the last episode of "Big Brother 8." After the recap, we open with Day 21 in Big Brother house

With Kail and Jen as nominees for eviction, Kail says we’ll see a new Kail if she stays. (Don’t tell me they’re gonna clone her …) Dick (Mr. HOH) tells Jen she’s not his target, Kail is.

Things go au natural when Zack streaks to the pool. And, of course, the other houseguests take his towel and lock him out of the house. (I have "The Streak" in my head now. Thanks, Zack.)

Alone, Jen and Kail talk about the Power of Veto competition, until Mike interrupts them and tells them he would take one of them off the block if he won Kail says she has to win, no "ifs, ands or buts."

Dick tells Kail she’s not a very good player and he doesn’t see Jen as a threat. In an effort to get to Evel, Kail fires back Jen’s going to go after Daniele.

We then find out the results of the last America’s Player question of which houseguest’s property should Eric vandalize. America choses (who else?): Jen. So, Mr. America’s Player (here he is….Mr. America’s Player…) puts mustard on Jen’s pillow. (Put your mustard on myyyy pillow, whisper in my ear, baaaaaby…). Thus, with his pillow mustard graffiti, Eric accomplishes his task.

In the Power of Veto completion, playing are: Zack, Jessica, Nick, Eric, Jen, Kail and Dick. Dick, with his sights set on Kail for eviction, tells Jen not to do anything to save Kail.

For the competition, the players put on crazy outfits (stop raiding my wardrobe, guys). For this completion, they have to balance a glass on top of their large hats.

But, of course, it’s never just quite that simple.

The other houseguests come out to heckle the ones playing in the veto competition. When all are eliminated except for Jen and Dick, almost every houseguest was trying to get Jen out of the competition. However, Kail and Mike team up and try to get Dick to laugh--utilizing such things as a grass skirt, whipped cream and an Indian headress. (Come on, guys, I meant it. Stop raiding my wardrobe). Dick finally throws off his glass off his hat. Jen wins POV, and Dik plans to put up Mike in her place. Meanwhile, Kail prays for protection that she’ll be safe from eviction.

Dick (and, by the way, they’re spelling it "Evel" Dick, as in Kneivel, and not "Evil." on the show.) finds Nick, Jen and Zack in Dick’s private Head of Household beadroom. Furious, Dick thinks Nick is in an alliance with Jen and Zack and is incensed that they would be in his room, no doubt talking strategy.

Daniele says Dick is ticking off (OK, that’s not the word she used, but hey, we’re a family paper) every person in the house and she’s getting the brunt of it. Daniele and Dick are each frustrating each other. But, calm yourselves, blog readers, there’s hope on the Big Brother horizon: In the next scene, Dick says he’s willing to do counseling with Daniele after all this is over. (I’ll sleep much better tonight now.)

Dick says Nick, whose been getting close with Daniele, says Nick could be ruining Daniele’s life outside the house. Daniele has a boyfriend outside the house. (Keep your scorecards handy, this is probably going to get more complicated as the show progresses.)

At the Power of Veto meeting: Jen uses the veto on herself. In Jen’s place, Dick puts up Mike for eviction nomination. So, now it’s Kail and Mike up on the chopping block.

Finally it’s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house? I vote to have Eric evict … Kail.

Will I be right? Stay tuned ….

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 22, 2007

We start out tonight’s episode with a recap of what’s happened in the "Big Brother" house. If you don’t know (or just don’t remember--hey, I’ve had weeks like that …), have no fear. Just scroll down and check out my recaps from the past episodes of "Big Brother 8."

When Joe was evicted, it was by a vote of 9 to 1, and we find out Kail’s alliance went against her.

Jen feels she accomplished her mission as Head of Household. Having either Joe or Dick gone was fine with her.

Jameka says Joe’s presence will be greatly missed.

Says Nick, "I’m extremely happy that Dick stayed in the house. In the end, people would rather have somebody who’s gonna stab you in the front and see where your coming from than somebody who might stab you in the back." Isn’t that the reality game show motto?

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, your alliance no more. (Woo woo woo). Says Zach, "As far as the alliance of four, it’s failing and it’s probably done." Yeah, that thing does tend to happen when your alliance votes two different ways.

