Friday, August 31, 2007

OK, who actually stayed awake to watch "Big Brother" at 1:30-ish this morning?

Sorry, people, but it wasn't me. I was sound asleep, while visions of evictions danced in my head. I started watching the videotape of the show when I got up this morning, but I didn't get very far.

There was football on several other channels. Did they REALLY need to move "Big Brother" to such a hideous time slot? (Can you guess I'm not a football fan? Although I DO watch the Super Bowl--or at least most of it ...)

It felt weird to have had so much free time on Thursday night--and some extra, well-needed sleep. The only problem is I don't have an excuse for napping at my desk at work today ...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2007

After the obligatory recap, it’s Day 55 in the "Big Brother" house.

Zach, who’s been nominated for eviction, along with Amber, says, "Jessica flat out told me straight to my face with like without a grin or anything that she could trust me. That was just a bold face lie. If she could trust me, then why did she put me up. If I get a chance to get her back, hell yeah, she’ll get it."

"I really believe I’m safe," Amber says. "And I know that God is looking out for me. If you worry, it just shows doubt in God’s eyes and it makes Him upset and I don’t want to do that, so I believe in Him and I know that I will be here next week." Don’t count your houseguests before their evicted, Amber honey.

"My alliance is rolling through the house, like a steamroller," says Dick. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ … keep that alliance rollin’ … head ‘em up, move ‘em out, head ‘em up, move ‘em out. Sorry, that just popped in my head and I had to share. Dick continues, "It couldn’t be going any better, it couldn’t be going any better." My only question is: Could it be going any better?

Daniele says, "This week, Jessica did not nominate me or my Dad. Of course, you can’t really trust anybody 100 percent. I definitely learned that in this house. There’s always that fear, you never know what’s going to happen. You’re living in ‘Big Brother,’ a house of lies and deceit." And, in some cases, really bad hair days. (Yes, Dick, I mean you.)

Amber prays to God to help her. "God, I’m not going to get myself all worked up," she says. Yeah, right, Amber. I believe that. But, I also believe in the Easter Bunny.

We switch to Daniele and Zach talk while Zach’s in the shower. (No, you don’t see anything). Zach says he’s in bad shape if he doesn’t get the Power of Veto. "Deep down inside, I feel like I’m playing on shaky ground right now. So I don’t know really where I stand in everybody." OK, "Big Brother" producers, did we REALLY need to see or hear Zach gargling?

Jameka says she is surprised by Jessica’s nominations, and she didn‘t want it to be Amber. She says in the Diary Room, "I would like to think that Amber is not the target this week. That Jess’s intention is to backdoor probably Daniele should anyone win the Power of Veto that can use it." She tells Jessica, Daniele and Eric, "POV is going to be brutal."

Jameka tells Amber that she can’t find anything from Jessica and that Jessica is not talking about backdooring anyone. Jameka tells Amber that if the nominations stay the same, Zach will be the one to be evicted.

We see Eric and Jessica laying together on a double-sized lawn chaise. Eric asks her, "Did you ever think you’d come to the house and find yourself a 5’7 Jewish boy from New York that would just touch you the way I have? Jessica says no. Jessica, you lie like a bad toupee. You know that’s the only reason you came on this show.

Eric says to her they’re in "big trouble" because "eventually, I mean, we’re just not going to be able to resist each other. Outside of here, we probably would be actually married by now."

In the Diary Room, Jessica confides, "I definitely see wedding bells in our future." I could see them too. But I also see little green men from time to time.

Alone in the HOH room, on her knees by the bed, Jameka is praying and crying and giving thanks to God for being able to stay another week in the "Big Brother" house.

In the Diary Room, Jessica says, "At first, I thought Jameka had maybe fallen and hurt herself, but, she said she was PRAYING." (Of note: the shirt Jessica is wearing in the Diary Room says, "I’m too pretty to work." I know the feeling.) We see Jameka has cried on Jessica’s bedspread. Well, it’s more sturdy than tissues.

Jessica tells Daniele that even though she doesn’t talk about it in the house a lot, she is "like way into Church, too."

Zach talks to Jessica alone in the HOH room. "Personally, I mean, you putting me up, I’m not happy about it, obviously, because no one wants to be. I didn’t even see it coming, to be honest. And now that I see it, I’m like, ‘Well, that makes sense.’"Zach probably wouldn’t see a train hurtling towards him at 100 mph, either. Zach hints at backdooring either Dick or Daniele.

In the Diary Room, Jessica says, "Eric and I have an agreement with Dick and Daniele, but I don’t trust them AT ALL. Oh, God, it would be so good to get one of them out this week!"

After the commercial break, we see Amber and Daniele’s trip to "The Power of 10." We see that Nick was flown in to support Daniele if she wound up further in the competition. As she’s watching, Daniele’s wiping away tears. And what a frown Zach has as he’s watching! He says in the Diary Room, "Oh, yeah, I’m jealous that I didn’t get a chance to go on this trip. I mean, what a great opportunity."

Says Dick, "I was very surprised that Amber blew Daniele out like that. Amber’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, man."

Daniele said the hardest part was not knowing who was there to support her. "Oh ,I hate this house," she says, as she wipes away tears.

Jessica and Eric get cozy in the HOH bed. And they kiss and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ear. Now, where did I put that air sickness bag?

After the commercial break, it’s time to pick players for the Veto Competition by a random draw. Jessica picks Daniele, Zach gets Houseguest’s Choice and picks Eric, and Amber picks Jameka.

In the Diary Room, "Jameka has my back and she has my best interests in mind. You know, if it’s in God’s plan, she will fight and try to win and take me off the block."

Dick will be the host of the Veto Competition.

Zach talks to Eric about the possibility of getting either Dick or Daniele to go.

In the Diary Room, Eric says, "I certainly think that Zach made some compelling arguments about the threat that Dick and Daniele pose in this house. We have now had TWO definitive opportunities to get rid of them. And we could have wiped them out. We chose not to. They need to go." I need to go, too … to bed. Actually, I needed to go to bed two hours ago. But, here I sit. My philosophical question of the day: If a nearly comatose blogger fell over in his chair in an empty room, would it make a sound?

It’s now time for the Veto Competition. Who thinks up these competitions? The backyard was transformed, says Jessica, into "a swampy, like spider webby, gross forest."

There is a cat face set up. To win the Power of Veto, each houseguest has to stand on a tree stump. The cat will say a word or a phrase. The word or phrase is the answer to a riddle that can be found on a rat hidden in the swamp. They have to find a rat with the correct answer on it and bring it back to the cat. The last one back will be eliminated. The last player standing will win the Power of Veto. (I loved this game when I was a kid. It beat Duck, Duck, Goose by a mile.) The houseguests are eliminated in the following order: Jessica, Jameka, Daniele, Zach and Amber. Eric wins the Power of Veto. Zach lifts Eric off the ground in triumph.

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "I don’t understand why Eric and Zach would have been hugging after the veto. It doesn’t really make sense. It is possible that Jessica, Eric and Zach have a side deal." Or maybe Zach just really likes Eric’s aftershave.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the results of the last "America’s Player" poll: Eric has to kiss the houseguest America has chosen for him. Eric guesses Evel Dick, but we find out America has voted for …. Jessica. Oh, come on! How easy is THAT?

Eric gives Jessica a brief kiss on the lips, and we see the words "Task completed (barely)" on the screen. Made me laugh. (Delirium does that to me.)

Amber rambles to Eric about the veto. I’m not even going to try to transcribe that. In short, she’s concerned. Get it? Got it? Good. Enough said.

Alone with Eric, Jessica tells Eric she’s worried about going with Dick and Daniele. Eric tells her he’s looking at the way to get to the Final Four. (Eric, it’s just a jump to the left … and a step to the right ….no, wait, that’s "The Time Warp" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show.")

Says Jessica in the Diary Room, "There’s definitely a possibility that Eric has a secret agenda, and I wouldn’t put it past him. If he really cared and wanted to do exactly what I thought, he would use the Power of Veto."

After the commercial break, Daniele says in the Diary Room, "I wouldn’t be shocked if Eric used the Power of Veto and Jessica replaced one of the nominations with me or my Dad. I would just feel like an idiot."

It’s time for the veto meeting, and the two nominees get a chance to speak. Amber basically says she’d love for Eric to use the Power of Veto on her.

Says Zach, "I, like all of you, am one of seven people still standing here. (Actually, Zach, you’re the only one standing right now.) Granted you won the Power of Veto this week. You have the power to make a decision. Whatever decision you make, I’m willing to live with it."

Eric says, "I took the opportunity to speak with each of the six with you this week. Everyone told me that there are clear and present threats and dangers to my safety and their to own safety in this house." Could it be asbestos? Carbon monoxide? Oh, wait, he’s talking about the houseguests. Please continue, Eric. "But my personal opinion is that I view each and every one of you as very serious threats to me and the Head of Household this week. It’s coming down to the end, one of us is going to win. They say to expect the unexpected …" and Eric chooses not use the Power of Veto.

Amber says, "It’s a cowardly move. It’s a selfish move. Eric is a power-hungry person. He’s evil. He’s got no soul. I’m definitely fighting to stay. I want to be here more than anybody in this house."

Zach says, "I’m completely dumbfounded that he did not use the Power of Veto. He just made the game harder and stacked the odds against him in this game. I’m not done yet. I’m not going down without a fight."

