Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogger’s Note: I’m late with this posting. Spent the weekend in New York City, where I saw “Tony & Tina’s Wedding.” It was a blast! Go see it.
Now, back to “Big Brother”:

When the show begins, it’s Day 12 in the “Big Brother” house.

The mystery from Thursday is solved when we find Jen was the only
person who voted for Amber to be evicted over Carol.

Daniele thinks Jen, who is Head of Household, will jealously nominate her because she hangs out with Nick a lot.

The houseguests mention that Jen loves to talk about herself a lot. Then there’s a ringing of a bell every time Jen says the word “I”. LOL. A lot of angels got their wings tonight. (You remember “It’s a Wonderful Life,” don’t you? And if you don’t, don’t wait for Christmastime to roll around, go rent it!)

We see Jen’s Head of Household bedroom, and again, you guessed it, “Big Brother” blog readers, Jen is upset with her pictures on her wall. Jen even takes down the picture of her and her mother because Jen’s not wearing any makeup in the picture. Oh, the anguish of it all.

Mike and Nick are working out and Zach and Dustin begin making fun of them, calling them Magnus von Vagnusson from Austria and Kragnus von Vagnus from Croatia, complete with Arnold Schwarzenegger accents.

Nick has something in his hand and wants to give it to Danielle and she asks if it’s a booger. He gives her the key to his suitcase, but he says it’s the key to his heart. Awwwww.

Jen and Kail toss around possibilities of who Jen should nominate for eviction.

It’s then time for the week’s food competition, which is a game show called, “Name That Pie.” (Right away, you know this can’t be good.). There are two teams: the blue team, comprised of the male houseguests; and the red team, made up of the women houseguests, plus Joe. Jen plays the hostess of the game.

Each pie contains 2 ingredients from the game board. There are two teams and one contestant from each team will step up to the podium in each round and challenge their competitor to name the two ingredients in the least amount of bites. The houseguest willing to name a pie in the fewest amount of bites will have a chance to earn a point for their team. If after their last bite, they can’t name that pie, the other team will earn the point for that round. The first team to reach seven points win sthe game. The losers will be eating Big Brother Slop.

The competition is like “Name that Tune,” and the houseguests have to say they can name what’s in the pie in so many bites of the pie. The pies, however, aren’t appetizing. They are: banana and bacon, potato and pineapple, sausage and apple, hot dog and strawberry, pepperoni and mint, carrot and cheese, sweet potato and licorice, salmon and blueberry, hamburger and peach, tuna and jelly beans, anchovy and cabbage and pickle and clam. Let’s all say “Yuck.“ After all is said and digested, the blue team wins.

We find out TV viewers want Eric, “America’s Player,” to try to get Jessica nominated for eviction. So then he goes to Jen and tries to convince her to nominate Jessica. Jen reveals to Nick that it makes her uncomfortable that he hangs around with Daniele. (Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our houseguests …)

Dick lets Jen have it for coming in and talking when the houseguests are trying to sleep.

Switch to “America’s Player.“ This time, America gets to vote for which houseguest’s bed Eric should he crawl into tonight.

It’s once again time for the nomination ceremony and Jen says, “I think that it will show these people that I’m nominating that they should be more pleasant and be better people and then that way they would have better lives.” That’s the stuff fortune cookies are made of.

At the end of the nomination ceremony, we find out Jen has nominated Daniele and Dick for eviction, because they “cause negative atmosphere for everyone.” Dick says he will not campaign to get his daughter, Daniele, evicted.

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