Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 29, 2007: The Sequel

The show begins with, you guessed it, a recap.

But, before I get started, I’ve noticed I’ve spelled Zach’s name two different ways in this blog. To set the record straight, it’s Z-A-C-H.

In the Diary Room, after Mike’s eviction, Kail, who was also on the chopping block, says, "I’m speechless … prayer does work!" Haven’t been much for the power of prayer before that, Kail?

It’s now Day 27 in the "Big Brother" house.

Evel Dick (as opposed to Knievel) accuses Jen of voting for Kail to be evicted.

With his hair slicked back, Nick’s kind of reminding me of Matt Dillon in "There’s Something About Mary."

The houseguests are wondering who cast the second vote for Kail, and America’s Player (that’s Eric, for those who’ve lost their scorecards), has flown under the radar.

Wow, they are really carrying on with conspiracy theories about who was cast the second vote to evict Kail. I’m thinking it was actually the guy in the grassy knoll.

In the Diary Room, Amber breaks down about Dustin winning Head of Household. Says Amber, "They were happy tears." Happy tears? Sounds like a good sequel to "Happy Feet."

It’s time to see Dustin’s "Head of Household" room, and we see pictures of Dustin’s family, or as Dustin calls them, his "famfam." Dustin gets emotional over his brother’s letter to him. (Can someone please pass the Kleenex?)

Evel Dick says it’s bizarre when Amber says she has two kids: she has a dog and she has a daughter. Evel finds it incredible that Amber would give her life for her dog, as well as her daughter. ("Where’d you find these people here?" wonders Dick in the Diary Room. I’ve been wondering that myself, Evel.)

After the commercial break, we see what Dick does at night after everyone has gone to sleep. He calls it the "Dick at Night" show. Dick messes around with the kitchen faucet and actually winds up getting Daniele with it.

We see that Zach doesn’t really fit into any of the cliques in the house. Says Daniele: "I would rather eat slop for a month than have to sit and talk to Zach for an hour." Now, that’s some serious dislike going on there.

Evel goes to talk to Daniel privately about her not giving him respect like she gives the other people in the house. She retorts, "but they give ME respect." Daniele says Dick has said things to her that she will never, never forget until she dies. Dick and Daniele agree to work on their relationship. (More Kleenex, please.) At the end of it all, Dick and Daniele hug (now that’s a Hallmark moment.)

Eric says he’s starting to see a bond between Jessica and himself. He tries to do some dance moves with her. I’m picturing her flying across the room.

Dustin comes out dressed in a crown and robe and announces it’s time for the food competition, "The Humpty Scramble." Kail and Evel wind up being paired together, which Evel calls "a match made in hell."

Teamed in pairs, the houseguests have to reassemble their own broken Humpty Dumpty. Jameka and Jessica finish constructing their Humpty Dumpty first. They get to choose the five people who will be put on slop for the rest of the week. They choose: Evel Dick, Zach, Kail, Nick and Jen. (Jen says slop is more nutritional, because then she can’t eat things like cookies and pasta.)

After another commercial break, Evel and Jen are sitting alone and Evel inquires whether Jen has had certain parts of her body augmented. Jen says she will neither confirm nor deny.

Kail and Dustin discuss working as a team. Kail says Dustin could put her up as a pawn, as long as Dustin gets four commitments of others not nominated Kail before he puts her up. Back in the Diary Room, Dustin says they are in a scenario where Kail is "weak, feeble, desperate and annoying." (Sounds like my Monday mornings …)

Jen goes to talk to Dustin alone in the Head of Household room. Jen tells him that she didn’t vote for Kail to be evicted, and that this week he should nominate Dick and Daniele. Dustin asks what Jen’s opinion was of Zach. Jen says if he puts anyone up against Zach, Zach will go home.

We get the results of the last America’s Player question: Who should Eric get nominated for eviction. America votes for Jen.

Regarding the nominations, Dustin says option one is Zach and Kail. Option two is Jen and Kail. Jameka said Zach and Kail sounds like a better choice. Eric begins to campaign for Jen. In the diary room, Dustin says the two pairings that have to get out of the house soon are: Kail or Jen and Nick or Zach.

It’s time for the next "America’s Player" poll: Which catch phrase should Eric start in the house? 1. Sweet chicken! 2. Booyakah! 3. I’d do that for a dollar. I choose Booyakah! (I just like the sound of it).

After another commercial break, it’s time for nominations. Dustin has nominated and Kail and Jen for eviction. Dustin says Jen is a strong competitor in this game, and Kail has exhibited questionable behavior over the past week. Booyakah!

In the Diary Room, Dustin says he’d like to see Kail go home this week. He made an agreement to put her up as a pawn, but he says that’s not the case.

I’d be happy to see either one of them go. We’ll see who wins the Power of Veto competition ….

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