Jessica says it’s not good when she and Eric disagree on strategy. "But, I can’t have a rift between Eric and I because I don’t want us to be stuck fighting for ourselves when we can still use each other to advance in the game."

"America," says Eric, "I know you guys wanted Amber nominated for the second straight week. So, I did not use the veto. Let’s keep her up there. And now you have the choice to send her home if you like."

We learn the next episode of "Big Brother" will be shown late night Thursday at 1:35 a.m. I’ve got news for you, blog readers: Don’t expect to look here at 3 a.m. for a blog entry, because you won’t find it. Don’t look at 4 a.m. either. Not even at 5 a.m. I’ll try to post the next blog entry sometime Friday night. (As long as I remember to set the VCR before I go to bed …) I really hate when they do this.

And, finally, it’s the America’s Player question: Which of one of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house?" Go for Amber, Eric. Please.

Amber and Daniele on "The Power of 10," Aug. 28, 2007

Amber and Daniele compete against each other at first. Amber gets three questions correct in a row and gets the chance to play for $10,000,000. Poor Daniele is eliminated.

When we come back from commercial break, Amber sees her cousin, and guess what ... Amber remains calm, cool and collected. No, wait, I’m lying. Of course, America, Amber gets teary. Jeeze, she can't keep it together outside of the house, either.

By the commercial break, Amber's at $10,000. Not bad for a couple of minutes work.

After the commercial break, Drew Carey asks her what it’s like to be on "Big Brother" and be scrutinized. And, Amber, true to form, says she doesn’t know what the word "scrutinized" means. I hope someone gives this girl a Webster’s dictionary after she gets out of the "Big Brother" house.

But, unfortunately, she gets the next question wrong and she leaves with $1,000. Hey, it’s still better than what I make in an hour.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007

Some observations before I begin …

I usually wind up catching the tail end of "60 Minutes" waiting for "Big Brother 8," and inevitably, there’s Andy Rooney. What’s with those eyebrows??? I just want to take a weed-whacker to them.

A blog reader suggested I subscribe to the "Big Brother" 24/7 daily feeds. I usually wind up walking away from the computer with typer’s cramp (as opposed to writer’s cramp), my legs half-asleep, and the rest of me three-quarters asleep after blogging just the hour show. I’m already addicted to the show three hours a week (plus the time it actually takes me to do this blog). If I start watching the daily feeds, I’d be drinking about 10 cups of coffee (up from my usual five) and seeing my friends and family for about 10 minutes a day (but, rest assured, it WOULD be quality time …)

It’s also getting tougher to root for someone remaining in the "Big Brother" house to win. I’m kinda rooting for Jameka, but it’s really because I just can’t stand almost every else remaining in the house.

After the recap, Dick has a party for one in the Diary Room about Jen being evicted. With all those green tattoos on Dick’s right arm, it looks like he’s growing moss. Which, for as long as he’s wound up being in the "Big Brother" house, that wouldn’t be surprising.

Daniele hugs Jen on Jen’s way out, and Jen says to her, "I’m glad you had my back." To which Daniele retorts, "I’m glad you told lies." Later, in the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Honestly, I regret hugging Jen, she is one of a kind, and that kind that I hope I never, ever, ever encounter ever again." Ever?

On her way out, Jen remarks cryptically to Amber to remember to tell Jessica something. What is it?? Don’t wear white after Labor Day? Always look both ways before crossing the street?

We may just never, ever, ever know. Ever. (Unless they tell us later …)

It’s now Day 55 in the "Big Brother" house.

Dick remarks that this is the first time Amber hasn’t cried when somebody’s been evicted.

They are all looking at the photo wall, and Jen’s picture goes from color to black and white. "She said it would look better in black and white, as soon as she saw it, and she was right," said Dick.

Eric, Dick and Daniele are overjoyed that Jessica is Head of Household this week.

Says Zach, "I am not a threat at this point, therefore, I feel completely safe for this week." Hang on to that feeling, Zach. Enjoy it while it lasts.. (Why did "You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling" just pop into my head?) And, have you ever realized that the people that feel "completely safe" tend to get bit in the keyster?

In the Diary Room, Amber says, "I even said to God, I said, ‘God, please let me get this HOH. If it’s not meant for me, hopefully Jessica will get it."

Eric congratulates Jessica on winning HOH, and she tells him she will probably have to put up Amber. (We then get a quick flash of Amber sitting in the kitchen stuffing her face with what looks like pasta. Did we really need to see that? I mean, it wasn’t disgusting or anything, but, "Big Brother" producers, and your point is?)

Amber and Jameka talk. Amber says Jessica will probably put up Dick and Daniele for eviction.

Amber says, "Jess and Eric are playing both sides. But, my instinct makes me think Jessica won’t put me up on the block, that she will put Dick and Daniele up." When will these people EVER learn not to speculate like that?

Eric gives Jessica a question about what she would do with him if the cameras were gone for an hour. Surprisingly, "chain him, gag him and stuff him in a trunk" was not one of the options.

Says Eric, "I have no game whatsoever as it relates to women, you know? I’m just a 5’7 Jewish kid, and it just so happens, when in comparison to an ogre (Zach) and a 44-year-old pervert (that would be Dick), frankly, I’m the best thing that’s remaining here, and, you know, it’s working for me." It’s nice to have a dream, Eric.

We now get to see Jessica’s HOH room, and there’s a picture of a bunch of girls. "That’s my football team," she says. They’re wearing short tops and long pants, but no shoulder pads, no helmets. I was getting a little concerned for their physical safety when we learn they’re actually the "dance team," not the "football team." Jess also gets a T-shirt with the word "BOOYAH" on it, her father Joel’s favorite term of excitement. Good thing his favorite term wasn’t "Zipideedoodah zippityay." Would be a lot tougher to fit that on a T-shirt.

Jessica asks Amber what Jen meant when she said when she left the house ("Make sure to tell Jess") Amber said she meant to make sure to tell Jessica Eric has a girlfriend. Jessica says she doesn’t know why if that’s true he would tell Jen and not Jessica. "But she’s right. I don’t like cheats … AT ALL," says Jessica.

Then, Dick wants to know what were the "secret-coded messages"? Secret-coded messages? Sounds like something you’d find at the bottom of a box of Lucky Charms. (And, yes, I admit it: My name is Brad, and I dumped out boxes and boxes of cereal to get to the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. There. I feel much freer now.) When Dick leaves, Amber tells Eric in front of Jessica what Jen had told her.

After the commercial break, Eric talks to Amber about his girlfriend (although he says he doesn’t want to put a title to her) and Jessica. "The thing is, I have really, really tried to like, you know, not to cross lines in either direction or not, you know, I don’t know what to do." Sounds like a job for America, "Big Brother 8" producers! "What should Eric do, America?" Eric says what Jen said was untrue.

We then see Dick trying to squeeze years of missed parenting into a season of "Big Brother." He again tells her to take her vitamins, and to stop picking her bug bites, and (again) to take her vitamins.

Then Dick and Daniele are up in the HOH room, watching the hidden camera, and Dick asks, "Where’s Zach?" Daniele replies, "Probably in the bathroom." "How come you’re so impatient with me today?" Dick asks, to which Daniele replies not-so-convincingly, "I’m noooooooooot." Daniele is showing about as much patience I show when I’m standing in line at the registers during the holiday season.

When Dick asks her if there’s anything wrong, Daniele says, "I’m sick of everybody in this house. I’m sick of you farting all the time. I’m sick of your rude comments all the time. I’m sick of you trying to parent me all the time. I’m just annoyed with things, that’s all. That’s what it is." And, of course, Mr. Calm Cool and Collected that he is, Dick leaves in a huff. (Go on, I know you want to say … and a puff. And, yes, he’ll blowww the "Big Brother" house down …)

Dick and Daniele then try to iron out their difficulties. (Can you guys do my shirts while you’re there?) Jessica and Eric hear them arguing and they wonder if their argument is for real or for show.

Jameka and Jessica talk in the HOH room about who Jessica should put up for eviction. Jameka suggests putting up both Evel Dick and Daniele. Jessica was thinking about putting one up, and someone like Zach, but doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet.

After commercial break, it’s time for the first luxury challenge, and it’s the men versus the women, decided by Jessica. Let me rephrase that: Jessica decided the teams would be the men versus the women, not that she would be decided WHO were the men and who were the women. And the prize is for the luxury challenge is …. A "Big Brother" shopping spree!

The houseguests had to get dressed in clothing provided by "Big Brother," then go outside, where there’s this big contraption set up pouring out tons of suds. Eric is the only one excited when they learn they’re going to have to get into their "birthday suit."

The suds will pour down on the houseguests. On the inside of each article of clothing is a letter of the alphabet. They need to remove the clothes to reveal the letters that spell out three words related to the "Big Brother 8" competition. The first team to hang their clothes on the line and spell the words correctly wins a two-minute shopping spree. (And, of course, any excessive skin is blurred out. Dang.)

The women win. They have two minutes to put on all the new clothes they can. Whatever they’re wearing, after the two minutes, they can keep.

"There was definitely a lot to chose from. There was a lot more smaller sizes than anything," said Amber, which was bad because, "I’m not as small as I look." Trust me, Amber, you don’t look that small.

After the commercial break Amber says she’d like to pursue modeling. "I have the hair, and the face, and the personality," she says. I know the feeling, Amber.

Back in the HOH room, Zach suggests to Jessica and Eric putting up Dick and Daniele for eviction.