We flashback to the recent HOH competition. Dick chucks his little chalkboard in triumph when he wins the competition. You know, Dick, you could put someone’s eye out doing something like that.

Jen and Kail both think Dick will nominate them for eviction.

Kail (AKA Mrs. Robinson) confronts Mike and wants to know if there’s still an alliance. In Kail’s mind, she thinks the alliance is over. Ya think?

It’s time to see Dick’s HOH bedroom. Amber so happy about Dick’s pictures, she’s crying.

Dick and Kail talk privately. Kail betrays her alliance by telling Dick about her alliance.

Dick says he might nominate Zack or Mike. And then….

We go to commercial.


When we come back, Jen says she used to wrestle guys in high school and would win a lot. So … Jen and Eric wrestle. Eric goes for the "super body slam deluxe" and Jen retaliates by whacking him in a very (VERY)sensitive place with her foot.

Nick reveals he has a top 5 list of girls and guys. "I wouldn’t do anything with any guys unless they’re on my top 5 list at the moment." He says he’s comfortable in his own skin and with his own sexuality.

Daniele thinks Nick is comfortable with his sexuality. Nick tells Danielle he scrapped his top 5 girls list when he met Daniele. (Altogether now, "Awwwwww.") But, Daniele has a boyfriend back home whom she’s "absolutely crazy in love with."

Daniele goes to talk with Dick privately in the backyard and tells him she wants to go home.: "I hate this. I hate this," she cries. She doesn’t like hurting people and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Dick tells Daniele she has to do what she thinks is the right thing to do for her. Dick tells her if she needs to talk any time, either inside or outside of the house, Daniele can depend on him.

Then Dustin and Dick talk. Dustin says Daniele’s coming to Dick is her way of saying she loves her father. Dick says "this is way harder than I ever thought it would be." (And you thought eating slop was going to be the hard part, didn't you, Dick?)

Another day of eating slop. Jameka says its disgusting: "I don’t see anybody going to the grocery store and stocking up on this particular brand of substance." I love the blues music they’re playing while Jameka is eating the slop.

Jen says, "Since I have not been on slop, I don’t really feel bad for people that are on it. I suck at that. Feeling bad things. But I definitely feel something, I don’t know if it’s bad."

When Dick and some of the other houseguests are eating regular food while some of the other houseguests are on slop, Dick says, " It’s like going to Africa and sitting there having hamburgers or something." Jameka says it could be Asia, United States or anywhere. Dick and Jameka talk privately. He tells her he wasn’t making a racist comment. Jameka says her comment wasn’t an "E.D." comment, that was a comment to say Africa isn’t the only place. Jameka says it a lot on her shoulders being the minority in the house. Coming into the house, Jameka didn’t feel comfortable being herself. Dick and Jameka make up. (Kiss kiss, hug hug).

Now it’s time for the food competition, called "Mission Impastabowl." (Probably a name I would come up with if I was working on the show.) For the competition, the houseguests have to slide down into huge bowls of pasta to find matching meatballs, one in each of two tubs, with the same food name on it. When they get a match, get out of the tubs and put the meatballs on a shelf, they get that food for the week. At the end of the competition, they get: halibut, lobster tail, juice, a barbecue grill, pasta, chips, sweetbread (cow pancreas … all together now, "Mmmmmmm."), melons, cucumber, bananas, hamburgers, cereal and milk.

Of course, the houseguests have a pasta fight at the end of the competition.

It’s time to see who America voted for the Eric to get nominated for eviction in his role as "America’s Player." America votes to have Eric get Jen nominated for eviction. Says "America’s Player," "This is the best day ever." I agree, Eric.

Dustin tells Kail for Halloween he was Batman, and then Robin. And Kail asks him if there was a rumor that Robin was gay. Dustin said there was, he didn’t think it was true. Kail asks, "How about Barney? Because he wears purple." Dustin said he didn’t think so, "plus he’s a fictional dinosaur character. I don’t think that he has sexual preferences."

Kail thinks God created man and woman for a reason. "Dustin’s the type, you just love his heart, and his personality, and it’s easy to forget that he is gay."

