Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Day 14 in the "Big Brother" house.

Jen says her reason for nominating Dick and Daniele is their negative energy. Oh, puh-leeze, Jen is the Queen of Negative Energy. And those “Jen” shirts have got to go. Dick says being nominated cuts short the time he has to reestablish his relationship with Daniele. Uh, Dick? Hello???? There IS life outside the "Big Brother" house.

Nick and Daniele get cozy and Nick whispers to Daniele about his alliance and tells her he would take the fall before her. I hate when they whisper. That’s why I watch TV…to read subtitles.

Eric, America’s Player, has to sleepwalk and climb into Joe’s bed. He has to stay there until Joe throws him out. Eric fails and leaves before Joe throws him out. Who knows, Eric could still be there if he hadn’t left on his own.

When the veto competition began, I noticed Jen was not wearing a “Jen” shirt! But, of course, they show her in the diary room and she’s got one on! (“Jensa Member”) . Jensa, maybe. She’s certainly not a member of Mensa.

Before the veto competition, Amber’s feeling the pressure about competing in the competition. Amber says she loves Dick and Daniele both so much. Jen, acting like a schoolyard bully, tells Amber to keep the nominations intact.

Everyone is now, um, “jen-uinely” ticked off at Jen, who then apologizes to Amber for bullying her. It’s like feeding time in the piranha tank.
Time for the veto competition: The houseguests go in the backyard and find it’s … SNOWING. There’s also a Christmas tree and a snowman. (Silver bells....silver bells...oh, sorry, forgot where I was for a minute...) The veto competition is called, “Cutthroat Christmas,” and it’s a curling completion, and the goal is to get as close to the red line as possible. I’m picturing Dick sliding Jen down the curling track. When a player is eliminated, they open one of the gifts under the tree. I LOL-ed when Jen opened up her gift and Dick said, “It’s a personality!” At the end, Daniele wins the power of veto. When Amber opens her gift and it’s handcuffs. She chooses to be handcuffed to Kail for 24 hours.

When Jen opens her gift, we find it is a red unitard that she has to wear around the house.

Eric tries to convince Jen to put Jessica up for nomination. But then everyone pitches Joe for nomination.

Daniele chooses to remove herself from the nomination block. Jen, as Head of Household, must put up another houseguest for nomination. Jen puts up Joe. So now it’s Joe and Dick on the nomination block.

It’s then time for TV viewers to vote for Eric’s next task, which is: “Which of the 2 nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house?” Frankly, I wish it was Jen on the chopping block. Or Jessica. (Have I mentioned her voice grates on my nerves? Oh yeah, I have. But, oh well, it’s worth repeating. But, if I have to choose, I’d vote to evict Joe. Sorry, Joe.

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