We then learn the results of last week’s "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated? America chooses …. Amber.

Jessica and Eric then talk in the HOH room. Jessica wonders what she’s going to do, and of course, Eric mentions nominating Amber. Later, in the Diary Room, Jessica says, "I very torn. There’s a million things running through my head." (I don’t see why not …there’s plenty of room in there for them to run around …) "So many different scenarios, strategies, plans that could be worked. And, I have no idea." Why doesn’t that surprise me.

It’s time for the next "America’s Player" question: "Which houseguest do you want Eric to kiss?" Jessica would be wayyy to easy (read that any way you want to). And, to be fair, I’ll pick one from the women and one from the men: Jameka and Dick (Nothing like having "America’s Player" being sent to the emergency room.")

After commercial break, it’s time for nominations.

Of course, we get the pre-nominations speeches: "I don’t think she’ll put me up," "She better not put me up," or …"If she puts me up, I’ll understand." (Yeah, liar, liar, "Big Brother" house on fire. Which at this point may not be a bad idea. Just make sure you guys save Julie Chen from the set.)

When all the keys are pulled, we find Jessica has nominated Zach and Amber for eviction. (Not to say I told you so, but I told both of you that you shouldn’t feel safe.)

Says Zach, "I was shocked because I thought her and I had a pretty good understanding. I’ve actually got to finally work this week to stay in the house." To quote RuPaul, Zach, "You better work."

Jessica says, "Eric and Jameka, I am so close with in this game, and I also have an agreement with Dick and Daniele. And I don’t feel a need to take them out right now. I’m not regretting it so far, and I hope I don’t later on."

And it wouldn‘t be a "Big Brother 8" episode if we didn‘t see Amber getting weepy. "Hey, God, it’s me," says Amber as though she’s talking to an answering machine. "I don’t want you to think that you know I’m doubting you or I’m mad at you, because I’m not. Because I love you God and God bless you! Help me be strong!"

Yeah, God, help her. She needs all the help she can get.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My own "America's Player" question...

If Eric is REALLY working for us, America, which of these tasks would you like him to come to your house and do?

1. Mow the lawn
2. Cook dinner and do the dishes for a week
3. Wait for the winter and shovel snow
4. Vaccuum and dust in a black and white maid's uniform and high heels
5. Drive the kids around for a week

Send your choice in by hitting the Comment button. Results will be published in a future posting.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Voice of "Big Brother"

When Jen was summoned to the Diary Room, was that supposed to be the voice of "Big Brother"? Not exactly how I expected "Big Brother" to sound. I was thinking more along the lines of Darth Vader from the original "Star Wars" flicks. I picture this guy sitting at an office desk, with his feet up, a microphone in his hand, and a half-eaten box of Ho-Ho's at his side.


Last night's episode was a refreshing change in some ways. Amber kept herself pretty much emotionally in-check. I've been getting tired (and it's not just from lack of sleep) of tuning in every episode to Amber having an emotional, weepy, melt-down. The only good thing about her emotional outbursts is they only last for an hour--I don't have to work or live with her. (Well, actually three hours by the time I'm done watching and rewatching the night's episodes. And, I've been so involved with this season so much it DOES feel like I'm living with her.)

I haven't mentioned it in a while, by Jessica's voice is STILL annoying me. It's annoying! It's grating! It's like fingernails on a blackboard! (I sound like a bad commercial). I think the hair dye's gone to her vocal chords.

I'm glad they got off Dick throwing Jameka's religion in her face. They mentioned Mike last night, and I've been blogging this show since this season's beginning, and for the life of me, I cannot remember who the heck Mike is. What concerns me most ... was he that one-dimensional that I can't remember him, or am I just starting to go senile? Or, perhaps it's both.

I'm getting tired of this "America's Player" thing. I'm sure Eric is, too. I'm sure he'd like to be able to think for himself and campaign to evict and vote for the person he actually wants out of the house, and not who America choses for him. Of course, he IS able to earn money for doing these tasks, so at least that's some consolation. (And, if he doesn't want the money, I'll gladly take it.) Perhaps they should alternate some of the "America's Player" questions. Instead of every week asking who he should campaign to get rid of and who he should vote to get evicted, alternate that every week with some more fun tasks like his putting food condiments on someone's pillow or giving his childhood "Woobie" to Jessica.

Zach pretty much just lumbers around the "Big Brother" house. I'm constantly thinking of him as Eyeore from "Winnie the Pooh" ever since one of the houseguests referred to him that way. The "Big Brother" house doesn't really revolve around him, and I'm assuming he'll be gone pretty soon. Unless, he's just "flying under the radar."

Everyone's got to go at some point, except the winner of "Big Brother," but I was glad to FINALLY see Jen walk out of the house last night. It was longgggg overdue. Her histrionics over her picture and her annoying behavior made her the perfect candidate for eviction.

Also of note, I've lost my faithful blog poster, Mike. See his comments under a previous blog entry. I miss him. If anyone's reading this, and I hope you are, please comment. Good, bad or indifferent. Just remember, no profanity.

And this question has been nagging at me this morning: How come we hardly see anyone spinning around in the teacup in the backyard? I think they have plenty of time on their hands. And it looks like fun to me.

Do I have a houseguest I'm rooting for? I was rooting for Dick at the beginning of the show. But his antics the past several weeks have quashed that for me. I do like Daniele and Jameka, but I'm not sure which one I'd rather see win.

One reader of this blog asked for more commentary, instead of just a rehash of the episode. Soooo, I'll try to incorporate some more commentary into the blog. I like to have at least the summary and some side comments done the night of the show. I know, you can't please everybody. But I can try. Again, I welcome your comments and feedback./Brad

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007

After the recap, and Jen is put up as a replacement nominee, Jen says in the Diary Room, "Obviously, I’m not close with Daniele, ‘cause she’s a liar." (And are her pants on fire, Jen?)

Says Jameka, the other nominee on the block, "I’m very happy with the replacement nominee being Jen. It’s a strong likelihood that Jen could be going home." I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jameka. (Well, I’ll cross them after I finish typing this. It’s very hard to type when your fingers are crossed.)

Jen tells Daniele she wouldn’t have put Daniele up as a replacement nominee, had the situation been reversed.

Alone, Daniele says, "I don’t see Amber and Jameka as a big threat to me in this game, Jen, she’s a loose cannon. You never know what she’s going to do, and that’s a lot bigger of a risk to keep her in the game for me."

Daniele tells Jen she is honestly sorry for putting her up on the block.

While Jen is on the treadmill, Dick confronts the "loose cannon" of the "Big Brother" house. "Everybody in this house has totally resented the fact that you could give a (edited out) about the money and everything else."

Jen retorts, "The show’s not just about the money."

Dick counters, "But from the beginning, you’re like, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t care, it’s not going to change my life, blah, blah, blah." Blah. "I didn’t say it wouldn’t change my life," Jen says. "I said I don’t know if it would change it for the better." Give me the money and I’ll find out for you, Jen.

Dick tells Jen that Jen shouldn’t be bitter towards Daniele for nominating her for eviction. Says Jen, "Oh, she’s not getting a vote, no matter what was said." Counters Dick, "If I was you, I would concentrate on staying instead of being a bitter (expletive)."

Jen says, "I don’t care. I’m not bitter." Does that mean she thinks she an (expletive)?

Jen goes to see Daniele in the Head of Household room. Daniele tells Jen, "On a strategic level, you are my biggest competitor. And, we have had problems along the way. You’ve made it clear, you know, that you want my Dad out of the house and obviously … that’s not going to help me at all." Jen gets a little teary, Daniele tells her "You and I are the biggest competitors in this house … It’s not personal."

In the Diary Room, Jen says, "I am so angry at Dick and Daniele. But, I always get the last laugh, because I’m always having a good time, even when I’m crying." Remember that when you’re walking out of the "Big Brother" house, Jen.

Amber and Daniele are summoned to Diary Room by Big Brother, to go on their trip outside the house.

Jen tells Jameka, "I just can’t go to the Sequestor House. Like, that would just kill me. You know what I mean?" Jen wants to know if you give up your vote if you don’t go to the Jury House. Well, duhhhhh.

In the Diary Room, Jameka says, "So many of us have given up so much to be here and for someone to take that so nonchalant, you know, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to fulfill my obligation.’ It just really degraded the integrity of the game."

With Jameka and Jen in the backyard, Dick exhales a large puff of smoke and Jen leaves. "Jen repellent," says Dick, "works every time."

"Dick is not polite with his smoking. It makes people smell bad, it kills people that smoke and kills other people that don’t smoke. I’m just sick of being here."

Jen puts her clothes into bags. Dick goes into her room and finds Jen has started packing her stuff. "I figure I might as well pack now," says Jen, as she’s cooking. Dick announces to the other houseguests that she’s packed.

Quips Eric, "As long as she’s taking the nomination well." Dick also tells them she’s cooking.

Jameka says in the Diary Room, "Jen, in the Veto Competition stated that she would be on slop for 30 days."

Jen comes out into the backyard and asks them what they’re up to. Dick says, "Talking about your erratic behavior. You’re being more odd than normal. And you’re cooking, why?" Says Jen, "Because I’m hungry."

Jameka tells her, "Don’t come this far and then start doing crazy stuff. That’s not good."

Dick says to Jen, "Hey, man, knock yourself out. Do whatever you want."