Zach and Nick--"Mrs. Robinson" ’s alliance, go to talk with Dick about nominations. Nick tells Dick he’s not playing Daniele.

In the Diary Room, Dick says it would be easier for Daniele or Dick if Nick was not in the house.

It’s time for the audience question for "America’s Player." This week, he‘s a secret vandal: Whose personal property should he covertly target? If the person chosen is in the HOH room, the next person with the highest number of votes will be chosen

Next it’s the Nomination Ceremony. It’s Jameka’s birthday, and she gets a great birthday present from Dick when he pulls her key and tells her she is safe. At the end of the ceremony, we find Dick has nominated Jen and Kail for eviction. (Did I call that, or what?) The reason he put Jen on the block last week; and he put Kail on the block because she lied to him and tried to deceive him.

But, as always, things could change with the Power of Veto ceremony. Tune in Tuesday and find out. See you there.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes, blog readers, have no fear, I managed to stay awake (thank you, Red Bull).

After the recap of past shows, tonight’s show opens on Day 20.

Nominee Joe says he’s not "one of those weepy, sad rain clouds that sits around and drags everybody down." So Joe’s cloud begins hovering over the houseguests as he begins campaigning to stay in the house. "I wanna stay so bad!"

In the "Diary Room," the Big Brother confessional room, Jessica says she might vote for E.D. (AKA Evil Dick, or is it Evel?) to stay.

The votes for who America’s Player (again, that‘s Eric) are in: America wants Eric to target Joe for eviction.

Kail tellls Dick she’s voting for him to stay in the house. Dick says he has a minimum of six or seven votes locked up.

But, in the next moment, Kail goes to Daniele and tries to get her to vote Dick out. Daniele tells Dick Kail is campaigning against him.

Dick confronts Kail about lying to him about not voting for him. He calls her a liar and she can’t be trusted.

Jameka says she’s still on the fence. Jessica says Dick is annoying to live with! She obviously hasn’t heard her own voice.

Amber says she’s been so emotional because she’s been sensitive her whole life. ("I get so emotional baby…" sorry, had to break out into Whitney Houston for a minute).

We go behind Joe and Dustin’s former relationship. We meet Nate, the man in the middle of Joe and Dustin’s relationship. Dustin tells Joe the way he’s played the game in the house reflects the way he’s played the game of life. He says Joe has gone the wrong way to try and earn his trust and during the past 16 days in the house, he has not proven to Dustin he is not worth his vote and Dustin will not be voting for Joe to stay in the house.

Julie Chen talks with Jen in the Head of Household bedroom. Jen feels Dick has a lot of similar traits as she does. Julie talks with Jen about her meltdown over her picture. Jen says she has three chins, necklines and bags under her eyes in the picture. Jen says she nominated Daniele for her negative energy, and not over jealousy over Jen’s relationship with Nick.

Joe and Dick get a chance to plead their case to stay in the house, followed by the live vote.In the diary room, the houseguests cast their votes to evict:Dustin, Daniele, Eric and Amber vote to evict Joe

Eric, "America’s Player," reminds Julie you can’t spell "America" without "Eric." Doh!

Time for a commercial break … I hate when they break up the vote with commercials!

The votes continue with Kail voting to evict Dick; Jameka, Mike, Nick, Jessica and Zack vote to evict Joe.

By a vote of 9 to 1, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house. (Did I call it, or what?)

Dustin used to make fun of how Joe was obsessed with this show. Joe says he was open and direct about stirring the pot. Joe honored to be nominated for eviction by America.

This week’s Head of Household competition is: "Getting Schooled," a series of true or false questions covering classroom subjects such as history, math, as they pertain to the houseguests time in the Big Brother house. I was out by the third round of questions. At the last question, Mike holds his answer upside down. LOL

In the end…Dick wins the HOH competition! YAY! The show ends with asking the audience who Eric, America’s Player, should nominate for eviction. I’m gunning for Jen. But I wouldn’t be sorry to see Jessica or Kail go. Stay tuned.


