Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 22, 2007

We start out tonight’s episode with a recap of what’s happened in the "Big Brother" house. If you don’t know (or just don’t remember--hey, I’ve had weeks like that …), have no fear. Just scroll down and check out my recaps from the past episodes of "Big Brother 8."

When Joe was evicted, it was by a vote of 9 to 1, and we find out Kail’s alliance went against her.

Jen feels she accomplished her mission as Head of Household. Having either Joe or Dick gone was fine with her.

Jameka says Joe’s presence will be greatly missed.

Says Nick, "I’m extremely happy that Dick stayed in the house. In the end, people would rather have somebody who’s gonna stab you in the front and see where your coming from than somebody who might stab you in the back." Isn’t that the reality game show motto?

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, your alliance no more. (Woo woo woo). Says Zach, "As far as the alliance of four, it’s failing and it’s probably done." Yeah, that thing does tend to happen when your alliance votes two different ways.

We flashback to the recent HOH competition. Dick chucks his little chalkboard in triumph when he wins the competition. You know, Dick, you could put someone’s eye out doing something like that.

Jen and Kail both think Dick will nominate them for eviction.

Kail (AKA Mrs. Robinson) confronts Mike and wants to know if there’s still an alliance. In Kail’s mind, she thinks the alliance is over. Ya think?

It’s time to see Dick’s HOH bedroom. Amber so happy about Dick’s pictures, she’s crying.

Dick and Kail talk privately. Kail betrays her alliance by telling Dick about her alliance.

Dick says he might nominate Zack or Mike. And then….

We go to commercial.


When we come back, Jen says she used to wrestle guys in high school and would win a lot. So … Jen and Eric wrestle. Eric goes for the "super body slam deluxe" and Jen retaliates by whacking him in a very (VERY)sensitive place with her foot.

Nick reveals he has a top 5 list of girls and guys. "I wouldn’t do anything with any guys unless they’re on my top 5 list at the moment." He says he’s comfortable in his own skin and with his own sexuality.

Daniele thinks Nick is comfortable with his sexuality. Nick tells Danielle he scrapped his top 5 girls list when he met Daniele. (Altogether now, "Awwwwww.") But, Daniele has a boyfriend back home whom she’s "absolutely crazy in love with."

Daniele goes to talk with Dick privately in the backyard and tells him she wants to go home.: "I hate this. I hate this," she cries. She doesn’t like hurting people and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Dick tells Daniele she has to do what she thinks is the right thing to do for her. Dick tells her if she needs to talk any time, either inside or outside of the house, Daniele can depend on him.

Then Dustin and Dick talk. Dustin says Daniele’s coming to Dick is her way of saying she loves her father. Dick says "this is way harder than I ever thought it would be." (And you thought eating slop was going to be the hard part, didn't you, Dick?)

Another day of eating slop. Jameka says its disgusting: "I don’t see anybody going to the grocery store and stocking up on this particular brand of substance." I love the blues music they’re playing while Jameka is eating the slop.

Jen says, "Since I have not been on slop, I don’t really feel bad for people that are on it. I suck at that. Feeling bad things. But I definitely feel something, I don’t know if it’s bad."

When Dick and some of the other houseguests are eating regular food while some of the other houseguests are on slop, Dick says, " It’s like going to Africa and sitting there having hamburgers or something." Jameka says it could be Asia, United States or anywhere. Dick and Jameka talk privately. He tells her he wasn’t making a racist comment. Jameka says her comment wasn’t an "E.D." comment, that was a comment to say Africa isn’t the only place. Jameka says it a lot on her shoulders being the minority in the house. Coming into the house, Jameka didn’t feel comfortable being herself. Dick and Jameka make up. (Kiss kiss, hug hug).

Now it’s time for the food competition, called "Mission Impastabowl." (Probably a name I would come up with if I was working on the show.) For the competition, the houseguests have to slide down into huge bowls of pasta to find matching meatballs, one in each of two tubs, with the same food name on it. When they get a match, get out of the tubs and put the meatballs on a shelf, they get that food for the week. At the end of the competition, they get: halibut, lobster tail, juice, a barbecue grill, pasta, chips, sweetbread (cow pancreas … all together now, "Mmmmmmm."), melons, cucumber, bananas, hamburgers, cereal and milk.

Of course, the houseguests have a pasta fight at the end of the competition.

It’s time to see who America voted for the Eric to get nominated for eviction in his role as "America’s Player." America votes to have Eric get Jen nominated for eviction. Says "America’s Player," "This is the best day ever." I agree, Eric.

Dustin tells Kail for Halloween he was Batman, and then Robin. And Kail asks him if there was a rumor that Robin was gay. Dustin said there was, he didn’t think it was true. Kail asks, "How about Barney? Because he wears purple." Dustin said he didn’t think so, "plus he’s a fictional dinosaur character. I don’t think that he has sexual preferences."

Kail thinks God created man and woman for a reason. "Dustin’s the type, you just love his heart, and his personality, and it’s easy to forget that he is gay."

Zach and Nick--"Mrs. Robinson" ’s alliance, go to talk with Dick about nominations. Nick tells Dick he’s not playing Daniele.

In the Diary Room, Dick says it would be easier for Daniele or Dick if Nick was not in the house.

It’s time for the audience question for "America’s Player." This week, he‘s a secret vandal: Whose personal property should he covertly target? If the person chosen is in the HOH room, the next person with the highest number of votes will be chosen

Next it’s the Nomination Ceremony. It’s Jameka’s birthday, and she gets a great birthday present from Dick when he pulls her key and tells her she is safe. At the end of the ceremony, we find Dick has nominated Jen and Kail for eviction. (Did I call that, or what?) The reason he put Jen on the block last week; and he put Kail on the block because she lied to him and tried to deceive him.

But, as always, things could change with the Power of Veto ceremony. Tune in Tuesday and find out. See you there.

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