Wrong thing to say, Dick. She does what she wants to do and she takes Dick’s cigarettes and destroys them.

"I’ve been wanting to destroy Dick’s cigarettes from Day 1. I hid all my stuff because I was planning on breaking every single one of Dick’s cigarettes and then pouring bleach on them. And I knew that that would upset him, so I had to hide my clothing so that he wouldn’t do anything to my clothes."

Jessica tells Dick, "I think she’s going to do something crazy and that’s why she took all her stuff out. I’d hide your cigarettes if I were you." Good advice, Jessica, but just a little too late.

Dick goes to put his cigarettes up in the Head of Household room and finds Jen has taken his cigarettes--four cartons worth. (Yes, sir, yes, sir, four cartons worth). Dick goes looking for his cigarettes and he finds Jen’s clothes and takes them up to the HOH room, which can be locked.

"Now all of Jen’s clothes are hid up in the HOH," says Dick, "and I think they’ll be hiding there until she leaves. I’ve dated girls like this before--not pretty, man! Nooo."

Breaking the rules, Jen is eating a turkey burger, cottage cheese and an apple.

"Nobody wants to be around a cheater," says Jessica in the Diary Room.

Says Zach, "Jen drives me absolutely crazy in this house. I have a big problem in the game with people that cheat or break the rules in the game."

"She is shoving food into her face. She must have gained 5 pounds in 30 seconds. And has her cheeks out to here with turkey burgers and apples. I was just sitting there dumbfounded," says Eric.

Jen is summoned to the Diary Room by Big Brother. Jen is given a penalty vote by Big Brother, so there will automatically be one vote against Jen at the eviction ceremony.

Dick sits down next to Jen and lights up, and she tries to take the cigarette out of Dick’s hands. "I’m not doing anything," says Jen. That ranks up there with, "Mom! She started it!"

After the commercial break, we see Amber and Daniele leaving by limousine and private jet to appear on the "Power of 10," which is hosted by Drew Carey. They learn that one person has been flown in to support them. For Daniele, it’s her former housemate Nick; for Amber, it’s her cousin, Katie. (But they don’t know that yet …)

Says Amber as she’s being made up for the show, "I have such an upbeat personality, that on the show, I know, that when I get out there with the crowd and like with the audience, they’re gonna love me." Just don’t break down crying, Miss Upbeat Personality.

In case you’re interested, and even if you’re not, The "Power of 10" episode with Amber and Daniele will air 8 p.m. this Tuesday on CBS.

After Amber and Daniele return to the "Big Brother" house, Julie speaks live with the houseguests in the living room.

Julie asks what the day of freedom meant to Amber and Daniele. Amber says, "It actually meant a lot to me, you know. It gave me a chance to get my head clear and, you know, get focused back into the game when I did come back in here, and it make me realize a lot about life and appreciate things in life that I had never appreciated, so it was nice."

"It was a well-needed, you know, in the middle of the game, time to regroup, get a little sanity back, get a little time away from people. So, it was well-needed and it was extremely appreciated," Daniele said.

Julie tells Jen she is the first person in eight years to break food restriction rules and get a penalty vote. When asked by Julie how it feels to have made "Big Brother" history, Jen says, "I thought I had already made history. I was upset with ‘Big Brother’ and I didn’t know what else to do, so I thought I would eat."

Julie says to Eric that every time he loses a bet in the house, it seems he can’t help but showing a "certain side" of himself . After a few clips of Eric in a dress and showing his posterior, Eric says, "I’d like to say this was exclusive to the ‘Big Brother’ house, but this is me, live and in color, take it or leave it. Hey, I’m a man of my word, and that was not right, that was not pretty, Julie."

After the commercial break, Julie talks with Daniele live in HOH room. Julie asks Daniele who she credits with her comeback after being in jeopardy of leaving the "Big Brother" house. "It was a lot of people in this house, you know. Between me and my Dad, my Dad with the Veto, he won, and then, you know, counting on Eric and Jessica to do what they did to get Dustin out. You know, I do owe a lot of credit to them, so I’m very thankful for that."

Julie asks Daniele if there will be a point where Daniele will turn on her Dad, or is it both of them to the end. "I hope that it is the two of us to the very end. To be quite honest, I would love to be sitting next to my Dad in the final two, because I think, you know, that a lot of people hold things against him, as awful as that sounds. I would love to sit next to him in the final two." Julie asks if its down to the final two, if Daniele would turn on him. "I hope I’d win. I’m here to win, you know. We both came here separate and, you know, honestly I do hope I win."

Tonight’s evicted houseguest will join Dustin in the Jury House.

The two houseguests are given one last chance to plead their case.

Jen says, "Well, in my whole life, I’ve always been a happy, positive person who’s honest. Obviously, I don’t fit in here. But, how I look at it is I got thrown this opportunity, and I thought I would try it out. And I was happy to come here, and I’m just as happy to leave."

Jameka says, "Basically, I’m so grateful to be here. Words cannot express sincerely how honored and how happy I am to be here. I feel as though a lot of you all know where I stand in this game. You know on what terms, in terms of how I play this game. And I hope that, with that, me giving you my word, you all can see some individual benefits with that and keep me long-term even still."

It’s time for the live eviction voting. There is already 1 penalty vote against Jen. Says Dick, "I am thrilled to evict Jen this week, finally." With a 5-0 vote (6-0 with the penalty vote), there are enough votes to evict Jen. Woohoo! Excuse my while I do my happy dance.

After the commercial break, Julie tells Jen she is evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

As she’s going, Eric says, "Jen, as happy as you are to be leaving, we’re happier to see you go."

After she leaves, the houseguests have a good old-fashioned Jen-bashing.

Outside the "Big Brother" abode, Julie talks with Jen asks her if she is like this outside the house. "I guess if you use the word ‘random’ to describe me, that it would probably work. You never know what you’re going to get with me, it’s usually positive, but in these circumstances, you really never know." Sorry, Jen, but "random" is not the word I’m thinking of.

Julie asks Jen what her strategy was in the game, having survived seven weeks, and being on the block three weeks in a row. "I didn’t have so much of a strategy as I was just going to be here and experience and learn from everyone and hopefully teach others you know, good things, so I just thought that, see how long it lasts, and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I knew I would have to go out the back door because otherwise I’d be able to win my way out and so, that was pretty much what had to happen."

Julie says that Dick said some pretty mean things to Jen in the house, and asks Jen if she thought that’s really how he really feels, or if it’s strategy. "I think either way, if it was Dick’s strategy or if it’s how he really feels, it’s not appropriate in any way, or true for that matter. I honestly like don’t even know where he came up with most of the things that he said. Like anyone that knows me knows that I’d say 95 percent of the things that he says are completely ridiculous but you know, I don’t know, whatever it is, it’s not going to work and I don’t know why he’d say that to people that are going to the Jury House."

Julie then shows Jen the goodbye messages her housemates taped for her. Among them, Dick says, "This is long overdue. You should have been gone quite a while ago. But, through will, fortitude, competitiveness or plain insanity, you’ve lasted here a very long time. And I hope that your experience was fun for you."

After commercial break, it’s the Head of Household competition, entitled, "Tanks for the Memories." As outgoing HOH, Daniele is not eligible to play. And Jameka gave up her right to play for HOH in a veto competition for five weeks. This is week three for Jameka not being able to play. The houseguests are seated about 350 gallon water tanks. The first five houseguests evicted were asked question, and the competing houseguests have to figure out how they answered. If they answer correctly, they stay in the game. If they answer incorrectly, Jen will press a button that will send them into the water. If they all answer incorrectly, they all remain in the game. In the end, Jessica wins the Head of Household competition.

It’s time for the "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated. Now, this is getting tough. I’d say, go for Amber, Eric. Although she kept her emotions in check tonight, I don’t have high hopes for that in the future.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007

After the recap, it’s Day 48 in the "Big Brother" house.

Daniele says her two nominees for eviction, Jameka and Amber, get along with everyone in the house and she doesn’t want to be sitting next to them in the final two. (Hey, at least she didn’t say she didn’t want to sit next to them because they have cooties.)

But, even so, Daniele’s reason doesn’t sit well with Jameka. "I don’t know how Daniele can say, ‘Hey, you’re a threat because you’re nice to people.’ I don’t buy that, at all, whatsoever."

And Daniele‘s got Amber all revved up, too. "Daniele fueled my fire today by putting me up on the block," says Amber. "You know, I feel like I’m just busting out of the cake, like arrrrghhh, like, here I am, this is me, and I will prove to these people that good people can win this, and I will." Did someone say cake? Pass me a slice, please. This bag of barbecue potato chips sitting next to me is almost empty.

Eric goes to Jameka and Amber and tells them he’s sorry and he thought it would be him being nominated. "If he has a side deal, of course he wouldn’t be put up on the block. That’s kinda like a slap in the face to me," says Jameka.

Daniele tells Jameka it’s nothing personal that she nominated Jameka. Says Daniele, "I think that Jameka took it harder than I thought she would. But, we’re here to play a game, and that’s all there is to that." So there.

Jen and Jessica talk. "I feel like Dick and Daniele never meant to send home the people, like they always send home the replacement. That that’s how they do it, or whatever. I wish I could figure out if Daniele’s trying to do a replacement or not. I don’t think Daniele will put us up, hopefully," says Jen.