It's 4:40 a.m. and I'm not even finished with my first cup of coffee and I'm already thinking about the eviction ceremony tonight. I'm just hoping I stay awake. More later ...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Day 14 in the "Big Brother" house.

Jen says her reason for nominating Dick and Daniele is their negative energy. Oh, puh-leeze, Jen is the Queen of Negative Energy. And those “Jen” shirts have got to go. Dick says being nominated cuts short the time he has to reestablish his relationship with Daniele. Uh, Dick? Hello???? There IS life outside the "Big Brother" house.

Nick and Daniele get cozy and Nick whispers to Daniele about his alliance and tells her he would take the fall before her. I hate when they whisper. That’s why I watch TV…to read subtitles.

Eric, America’s Player, has to sleepwalk and climb into Joe’s bed. He has to stay there until Joe throws him out. Eric fails and leaves before Joe throws him out. Who knows, Eric could still be there if he hadn’t left on his own.

When the veto competition began, I noticed Jen was not wearing a “Jen” shirt! But, of course, they show her in the diary room and she’s got one on! (“Jensa Member”) . Jensa, maybe. She’s certainly not a member of Mensa.

Before the veto competition, Amber’s feeling the pressure about competing in the competition. Amber says she loves Dick and Daniele both so much. Jen, acting like a schoolyard bully, tells Amber to keep the nominations intact.

Everyone is now, um, “jen-uinely” ticked off at Jen, who then apologizes to Amber for bullying her. It’s like feeding time in the piranha tank.
Time for the veto competition: The houseguests go in the backyard and find it’s … SNOWING. There’s also a Christmas tree and a snowman. (Silver bells....silver bells...oh, sorry, forgot where I was for a minute...) The veto competition is called, “Cutthroat Christmas,” and it’s a curling completion, and the goal is to get as close to the red line as possible. I’m picturing Dick sliding Jen down the curling track. When a player is eliminated, they open one of the gifts under the tree. I LOL-ed when Jen opened up her gift and Dick said, “It’s a personality!” At the end, Daniele wins the power of veto. When Amber opens her gift and it’s handcuffs. She chooses to be handcuffed to Kail for 24 hours.

When Jen opens her gift, we find it is a red unitard that she has to wear around the house.

Eric tries to convince Jen to put Jessica up for nomination. But then everyone pitches Joe for nomination.

Daniele chooses to remove herself from the nomination block. Jen, as Head of Household, must put up another houseguest for nomination. Jen puts up Joe. So now it’s Joe and Dick on the nomination block.

It’s then time for TV viewers to vote for Eric’s next task, which is: “Which of the 2 nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house?” Frankly, I wish it was Jen on the chopping block. Or Jessica. (Have I mentioned her voice grates on my nerves? Oh yeah, I have. But, oh well, it’s worth repeating. But, if I have to choose, I’d vote to evict Joe. Sorry, Joe.

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogger’s Note: I’m late with this posting. Spent the weekend in New York City, where I saw “Tony & Tina’s Wedding.” It was a blast! Go see it.
Now, back to “Big Brother”:

When the show begins, it’s Day 12 in the “Big Brother” house.

The mystery from Thursday is solved when we find Jen was the only
person who voted for Amber to be evicted over Carol.

Daniele thinks Jen, who is Head of Household, will jealously nominate her because she hangs out with Nick a lot.

The houseguests mention that Jen loves to talk about herself a lot. Then there’s a ringing of a bell every time Jen says the word “I”. LOL. A lot of angels got their wings tonight. (You remember “It’s a Wonderful Life,” don’t you? And if you don’t, don’t wait for Christmastime to roll around, go rent it!)

We see Jen’s Head of Household bedroom, and again, you guessed it, “Big Brother” blog readers, Jen is upset with her pictures on her wall. Jen even takes down the picture of her and her mother because Jen’s not wearing any makeup in the picture. Oh, the anguish of it all.

Mike and Nick are working out and Zach and Dustin begin making fun of them, calling them Magnus von Vagnusson from Austria and Kragnus von Vagnus from Croatia, complete with Arnold Schwarzenegger accents.

Nick has something in his hand and wants to give it to Danielle and she asks if it’s a booger. He gives her the key to his suitcase, but he says it’s the key to his heart. Awwwww.

