Friday, July 27, 2007

"Big Brother 8," July 26, 2007

After the recap of the show’s recent past events, we begin on Day 27 in the "Big Brother" abode.

Mike says he hates to campaign against Kail and he doesn’t think she’s emotionally strong enough to stay in the game. Meanwhile, Evel Dick thinks Mike should be the one to get out of the "Big Brother" house, and of course, Dick goes around the house voicing his opinion about it to the others.

We then learn the results of the "America’s Player" poll on which houseguest Eric should campaign to get evicted from the house. America choses….envelope please…ow, ow, paper cut…I hate that….America choses….Kail. (I’m just a master of suspense, aren’t I?)

Evel Dick then goes into the other room to break wind. At least he went into the other room to do it. (And, this is one of those times I’m glad there’s no "smell-avision.")

Zach , Dustin, Jessica and Amber tell their feelings about Kail and Mike in the Diary Room. (Zack: Kail has played her hand and has basically packed and ready to go; Dustin: Mike eats a lot and has the personality of a dead fish; Jessica: Mike is very strong but she’s not sure how smart he is because he never talks, ever; Amber: Mike is hard to read, he’s a wild card: Jessica: Kail’s a strong player because she’s smart and competitive and if she stays longer it‘s going to be harder to get her out later; Dustin: Mike is a strong player, silent but strong types are the silent but deadly types and he’s gotta go.

Julie talks with the houseguests. We see the clip of Zack streaking into the pool. Jen says she’s stopped investigating who put mustard on her pillow until she gets home from the show. (But then the mustard's gonna hit the fan, I can tell.)

We’re about to hear from Daniele’s live-in boyfriend of two years about Nick and Daniele’s relationship in the house. But, first a clip of Daniele and Nick talking on the bed. Nick tells Daniele he is "in like" with her. Awwww.

Her boyfriend , Kris, thinks Daniele is his soul mate and he wants to marry her. He wants to believe Nick and Daniele’s relationship is all strategy and game play. He says it’s all about trust, and then we hear Nick and Daniele smooching under the sheets.

Dick says if he had the choice to make, he would evict Nick out of the house right now just to be safe than sorry. Dick says when he campaigns, "everything is out in the open" to avoid the he said-she said drama.

Switch back to the Diary Room: Jen says Kail is a liability, Jameka says that if you can get a commitment from Mike, he’ll be on your side until the end; Jessica says Kail jumped into the game a little too fast and had really sloppy game play; Nick said the only reason he’d want to evict Kail is the eviction is in shambles; Jameka thinks Kail can help her personally in the long run; Jessica says she has the impression Mike is a lot smarter than people take him for and if they don’t get him out now, it might be harder down the road.

After the commercial break, we meet both Jen’s mother and her friend, Her mother thinks Jen made a bad rift impression. Jen’s mother said it did hurt a little bit when she took the picture with her and her mother down. Jen’s friend, Kara, said she told Jen before she left that she had to play dumb and not let people know how smart she is.

In the nominees last-minute speeches. Mike believes in integrity and honesty; Kail says she appreciates the houseguests friendship.

And, now, it’s time for the live vote to evict:

Zach votes to evict Kail; Jameka, Jen and Dustin vote to evict Mike.

Of course, it’s time for another commercial. When we come back, the voting continues…

Eric votes to evict Kail; Amber, Nick, Daniele and Jessica vote to evict Mike. (What’s with the slicked back hair, Nick?)

By a vote of 7 to 2, Mike is evicted from the Big Brother House. Mike hands out flowers to all the girls as he leaves.

Dick accuses Jen of voting to evict Kail.

Mike talks to July about playing with integrity and honesty, and Mike wanted to give loyalty back to Kail.

Tonight’s HOH competition is called: "Eliminator": It’s a series of questions about the people who have already been evicted. In the end, Dustin wins the title of Head of Household.

It’s time once again for the "America’s Player" poll: Who should Eric get nominated for eviction? Take a wild guess who I’m gunning for. Yup, you guessed it. Jen. With Jessica a close second. C’mon, guys, don’t fail me now.

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