Eric offers to teach Jessica some "ultimate fighting" and they wrestle on the bed. Of course, Zach lumbers in. In the Diary Room, Zach says, "Eric doesn’t have any game with the chicks. I like blocking Eric when he decides to go for some personal time with Jess. I can torment him." Zach then joins them on top of the bed. Jessica shows Zach "the clench," the wrestling move Eric just taught her. The look on Eric’s face is priceless.

Jameka and Amber talk. Amber says she’s done with Jessica and Eric. Says Jameka, "Right now, Amber, seriously, all odds are against us now. You thought it was bad before, we thought it was bad before? Nah." Hang on, kiddies, and keep your arms inside the car at all times. It’s only going to get worse. (Yes, I know this for a fact. I’m not a psychic, but I play one on the Internet.)

Amber tells Jameka that Jameka is a pawn to get Amber to go home this week. "I’m a big threat in this game because I do get along with everyone. It’s a really good excuse for her to put me up. This week is to get me out of her and I’m going to win POV. I think we’re both going to be here next week. I had a vision. Like I feel like God did this for a reason, to make us stronger," Amber says.

In the Diary Room, Amber gets a little choked up as she says, "Last week, I saw a vision. I won the POV. And I feel like that was God’s way of prepping me for this week. In a couple days we’ll know, you know, if my vision was right."

Then again, Amber, after 48 days locked in the "Big Brother" house, you could just be seeing things.

Then, Amber tells Jameka, "I’m done crying. I’m done. I ain’t crying no more. I’m done. I’m done hurting. It’s my time. And I will win." In the Diary Room, Amber says, "No more crying, no more, you know, being upset. Time for me to step it up in this game, and show everybody that I will make it to the end. I will do this for my family and that’s why I’m here."

I’m betting Amber doesn’t go too long without crying. Can she hold out for at least one episode? We’ll see …

Amber asks God to pull through for Jameka and herself this week.

After the commercial break, it‘s time for the results of the last "America’s Player" question. When Eric goes into the Diary Room, he finds a box, labeled "Woobie." He opens it up and finds a stuffed brown dog. (Awwwwww.) Eric must share a special moment and give his "childhood Woobie" to the houseguest America has chosen for him. America chooses Jessica.

"How easy is it going to be for me to give Jessica my childhood Woobie?" Almost sounds like he’s giving her chicken pox. "We’re practically engaged in the house," says Eric. Leaving the Diary Room, he stuffs the dog in the back of his pants to conceal it.

Eric goes to see Jessica, who is in bed, and gives it to her. He tells her his Mom found it before he left to go on the show and she made him bring it with him. He tells Jessica he brought it with her on the first day of school He brought it on the first day of school??? Nothing better to make you a target for getting your lunch money stolen or getting your Crayolas snapped in half. (Alright, alright, I know, it’s kindergarten or first grade.) At any rate, Eric accomplishes his task.

Daniele says, "I feel like we’ve been here for freaking ever." I understand, Daniele. It feels like I’ve been blogging this season for freaking ever.

Daniele tells Zach, "I’m sick of my Dad, he’s driving me nuts. I’m sick of Jameka and Amber moping around. I’m really sick of Jen. I’m sick of her complaining. I’m sick of looking at her. I’m sick of hearing her voice." Welcome to the "Big Brother" house … the happy place on Earth!

Daniele says the funniest part is that since Day 1, everyone has wanted Jen gone. Zach says, "I think the only reason really is she’s still here is because she gave up half the money. I mean, realistically, she’s told lies about things that can’t be covered up. I mean, she’s like on our side, but she’s not. She’s a loose cannon."

In the Diary Room, Zach says, "I’d like to call myself a silent assassin. All I can do is plant seeds of doubt. Little do they know, I’m a force to be reckoned with." I have the "Mission: Impossible" theme in my head now …

On to the veto competition. Only six houseguests will be participating: the Head of Household, the two nominees and three others chosen from random draw. The winner gets the golden power of veto, and the two finalists in the competition will be awarded with a "top secret" trip outside of the house.

As a result of the random draw, Dick, Jessica and Zach also playing in the veto competition. Daniele picks Eric to serve as the host for the competition.

Jameka says, "This is going to be a tough veto competition. You have people that normally could care less about the Power of Veto, but now you have a prize. And we know, with this house, greed is an underlying issue, and it’s a motivator."

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Veto Competition. The houseguests go out into the backyard, where they find a bunch of motorcycles. Says Dick, "Once I see all of these choppers. They were very cool. I’m like, ‘Wow! This was tailored for me!’"

For the competition, Big Brother fans were asked their opinions about hot topics in the house. There are five rounds. In each round, they will be asked to determine what percentage of fans answered a certain way in a survey about the "Big Brother" house.

Dick is eliminated after the first round, with the question, "What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician?" Dick answers 78 percent, the correct percentage was 19. Says Dick, "She didn’t say anything about anything. That’s what a politician does."

In the following order, Zach, Jessica, Jameka are then eliminated.

According to the poll, 47 percent think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe. Amber says Dustin is her boyfriend in the house. Says Amber, "I was surprised that America thinks Joe is a better boyfriend. Dustin’s like the best boyfriend in the world."

Daniele and Amber are the last two left in the competition, so they will be going on the mystery trip outside the "Big Brother" house.

The final question is: "What percentage of those polled said that Zach was the sexiest bunny of all?" Says Amber, "I started shaking a little bit. I thought to myself, ‘He’s the only guy bunny. He looks cuter in it than, you know, he did in real life, sad enough to say. And I thought a lot of people probably thought the same thing."

In the end, Daniele wins the Power of Veto.

In the Diary Room, Zach says, "I was stoked about that. I’m glad that 35 percent of America feels that I look very sexy in my bunny suit. I miss that suit." Well, the holidays are not that far off, Zach. Maybe you’ll get one then.

Says Dick, "Daniele is just tearing through this place. She’s killing it! Thank God she’s on my side and in my alliance!"

Jameka and Amber comfort each other.

In the Diary Room, Amber says, "I don’t know why God has it to where I lost today. And I started to lose a little bit of faith, because I mean, look I’m still on the block, and the person who put me on the block has the power to take me off the block."

"Absolutely all the odds are against me right now and I’m still not giving up. I’m gonna fight until the end," Jameka said. Fight the good fight, Jameka.

And, you guessed it, Amber’s crying about being up on the block. Says Jameka to Amber, "Your faith can be strong and you still … God is going to do what God is going to do, but He wants to know, will you trust Him?"

Then, in the category of "ask a stupid question," Jameka asks Amber, "You just want a good cry, don’t you?" And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Amber’s off and crying. Nope, didn’t even make it through one full episode.

After the commercial break, Daniele goes to Dick and tells him she’ll make a deal with Amber that she’ll take Amber off the block if Amber doesn’t put up Daniele if Amber wins Head of Household.

Jameka tells Amber don’t be surprised if Daniele asks Amber to swear on her daughter’s life.

Daniele and Amber talk. Amber tells her she’s up to making a deal with her of some kind. Daniele says she will take Amber off the block if Amber promises not to put Daniele up on the block next week or whenever she gets Head of Household. Amber swears on her daughter (geeze, why do they do that?), and tells Daniele she’ll vote however Daniele wants her to vote this week.

Dick says, "I love it when a plan comes together. Making an alliance with Jessica and with Eric was such an enormous long shot, but it did pay off. If things even go kind of sort of according to plan, we should be in the final four."

Dick tells Eric he really wants to backdoor Jen. In the Diary Room, Eric says he’d like to see Zach up there.

Daniele says, "If I do decide to use the power of veto and replace one of the nominees with Jen, it’s gonna to put a big target on my back. I definitely want to keep my options open."

After commercial, it’s time for the veto meeting, and the two nominees get to plead their case:

"Of course, I would like to be sitting on the other side, but at the same time, because of both powers that you hold this week, I’m sure that you have a direct plan in mind and you’re gonna execute that plan. So, with that said, I respect your decision and hopefully I’ll be on the other side," says Jameka.

Amber says, "I would obviously love to come off the block. This has been an experience that I can’t explain. It’s so much hard than I ever thought it would be. I’m trying not to cry. This has been a really tough week for me. I lost Dustin, I’m on slop, and I’m nominated. You take the good with the bad in this game, and Daniele, whatever decision you make, I respect it."

Daniele uses the power of veto on Amber. In her place, Daniele puts up Jen.

Says Daniele, "Jen has been on the block. This will be her fourth time. She’s gotten off all three times, and this time it’s not going to be that easy. You’re staying up on the block and you’re going home."

"When I’m still here next week, Daniele and Dick will definitely be my target for the rest of the season. Because she’s a cheat and he’s disgusting," Jen declares.

Amber and Daniele, the winners of the mystery trip, find they’re going to travel by private jet to New York City where they’ll be contestants on the game show "Power of 10," where they could win $10,000,000.

And, finally, it‘s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house? Go for Jen, Eric.

Until the next episode, "Big Brother" fans …

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007

After last week's recap and we see Dustin being evicted, we begin in the Diary Room with, here’s a shocker, a tearful Amber. "I’m just so, like, shocked. (Fine, steal my word, Amber). I know me and Dustin were a strong pair. I knew people were going to eventually come after us. I just didn’t think like this. Now I have nobody." She says more, but I have no idea what she’s saying due to all the sobbing. I think I’m going to start investing in tissues.