Jen and Kail toss around possibilities of who Jen should nominate for eviction.

It’s then time for the week’s food competition, which is a game show called, “Name That Pie.” (Right away, you know this can’t be good.). There are two teams: the blue team, comprised of the male houseguests; and the red team, made up of the women houseguests, plus Joe. Jen plays the hostess of the game.

Each pie contains 2 ingredients from the game board. There are two teams and one contestant from each team will step up to the podium in each round and challenge their competitor to name the two ingredients in the least amount of bites. The houseguest willing to name a pie in the fewest amount of bites will have a chance to earn a point for their team. If after their last bite, they can’t name that pie, the other team will earn the point for that round. The first team to reach seven points win sthe game. The losers will be eating Big Brother Slop.

The competition is like “Name that Tune,” and the houseguests have to say they can name what’s in the pie in so many bites of the pie. The pies, however, aren’t appetizing. They are: banana and bacon, potato and pineapple, sausage and apple, hot dog and strawberry, pepperoni and mint, carrot and cheese, sweet potato and licorice, salmon and blueberry, hamburger and peach, tuna and jelly beans, anchovy and cabbage and pickle and clam. Let’s all say “Yuck.“ After all is said and digested, the blue team wins.

We find out TV viewers want Eric, “America’s Player,” to try to get Jessica nominated for eviction. So then he goes to Jen and tries to convince her to nominate Jessica. Jen reveals to Nick that it makes her uncomfortable that he hangs around with Daniele. (Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our houseguests …)

Dick lets Jen have it for coming in and talking when the houseguests are trying to sleep.

Switch to “America’s Player.“ This time, America gets to vote for which houseguest’s bed Eric should he crawl into tonight.

It’s once again time for the nomination ceremony and Jen says, “I think that it will show these people that I’m nominating that they should be more pleasant and be better people and then that way they would have better lives.” That’s the stuff fortune cookies are made of.

At the end of the nomination ceremony, we find out Jen has nominated Daniele and Dick for eviction, because they “cause negative atmosphere for everyone.” Dick says he will not campaign to get his daughter, Daniele, evicted.

Friday, July 13, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Thursday, July 12, 2007

We begin on day 13 in the Big Brother house.

Dustin reveals he found trust with Amber right away. Amber says she feels confident that she’s safe. (We’ve heard those famous last words before!)

Carol apologizes to Jessica for fighting with her in middle school. (Let’s all sing kum ba ya). Joe decides Amber and Dustin need to be separated. Daniele says the situation with her father is an “odd situation to have to deal with in front of a bunch of different people.” Umm, Daniele, how about in front of a couple of million people?

Before the commercial break, Julie Chen tells us we’re going to hear from Dick’s son, as well as his mother. (Why do I picture a woman with wild hair, tattoos and piercing? Beats me …)

We find out the reason why Daniele hasn’t spoken to Dick in two years is because she borrowed money from him and she wasn’t able to pay him back. According to Dick’s son, Vincent, the way Dick handled it wasn’t the best way to handle it, and Daniele didn’t like that so she basically stopped talking to Dick for two years.

(So, with two out of the three “couples” with pasts, money plays a part the relationship problems. Seriously, let‘s get Dr. Phil or Suze Orman to the “Big Brother“ house, stat.)

Charlotte, Dick’s mother, looks nothing like I expected. We learn Dick became a father at 22. Geeze, I’m 40 and I can barely keep my bonsai plant alive...Again, that's another blog). We learn that Eric has watched every single season of Big Brother and has plotted this out for eight years, but he’s family’s concerned when they find out he’s America’s Player and it could throw his strategy off. Eric says Carol is a weak player, “There’s 13 sharks in this house, and then there’s one Carol.” America votes to have America’s Player evict Carol. By a vote of 10 to 1, Carol is evicted from the “Big Brother” house.

What I want to know is who the one person was who voted to keep her in! (Something tells me it wasn’t Jessica…)

I started cracking up at Carol’s facial expressions as Jessica was talking trash about her on the video clip Julie Chen showed her. Oh, we find out they’ll reveal who voted to keep Carol in on “The Early Show” on CBS on Friday. (Of course, I didn’t tape it. And, so, I still have no clue.)

