Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes, blog readers, have no fear, I managed to stay awake (thank you, Red Bull).

After the recap of past shows, tonight’s show opens on Day 20.

Nominee Joe says he’s not "one of those weepy, sad rain clouds that sits around and drags everybody down." So Joe’s cloud begins hovering over the houseguests as he begins campaigning to stay in the house. "I wanna stay so bad!"

In the "Diary Room," the Big Brother confessional room, Jessica says she might vote for E.D. (AKA Evil Dick, or is it Evel?) to stay.

The votes for who America’s Player (again, that‘s Eric) are in: America wants Eric to target Joe for eviction.

Kail tellls Dick she’s voting for him to stay in the house. Dick says he has a minimum of six or seven votes locked up.

But, in the next moment, Kail goes to Daniele and tries to get her to vote Dick out. Daniele tells Dick Kail is campaigning against him.

Dick confronts Kail about lying to him about not voting for him. He calls her a liar and she can’t be trusted.

Jameka says she’s still on the fence. Jessica says Dick is annoying to live with! She obviously hasn’t heard her own voice.

Amber says she’s been so emotional because she’s been sensitive her whole life. ("I get so emotional baby…" sorry, had to break out into Whitney Houston for a minute).

We go behind Joe and Dustin’s former relationship. We meet Nate, the man in the middle of Joe and Dustin’s relationship. Dustin tells Joe the way he’s played the game in the house reflects the way he’s played the game of life. He says Joe has gone the wrong way to try and earn his trust and during the past 16 days in the house, he has not proven to Dustin he is not worth his vote and Dustin will not be voting for Joe to stay in the house.

Julie Chen talks with Jen in the Head of Household bedroom. Jen feels Dick has a lot of similar traits as she does. Julie talks with Jen about her meltdown over her picture. Jen says she has three chins, necklines and bags under her eyes in the picture. Jen says she nominated Daniele for her negative energy, and not over jealousy over Jen’s relationship with Nick.

Joe and Dick get a chance to plead their case to stay in the house, followed by the live vote.In the diary room, the houseguests cast their votes to evict:Dustin, Daniele, Eric and Amber vote to evict Joe

Eric, "America’s Player," reminds Julie you can’t spell "America" without "Eric." Doh!

Time for a commercial break … I hate when they break up the vote with commercials!

The votes continue with Kail voting to evict Dick; Jameka, Mike, Nick, Jessica and Zack vote to evict Joe.

By a vote of 9 to 1, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house. (Did I call it, or what?)

Dustin used to make fun of how Joe was obsessed with this show. Joe says he was open and direct about stirring the pot. Joe honored to be nominated for eviction by America.

This week’s Head of Household competition is: "Getting Schooled," a series of true or false questions covering classroom subjects such as history, math, as they pertain to the houseguests time in the Big Brother house. I was out by the third round of questions. At the last question, Mike holds his answer upside down. LOL

In the end…Dick wins the HOH competition! YAY! The show ends with asking the audience who Eric, America’s Player, should nominate for eviction. I’m gunning for Jen. But I wouldn’t be sorry to see Jessica or Kail go. Stay tuned.

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