On the other side of the spectrum, we see a jubilant Dick in the diary room. "Oh, my, God! Wow! Who would have ever thunk it, that I would still be here. Especially with my BEHAVIOR earlier this week, to get myself kicked out?" Yes, he actually DID say "thunk." I can’t make this stuff up, guys. Well, I could, but I didn’t.

And we also hear from Jessica on Dustin’s eviction : "I was kind of sad to see Dustin go because I really liked him personally. I had a lot of fun with him. But, I was able to get Dustin out without really getting my hands dirty. Strategically, I wasn’t sad to see him go at all."

It’s now …drum roll please … Day 48 in the "Big Brother" house.

"America, I feel GREAT about what transpired this week," says Eric, who if you’ve forgotten, is "America’s Player." (C’mon, how could you forget? I remind you every episode …) "We got Dustin not only nominated, but out of this house and the blood is on our hands, and I gotta say, it feels good." Eric, maybe you should get some advice from Jessica on how not to get your hands so dirty.

"I’m absolutely ecstatic that my Dad’s still here. It’s funny that the two most hated people in the house were up on the block against each other and yet both of us are still here," Daniele said. I’m wondering how that happened, too, Daniele.

Eric then goes to Jameka and apologizes and tells her that it was a group decision to evict Dustin., and was not directed at Jameka. "The game has totally shifted," says Jameka. "People that I thought I could trust, I can’t trust. Nothing makes sense … nothing makes sense." Rank that right up there with geometry, why people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway, and why I have to drink a Monster energy drink right before bedtime.

We go back to Amber who--you guessed it--is still crying. "I got so played and like it’s so hard for me to, you know, to deal with that, ‘cause like in this game like I haven’t tried to play anybody, and maybe I need to start trying. I don’t know what to do, I’m so confused!" Maybe you need to start trying some anti-depressants, Amber, honey.

In the Diary Room, Jameka says if there’s a person to blame, it’s Eric. "Which is so unfortunate, because last week, Dus was the determining vote, and he went to bat for Eric … It’s just a ridiculous, confusing situation." Almost as confusing as me waking up trying to remember if it’s Sunday or Monday and whether or not I can go back to bed.

Amber says, "I just need to pull it together. I can’t let Dustin being gone make it worse for me, it has to make it better. If he could talk to me right now, I know he would tell me, ‘Step it up, be strong, and be all I can be,’ you know, because I’m still here." Thanks, Amber, now I have the commercial for the Army stuck in my head. ("Be … all that you can be …. In the ar-ar-my!" Just figured I’d share it with all of you. Why should I be the only one to have it in my head?)

We find out why Amber lost the HOH competition: "When she asked if there were seven cards on his hat, I knew there were six. Seven’s my lucky number and I just hit true, thinking like, ‘Oh, my God, seven’s my lucky number! Yes!" So THAT’S why she lost. At least I’ll be able to sleep better now, having that resolved.

We learn Daniele is the first person in the house to get HOH for the second time.

Says Dick, "It’s all good in the Big Brother Hood. Daniele’s HOH. We both have another week in the house. This is like storybook, isn’t it?" Just better hope a big, bad wolf doesn’t come along and huff, and puff, and blow your "Big Brother" house down, Dick.

Amber says the only person she has in the house she can trust is Jameka. "But I know people in the house have seen me and her have gotten closer and that puts a target on our back." Duck and cover, girls, duck and cover.

Says Eric, "Jessica and I simultaneously took a huge risk and we aligned ourselves up with Dick and Daniele and that risk has paid dividends immediately."

Eric and Jessica are talking about who Daniele’s going to put up when Daniele comes over and says, "I don’t mean to interrupt, I just want to tell you guys that you guys are suckers and you guys are going up … and you laugh now, but I’m serious," she says jokingly. Oh, Daniele, you’re such a card!

Alone, Dick and Daniele are talking and Dick is just a little bit excited he’s still lurking around the "Big Brother" house.

Jessica goes to talk with Jameka, and later explains in the Diary Room, "I really like Jameka, and I really trust her, and even though Jameka cannot compete for HOH, she’s still a vote in the house, and, so, I wanted to keep that close bond with her, even though I went off and did a side thing without her." Jessica and Jameka talk about the voting, and Jameka was told by Eric that they had discussed it as a group. Jameka asks Jessica if she was sure Eric wasn’t in any other side deals. Jessica counters: "I would disown him so fast if he did that." Jameka is suspicious and says something’s not adding up.

It’s time to see Daniele’s HOH room. We see a really bad picture of Dick, Daniele and her brother at her brother’s graduation. "It was like the picture of really bad hair. All of us. This is one of the pictures that you look back and go, ‘Oh, my God!’" We learn that, in addition to Jessica, Daniele’s not a natural blonde, either.

Looking around the Daniele’s HOH room, Zach later notes he didn’t see any pictures of Daniele’s boyfriend. But, there IS a letter from Nick.

"Not only does she receive a letter from Nick," says Eric, "but it’s some sort of scrapbooked album. He’s an oversized, you know, enormous scary, scary man and he makes some glitter hearts and sparkles on it, and, you know, get out his best highlighters to accentuate it. I mean, it looked like something a 13-year-old girl would have concocted."

Daniele goes to talk to Amber. Amber says she’s not going to tell Daniele what to do. Daniele doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet. Yeah, yeah, sure you don’t.

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "On a personal level, for the situation that Amber’s in, I’m there for her. But, strategically, it does not change my opinions of Amber at all."

After the commercial break, Amber has stopped crying long enough to wanting to know what the word "charismatic" means. Then we see a several scenes where Amber doesn’t know definitions of certain words. (Some examples: "ridicule," "superficial," "integrity," "backdoor" and "outed.") I don’t have enough space to continue with all of them. But, hey Amber, do you know what the word "idiot" means?

Says Dick, "I would be surprised if her vocabulary is above her 8-year-old daughter. Honestly."

Amber and Eric talk about his voting Dustin out. He tells her it wasn’t planned and he never made a deal with anybody at any time, ever, in this game. Amber doesn’t know where she stands with Eric and Jessica. "I feel like you guys will turn your back on me at any moment." Welcome to "Big Brother," Amber. Amber says they should all sit down and see if they still have a group.

In the Diary Room, Amber says, "I got, you know, weaseled by this group. I’ll play it up, like, ‘Oh, I understand, Eric. Oh, I’m not mad.’ And, that’s fine. I can forgive, but I don’t forget."

We then see the houseguests playing beer pong. What, you may ask, is beer pong? "For those who have never had that dorm living experience, what beer pong essentially is is you line up 10 cups in a pyramid, you fill each one with a little bit of beer, and you toss something into it. The object is to clear the other team’s cups by landing your shots into the cups."

They start wagering on the beer pong games. Eric loses a wager where he has to wear women’s size small "booty shorts." "It was disturbing," says Eric, "it was a sight for sore eyes." I’m just glad I was wearing my "shades" at the time, Eric.

Then Jessica and Eric had to swap clothing. It looks like Eric’s enjoying wearing Jessica’s dress. "Eric has very long, slender legs, and so he filled the dress out very nice."

Jameka and Amber talk to Dick in private. Dick says the crown and cape Dustin wore didn’t go over well with anyone in the house. Dick calls Dustin an "idiot" when he learns he volunteered to go against Dick on the block.

When Dick leaves, Amber and Jameka figure out Dick, Daniele, Eric and Jessica taking each other to the "final four."

During the commercial break, there’s a promo for "Survivor" China," which premieres Thursday, Sept. 20. Woohoo!

OK, sorry, back to "Big Brother 8" …

After the commercial break, they all get dressed in togas for the food competition.

Says Zach, "It’s going to sound self-centered here, but I think I look the best in the toga, to be honest. My arms looked GREAT."

For the food competition, it looks like it’s going to be …. beer pong.

The houseguests split up into two teams of four, with a red team and blue team.

But, it’s not exactly beer pong, but … slop pong. One at a time, they have to throw their giant ping pong ball towards the cups on the opposite side of the net. If the ball lands inside one of the cups, that cup gets closed and they no longer have to shoot at it. If they close all 10 cups first and the team will eat for the week. The losing team will be on slop for the week. If both teams can get a ball into their "FEAST" cup, before the game ends, the entire house will get a feast later in the week.

Fast-forward a bit, and the score is tied 9 to 9. Yes, bloggers everywhere, it’s a nail-biter!

Says Dick, "Eric had not made a shot the whole game. ‘Where are you, man, where are you? Are you in here?’ Maybe your headband’s too tight." However, Eric comes through in the clutch and makes the final, winning shot.

The Red Team wins with a score of 10 to 9. And both teams get to feast.

When the houseguests return inside from the game, they find … and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for … the huge eating table has gotten smaller. (I swear, I really have been waiting for this. You know, it’s just the little things in life that get me all choked up …)

Says Daniele, "The table itself just makes me feel how I still can’t get away from these people no matter what. All the walls are closing in on me and I have to be so close to people I don’t want to be close to … but it has really sunk in that, you know, we’re halfway through the game and every week we’re closer and closer and closer to the final two." And, most importantly, she wants to know, "How are we going to play beer pong?" Carefully, Daniele, very carefully.

After the commercial break, Jessica talks about Julie asking her if she has a crush on Eric. "I just said, ‘I really have a good time with Eric every day and he’s a lot of fun, but I’m just focusing on the game right now." Then we see a snippet of what she REALLY said to Julie: "Who knows? Maybe when we get out of the house there might be something."