Now to the next Head of Household competition. Tonight’s competition, “Majority Rules,” a series of questions about the housemates. If they answer with the majority, they will advance, if they respond with the minority, they will be eliminated. If the answers are split down the middle, no one will be eliminated. Jen wins the Head of Household competition with the tie-breaker question of how many gallons of water the spinning teacup in the backyard holds. Since there’s an open entrance to the spinning teacup, it only hold 9 gallons of water. (You gotta love a trick question!). Next TV viewer question for “America’s Player”: Who should Eric try to get nominated for eviction? My vote: Jessica. Sorry, my ears can’t take it.

"Big Brother 8": Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kail says of her nominations that she got off “scotch free”! Is she talking about the alcoholic beverage, or the tape, or does she actually mean “scot free”? (You know, it’s these kinds of things that keep me up at night. Well, that and the half pot of coffee).

By the way, Jessica’s voice is STILL grating on my nerves! And I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart when Dick revealed he had a heart to heart comment with his son in a strip club. Who says family values are dead?

We learn Jen doesn’t like guys with muscles (wow, that woman would ADORE me!).

Nick begins flirting with the girls, while Amber starts dramatically talking to God while she’s alone in a room. (I’m titling it, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Amber.”)

Time for another competition. This time, it’s the Veto Competition. The holder of the coveted Power of Veto has the ability to take a nominee off the chopping block. The competition: “Hide and Seek Veto,” where the houseguests have to hide their veto symbols around the house, and the last one to be found gets the Power of Veto.

Daniele hid her veto symbol in a bucket of Big Brother slop. Ewwww. I wouldn’t look in there on a dare. I don't think I'd be able to survive on just Big Brother Slop. Take away my barbeque potato chips and my Dr. Pepper (yes, you guessed it, I'm a health food addict) and I'm one lost puppy.

Well, what do you get at the end of the competition when you get a bunch of frenetic houseguests searching for little veto symbols hidden throughout the house? You get one big mess. They tore apart the “Big Brother” house something fierce! And at the end of it all ... Daniele triumphs and wins the coveted Power of Veto.

Eric (remember he’s “America’s Player”?) has to tell a dramatic story to Kail. Loved the sad music they played while Eric poured out his fake story about a girlfriend with an eating disorder. (No, I’m not saying eating disorders are funny, just the music that was set to it).

Dustin says he needs respect from his ex-boyfriend Joe. (Sure, get me singing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”) Viewers find out the next thing we get to tell America’s Player: We get to tell Eric who of the two nominees he should vote out of the house. (Each of the contestants, except the Head of Household and the two nominees, get to vote for eviction.) OK, I have no choice but to close this blog entry with the immortal words of Aretha Franklin: R-E-S-P-E-C-T....RE-RE-RE-RESPECT....

I really do need to cut down on my coffee intake ... At any rate, see you at the next posting.

“Big Brother 8”: Sunday, July 8, 2007

The show starts out by delving into the relationships between the three pairs of houseguests who hve had a history outside the house. Where’s Dr. Phil when you need him?

OK, is it just me, or does Jessica’s voice grate on anyone else’s nerves?

Then it's time for all the houseguests (and of course, all of America) to see Kail’s private Head of Household bedroom. (All together now: "Ooooh, ahhhh!" At any rate, it certainly outshines the other houseguests' living quearters.

Now, brace yourselves for some Drama. Yes, that’s drama with a capital D. Every season, the houseguests’ head-shots are put on a wall, under which is their symbolic key to the “Big Brother” house. Poor Jen flips out at her picture on the board. “I’ve never taken a worse picture!” Get the Prozac and get over it! I love the maudlin music they’re playing during the scene, too. And then I burst out laughing when Jen covered up her picture with what looked like paper.

Other tid-bits that come to light: We learn “Evil Dick” is quite the name dropper, and Amber is 27-years-old and taking care of six people.

Mike seeks out Kail about teaming up for an alliance. Kail suggests an alliance of four: Zach, Nick, Mike and herself. Nick says, “No one would expect that us three would hook up with her. It’s Mrs. Robinson and her three boys.” So, I’m guessing that anytime soon, Julie is going to start referring to them as the “Mrs. Robinson Alliance,” similar to the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance from last season.

The only bad thing about this is now I have the song “Mrs. Robinson” stuck in my head. (Hey, something has to fill the void.)

It’s then time for the “Big Brother” food competition, “Butter Me Up.” They separate into two teams. Each team must transfer as much butter as possible from their butter pumper to their giant tub of popcorn, using only their bodies, while another teammate rubs the butter off them. The losing team will be eating what is called Big Brother Slop.

I loved the competition being compared to “Baywatch,” complete with music and the contestants moving in slow motion. The red team wins, thanks in large part to Amber’s long hair. (Note: Should you ever need to know this, you can store A LOT of butter in long hair).

Ex-boyfriends Joe and Dustin continue to bicker. Says Dustin: “Joe and I will definitely be targets over the next two weeks, just because of the drama that surrounded us right off the bat. And I feel like people don’t want that in the house.” Ya think?

And, you know, tattoos are one thing, but he earring in Dick’s eyebrow looks incredibly painful.

The choices for the first assignment for “America’s Player” are revealed. The assignment: The houseguests are just starting to get to know each other. It’s time for Eric to reveal his soft side by making up a traumatic story about his past. To whom should he pour his heart out?” And then we’re given instructions how to vote. I cracked up when the narrator started speed-talking the contest regulations. (Hey, it takes very little to amuse me some days. You should see me in the office on pay day.)

Now we’re up to Nomination Day, where the Head of Household has to nominate two houseguests for eviction. The houseguests’ large keys are put into this large round key holder, and one by one they pull the keys out, until we find out whose keys are not there, which means they are the two nominated for eviction.

Oh, and by the way, inquiring minds, as we pass by the photo wall, Jen’s picture is uncovered. Just thought you’d like to know.

At the end of the nomination ceremony, we discover Kail has nominated Amber and Carol for eviction, because they were the first ones out of the HOH competition. Way to play it safe, Kail!

"Big Brother 8," season opener, Thursday, July 5, 2007

It happened as I was chatting online.

“Brad! Did you know Big Brother is starting again tonight?” my online friend—and fellow Big Brother fanatic—Missy asked.

Nope, like many other aspects in my life (but that’s a totally different blog ...), I didn’t have a clue. But I quickly popped a blank tape into the VCR, and tuned into CBS.

Not that I usually admit it openly, but I’ve been a regular watcher of “Big Brother” since the show’s second season. That’s the season that introduced us to Will, AKA “The Puppet Master,” as well as the buff Hardy, the way cool Monica (or “Monya”), Bunky (I’m hoping that’s a nickname and not his real name...), the dual-ponytailed Nicole (who reminded me of a Cabbage Patch doll gone bad), and more.

Yeah, I know. Rumor has it I need to get a life.

But what can I say, I’m hooked. Maybe I’ll join a 12-step group for reality shows after this season, but for right now, on to “Big Brother 8.”

If you don’t know the premise of “Big Brother,” people apply to take part in a reality TV show where they get locked in a house (and backyard) with total strangers. Kind of like “Survivor”—without the island, the immunity idol, or host Jeff Probst. But, have no fear, the lovely Julie Chen more than fills Jeff’s role.

The “Big Brother 8” house is equipped with 51 cameras, 74 microphones, and this season, 14 contestants. Each week, the contestants will compete for food, luxuries and power, as well as evict one of the houseguests each week. The last person left will win 1/2 million dollars.

We are then introduced to this season’s “houseguests.” They are: Jessica, a student; Nick, a former pro football player; Eric, a talent management assistant; Daniele, a waitress; Dick, a bar manager who refers to himself as “Evil Dick” (yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking ... ), Jen, a nanny; Mike, a painting contractor; Kail, a business owner and mother of three; Joe, a receptionist; Carol, a student; Amber, a cocktail waitress and single mother; Zach, a graphic designer; Dustin, a shoe salesman; and Jameka, a school counselor.