Jen and Daniele talk about what Daniele’s thinking about doing this week as far as nominations. In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Jen’s a competitor and every time Jen has been on the block, she has gotten off. I do not trust that girl, at all." Me either. So there.

It‘s time for the results of the "America’s Player" poll: Which houseguest should Eric get nominated? America chooses Amber. "Oh, I love America. I feel great about this choice, and it should be nice and easy to bury Amber and have her sitting in that seat that was left vacant by her buddy, Dustin." Make sure you throw in plenty of Kleenex when you bury her, Eric.

Eric goes to talk to Daniele and Dick about getting Amber nominated. "Let’s just make this a weepfest all week," says Eric.

In the Diary Room, Daniele says she doesn’t trust Eric at all.

And, now, it’s time for this week’s "America’s Player" question: To whom should Eric give this childhood Woobie?" I’m voting to have Eric give it to Jessica. Something tells me she’ll just love it.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony.

Says Amber, "I can honestly say that I’m really, really, really nervous. I really think that I’m going to be going up on the block for the simple fact that I get along with everyone and she probably doesn’t want to be sitting next to me in the final two."

"I do believe anything can still happen at this point, but you know, I could potentially go on the block, it’s just not a good feeling right now and it’s not a good position to be in," Jameka says.

Says Daniele, "Now with the numbers shrinking and shrinking, everyone in this house is going to be in the Jury House if they’re not in the Final Two, and you know, and I want to make sure I know what I’m doing from the beginning and I want to be happy when somebody walks out the door on Thursday." Don’t worry, Daniele, be happy. (Yes, another song to get stuck in your heads …)

"For whatever reason, I am believing Dick and Daniele and I honestly feel quite confident. We saved them, the least they could do is pay us back for one week," says Eric.

Says Daniele, "It’s been too long that people have been in this house doing nothing and I don’t think that certain people deserve to win this game."

At the Nomination Ceremony, Daniele says she has been playing this game strategically, not personally, and will continue to do so. And to prove it, she doesn’t nominate Jessica, who nominated her last week.

At the end, we find Amber and Jameka are nominated for eviction

Daniele tells Amber and Jameka she doesn’t want to be sitting next to either of them in the Final Two because of the relationships they have built with everyone in the house.

Jameka says, "I just feel like, you know, everything happens for a reason. I feel like everything is already ordained as to, you know, whose going to win the game and Jameka tries to do things that will make God smile on a daily basis."

Says Amber, "I’m not worried with being on the block this week. If everything pans out as God’s told me it’s going to, you know, I’m going to win POV tomorrow and Jameka and me will be in the final two, I just know it."

But here’s where we learn a little secret from Daniele, who says, "Jen is actually the real target. She is probably one of the biggest competitors in this game. So, she definitely is a threat. I’d rather take her out now while I can."

We’ll we know Daniele’s not going to nominate Dick, and besides, he was pretty low-key tonight (in comparison to last week, anyway), so I’m agreeing with Daniele to get Jen out of the house.

Will Daniele’s plan work out? Will I (as well as the rest of America) be pleased with the results? Will Batman and Robin nab Catwoman before she commits another felonious felony? (Sorry, couldn’t resist … ) Tune in Tuesday … same "Big Brother" Tuesday time, same "Big Brother" channel!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007

After the usual recap, it’s Day 48 in the "Big Brother" house.

When we last left the Caped Crusaders … oops, wait, this is "Big Brother," not "Batman" … when we last left the houseguests, Dick and Dustin were up on the chopping block for eviction.

Dick says, "I’m thrilled to be up on the block against Dustin. I’m probably going home, but this could be a really, really big coup. Don’t think it’s going to happen, but not giving up hope."

And then we hear from our other nominee. "It’s actually a shame that Daniele did come off the block because I really would have liked to see her go and see Dick freak out: ‘I lost my daughter for the fifth time, or maybe sixth time in my life, oooh-hooo-hooo-hooo," Dustin says in a mock cry.

Dick’s giving up the veto to Daniele was not lost on his daughter. "Being in this house," Daniele says, "it is pretty much the opportunity of a lifetime, and for somebody to give that up for you, it means probably more than anybody would ever know."

Jessica apologizes to Dustin for putting him up on the block. In the Diary Room, Dustin says, "Week 4, I cut off Daniele’s right leg when I evicted Nick, and here I am, two weeks later, cutting off her left leg when her Dad walks out the door. And now that they’re both gone, (she’s) got nothing’." Well, they’re not both gone …yet, Dustin. As the old saying goes, don’t count your houseguests before they’re evicted. (Can you tell the tea I drank two hours ago is wearing off?)

"Dustin I know is shady," says Jessica, "that just makes me question him even more. He is definitely high on my radar now."

Jessica and Eric talk. Eric apologizes about giving Jessica the cold shoulder (he was under orders from America to give her the silent treatment, remember?) Jessica and Eric bury that hatchet (but not in Dick’s skull.)

In order to talk possible strategy and become more acquainted with her, Zach makes Jessica dinner. They talk about who should be evicted and Jessica says voting Dick out might not be the better decision. Zach says Dick’s diversions keep Zach and Jessica off the radar and it might be a good diversion to keep Dick in the house. Zach gives Jessica his word he will vote Dick out. In the Diary Room, Zach says, "When I gave her my word that I would vote Dick out, yes, I will stick to that, unless Jessica tells me that I don’t have to stay true to my vote." They should have made Zach "America’s Player"--he’s such a follower.

Speaking of "America’s Player," it’s now time for the "America’s Player" poll results of who should Eric target for eviction this week? America votes to evict … Dustin.

Eric and Jessica (yes, they’re fully clothed) talk in bed. Eric gets a little flustered when Jessica takes off her top. (Yes, there’s a shirt on underneath …)

Dick talks to Eric and tries to get him and Jessica over to his side. (Why am I hearing Darth Vader say to Luke Skywalker, "Luke, join me!") Dick tells Eric if he and Jessica vote with Dick and Daniele, they will not put them up on the block.

Eric goes back to Jessica and says they should get rid of Dustin and align with Dick’s side. "I believe me, you, Dick and Daniele could wipe out the other four with ease. Jameka doesn’t have four HOH’s and Amber is just royally garbage. The way I see it, though, is you can align with the weak or you can align with the strong. There are advantages to both, but you could be potentially taking out a huge threat and I think there’s honor amongst thieves … not to suggest that we are thieves, but …" Jessica replies, "We are after this week."

After the commercial break, we go live with Julie Chen and the houseguests in the living room.

Regarding the Veto Ceremony, Dick tells Julie he was going to do what he had to do to make sure Daniele stayed in the house. Asked by Julie if she would do the same for Dick, Daniele says that luckily she wasn’t put in that situation. Jen was surprised Dick gave her the Slop Pass in the food competition.

Julie congratulates everyone for making it to the half-way point in the game! (We’re only at the half-way point??? Aaaack!)

Julie asks Amber if there’s anything she wants to say to her 5-year-old daughter and she does, and of course, she does it emotionally.

We hear from evicted Joe, Dustin’s ex-boyfriend. "It’s very entertaining watching the downward spiral that is Dustin on television. To see him going from, like exactly our relationship, beautiful, well-put together, great funny person to slowly, ‘Oh, you’re really selfish. Oh, you’re really self-involved.’" When Dustin chose to take the prizes in a recent competition, Joe says, "Dustin’s choice to take the prizes really shows his true colors." (Great, I have Cyndi Lauper’s "True Colors" in my head now …) "He ultimately is just looking out for himself and he doesn’t care who he steps on along the way to get there," Joe says of Dustin.

In the Diary Room, we hear from the houseguests and who they’re considering for eviction this week.

Says Amber, "I know that I want Dick out of here. He’s very mean, and scary, and moody, and the list is endless."

Daniele says, "I obviously want to keep my Dad in the game, because he’s my biggest ally. I can trust him the most over anybody. I just can’t stand Dustin. He’s the biggest phony in this house."

Zach says, "Dick a huge instigator in the game. He picks people apart in a way in which I think is completely unsanitary in the game, to be honest." Thank you for that vulture imagery, Zach. Zach says it’s unfortunate that Dick is up against Dustin, "because Dustin needs to go as well. But, you know, it’s a really hard toss-up."

Jen says, "So, Dustin and Dick are my options to vote out. It’s finally a win-win. The last three weeks have been lose-loses. So, I’m very excited that finally I get to vote someone out that I actually want to leave."

Eric says, "My initial take on the matter was to send Evel Dick home. He came after me and he’s a big threat in this house. However, after I got my directive from America, I knew it was time to up the ante and make a big move in this house. I’m going after Dustin in a big way." Yeah, yeah, Eric, you just want the money.

Says Jameka, "I would like to have E.D. out of the house. We feel uncomfortable with his presence. He’s mean-spirited by nature. I want to see him, the back of his head and that B.B. bag leaving out of the front door."

After the commercial break, Jessica talks with Julie live in the HOH room. She’s been questioning some of the people in her alliance, and Jessica says she trusts Eric and Jameka the most.

Julie tells Jessica viewers are wondering if Jessica has romantic feelings for Eric, and asks her if she does. "I have a great time with Eric every day. Who knows? Maybe when we get out of the house there might be something, but I’m really trying to stay focused on the game right now."

We learn tonight’s evicted houseguest will be the first member of the jury.