At the house, we find eleven of the houseguests are gathered outside the front door. Julie announces they will have only one minute to choose a bed by placing their suitcase on it, and they will enter in three groups chosen at random.

Like previous “Big Brother” digs, this one is funky looking, too. There are some very tall beds, some round beds and some very uncomfortable-looking tiny beds. (Especially when you’re 6’3” like myself!) There’s then a get-to-know-you session. It would probably take me a month to remember everyone’s name, but considering it took me 2 years to learn my own name, a month’s just a drop in the bucket.)

But, as with previous “Big Brother” seasons, there’s a twist. (Come on, there’s ALWAYS a twist.) Astute readers will note that I said earlier there were 14 contestants, but then I mentioned that 11 people entered the “Big Brother” house. So, what happened to the other three? Abducted by aliens? Shipped off to compete on “Survivor” instead? Off to work the Slurpee machine with Elvis in Akron, Ohio?

Not quite.

The three houseguests—Dustin, Jessica and Dick—were moved in earlier in the day and are secretly living upstairs in the Big Brother abode.

And here, blog readers, is where Big Brother really puts in a twist: Each of the three will be spending the summer in the house with someone from their past.

The three get to watch the other guests on camera, and we learn: Dustin’s ex, Joe, is downstairs; as well as Dick’s daughter, Daniele—with whom he hasn’t spoken to in two years. And then we have Carol, Jessica’s rival from high school. (Says Jessica, “She owed me $5 one time.” Reminds me of the John Cusack movie, “Better Off Dead,” where a determined paperboy haunts his customers for payment ... “...$2! I want my $2!”)

Only the 11 contestants downstairs—who are still unaware of the other three-will be competing in the first Head of Household competition. The winner of this competition, also known as “HOH,” is free from eviction, and they also get their own private room. The HOH must also nominate 2 housemates for eviction. Julie announces they will have 30 seconds to chose a partner, and the one who cannot find a partner cannot compete in the HOH competition. Nick doesn’t wind up with a partner and says he didn’t want to win the first HOH competition.

The HOH competition is called “Mushroom Madness.” One person on the 2-person team is asked a true or false question about their housemates. If they answer incorrectly, the mushroom the other contestant is sitting on spins faster and faster. (Frankly, I’d kick butt in that contest. I’m used to being dizzy). While the mushrooms are spinning, the players are pelted with a substance with corn in it. Then Julie announces there will be no more questions, but the mushrooms will continue to spin faster and faster. While they’re still spinning, the players are then pelted with powder. At the end of the competition, Kail and Eric are victorious, even though Eric tried to answer the questions wrong because he didn’t want to win the first HOH competition. (Yup, he has my kind of luck.)

Julie then announces to the three still hidden upstairs they are safe from eviction for this week and the three get to decided who will become the HOH. They pick Kail, since she spun on the mushroom, while Eric only had to answer the questions. Julie then announces to the 11 houseguests that there are three other people who are living in the house, and they are not strangers to some of them, that it’s a person from their past. “It could be a rival, an ex, or simply the last person you’d ever want to be locked in the house with.”

The 11 take stabs at guessing who might be upstairs, and when Joe mentions Dustin, he blurts out Dustin gave him an sexually-transmitted disease. (Dustin denies it.) Makes you want to sing, “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you,” doesn’t it?

After seeing “Evil Dick,” who reminds me of Lex from “Survivor” with his tattoos and wild hair, his distraught daughter Daniele has to leave the room, where she is then comforted by several of the houseguests.

“Big Brother” introduces still another twist (I’m getting whiplash here, guys). This season, one of the houseguests—Eric—has been chosen “Americas Player” and will follow the show’s viewing audience’s instructions throughout the game. We can tell him who to vote for, who to target for nomination, etc. Beginning Sunday, viewers will be able to send him directions via text message or online at CBS.com. For every five tasks he completes, Eric will earn $10,000. Not too shabby!

For those who can’t enough of the show, they can have an uncensored look on “Big Brother After Dark” airing live each night from midnight-3 a.m. on Showtime Too. Or they can log on to CBS.com and subscribe to the live 24-hour Internet feed. (OK, I’m addicted, but I’m not THAT addicted.)