We then hear from the two nominees:

Dustin says, "Well , guys, it’s been a very fun past several weeks getting to know every single one of you. And, I hope that you guys make the decision to make the next six weeks even more fun than the first six weeks."

Says Dick, "I did what I had to do, you guys do what you have to do. My only regret is that Carol is not here to give me a long, deep, wet kiss on my way out the door." I’m sure she feels the same, Dick.

It’s time for the live voting. Amber votes to evict Dick, Eric votes to evict Dustin (per America’s orders), Jameka votes to evict E.D. (Dick) and Daniele votes to evict Dustin.

After ANOTHER commercial break, both Zach and Jen vote to evict Dustin.

Soooo, by a vote of 4 to 2, Dustin is evicted from the "Big Brother" house. (By the way, has anyone noticed Dustin’s wearing a grey T-shirt?)

Talking with Julie Chen, Dustin says he is "so stunned" and regrets volunteering himself to be the replacement nominee.

Dustin watches the goodbye videos from the houseguests. He doesn’t learn that Eric is "America’s Player" (most likely since Dustin is part of the jury which will vote which of the last two players will win "Big Brother 8.")

After the commercial break, it’s time for the HOH competition. A little person enters the house and starts spouting phrases like "A stitch in time saves nine." Then, the houseguests go into the backyard and there’s a pirate on stilts and a barbershop quartet. Back in the house, there are 3 rabbits in a cage with an ace, a 5 and a 9 playing card tied to their necks. There’s also a person dressed as a statue. (I’ve had dreams like this. That’s what I get for snacking at midnight.)

The Head of Household competition is, "Strange Visitors," a series of true or false questions about the visitors the houseguests just had,

On the first question, Jen is eliminated; Dick and Zack are eliminated on the second question; Eric is eliminated on the third question; Amber is eliminated on the fourth question. Daniele wins the Head of Household competition.

It‘s time for "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated? Well, since Daniele is Head of Household, something tells me she won’t nominate Dick for eviction. I would say, go for Jen, Eric.

Julie asks Amber if the house will feel empty without her best friend Dustin in the house. "Yeah, it’s gonna be awkward and empty in the house with not having him, but we had some great times together and everything happens for a reason and this is a game and I have to keep that in mind that anything can happen."

Words to live by, blog readers. See you after the next episode …

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, blog readers of all ages, I’ve just finished watching tonight’s episode of "Big Brother 8," and all I can say is it’s going to be a "Two T" night (that’s tea and Tylenol) if I’m going to have to rewatch this episode again.

But that comes with the territory of being a "Big Brother" blogger. So, let’s get to it:

After the obligatory recap, we (or should I say, CBS and "Big Brother") open the episode on Day 42 in the house.

"Right now the goal is to push Daniele forward in the game," says Dick. "The group will have one of us go home. I’m going to try to do everything I can to make it me." Why do I have the feeling Dick means what he says? (Aside from the fact that I’ve already watched the episode and I know exactly what he's going to do …)

"I hate fake people. I hate liars. Ahhhhh!! It’s hard, it’s so hard. This is a rough, rough place to be in," exclaims Daniele. And you were expecting truthful, honest players to occupy the "Big Brother" house, Daniele? Haven’t you watched this show before?

Says Jessica, "A lot of people would be very upset if Dick stayed. I wouldn’t. Because Dick is going to go after a lot more people than me. I would love for Daniele to go home this week."

Jessica and Jameka are talking in the Head of Household room, when they are joined by Eric, who is happy both Dick and Daniele are on the chopping block. Regardless of who wins the Power of Veto, Eric says, either Dick or Daniele is going home.

Daniele says her problem is she’s not a good enough liar and she believes too many people. Dick tells her, "Make sure that Jen feels secure with her. Befriend her." Then Dick asks Daniele if she took her vitamins today. (I wonder if he also asked her, "Did you wash behind your ears?" "Did you make your bed today?" or "Do you have on clean underwear?" and they just edited that out …) Dick offers to smash up the vitamins if they’re too big for her to swallow. Don’t forget to offer to cut her meat for her too, Dick. (Unless Daniele’s on the slop diet …)

In the Diary Room, Dick says, "This is what I hoped it would be. She’s letting me be her Dad. I think the times and the moments that we’re sharing now, fixing this relationship and putting it back where it should be, is, without a doubt, worth way more than the money." Remember that when they evict your butt on Thursday, big guy.

Jessica thinks Jen is trying to play both sides. "She’s trying to listen in on all our conversations and then run and go tell Dick and Daniele, which is really annoying."

Dick and Daniele say that one of them needs to win the Power of Veto. "This is extremely important to me that Daniele stay. What I have to do is to not only get the five to hate me, I have to get them to despise me." Something tells me you won’t have much trouble doing that, Dick. (Hate to break it to you, but most of them probably already do despise you).

And here’s where the Tylenol is going to come in handy. Dick starts clanging pans while the houseguests are sleeping. Then he berates almost all of them. While I’m not a doctor, I play one on the Internet, and I think he needs something stronger than Ritalin, Michael. (Note: See Michael's reply to an earlier post.)

After the commercial break, it’s time to pick players for the Veto Competition. The two nominees, Dick and Daniele, are playing, as well as Jessica, as Head of Household. Three other players are selected by random draw. Selected are Jameka, Dustin and Zach. Jessica choses Eric as host of the competition.

Everyone is separated and one by one, they are called out into the backyard. There are ten stations, each with a drink specially prepared by "Big Brother" The more shots they are able to drink, the more strokes they are able to get in the game of croquet. The drinks include: maple syrup, pickle juice; a blend of pig ear, pig feet and ham; water, and your run-of-the mill, ordinary glass of Big Brother Blood. (Hey, it does a body good.) Jameka said she was going to have a problem swallowing anything with chunks in it. Dick downs every single drink (Something tells me Evel doesn’t have any problem drinking shots of anything …) At the end of the competition, the scores are revealed. For each drink, they earn one stroke in the croquet game. For each stroke, they can earn up to five points: one point for every wicket they hit the ball through, and a fifth point if they hit the stake. The person with the most points after everyone takes their strokes will win the Power of Veto. In the end, Dick wins the Power of Veto

After the commercial break, Dustin says if Dick doesn’t use the Power of Veto on Daniele, "He’s got nothin’ next week, because he’s Target Number 1 next week. Any single person in this house will put him up. And if he doesn’t use it on her, he’s the selfish one, out of all of us."

Dick gloats about winning the competition and continues to harass the houseguests. "I am to my limit with tolerating E.D.’s comments. He just goes on and on and on," says Jameka. "He is Satan in this house."

Daniele has a meltdown about having to take the heat for what Evel Dick does. Daniele and Jameka have a virtual catfight. Daniele says it’s frustrating, because she has to deal with Dick outside of the house after this game is over.

Jameka apologizes to Daniele. Later in the Diary Room, Daniele says, "It was honestly how I was feeling, but it was definitely strategy. Everyone in this house pretty much hates my Dad, and once he’s gone, I don’t want everybody to hate me because of things that he’s done."

In private, Daniele tells Dick to stop his verbal assaults on the houseguests. Daniele says Dick is the only person left in the house that she doesn’t want to see evicted.

After the commercial break, Dustin offers to go up as a replacement nominee. He says he knows he’ll be safe and he’s not scared. (Famous last words …)

We then get the results of the "America’s Player" question. Eric has to give the silent treatment to Jessica. Eric decides to run into bed and stay there for as long as he could to avoid Jessica.

Jessica tells Jen if she puts Jen up on the block, she will fight everything to make sure Jen doesn’t go home.

Then Jen plants the seeds of paranoia in Jessica’s head (let’s face it, I think there’s plenty of empty space in there) by saying that Dustin and Dick have some sort of deal going on.

Eric gives Jessica the silent treatment, but fails. The seeds of paranoia continue to grow as Jessica believes Eric is in with Dustin and Dick.

After commercial break, it’s time for the Veto Meeting.

Daniele has the opportunity to say why Dick should use the Power of Veto on her: "It’s really a tough situation for me to be sitting next to you, for me to ask you to do something like that, and whatever you decide, you decide." Dick decides to use the Power of Veto on Daniele. Jessica puts up Dustin as the replacement nominee.

Pretending to cry, Dustin says, "I’m really nervous this week." Then says, "Oooh, I feel so fine being up against Dick. You know, there’s always a twinge of a risk, but in this situation, I don’t feel it. Let me tell you that one."

Says Dick, "I’m very happy. Yes I am. I’m thrilled. How many times have we seen in this game the pawn go home?"

"I knew that my Dad was going to use the veto on me. It means a lot to me," Daniele said. "I definitely will think of any possible way my Dad can stay in the house this week."

Jessica says, "I thought I was playing for the group, but I’m playing for myself. Certain members of the group are trying to use me, and I don’t like it. I thought last week was hard. This week’s even harder."

Fasten your seatbelt, Jessica. It’s only going to get worse.

Before the show ends, we have the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house. I vote to get rid of Dick.

Until Thursday, gang. Now, what did I do with that Tylenol ...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007

When the show begins, we again see Kail being evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

Says Daniele, "Eric was my target. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out how I wanted it to, because I put my faith in people whose word is worth nothing. It’s worth less than a piece of chewed up gum found on the bottom of your shoe."

It’s now Day 41 in the "Big Brother" house. (Some days it feels like it’s Day 4001).

Here’s a shocker … Dick is angry that Eric is still in the "Big Brother" house.

We flashback to Jessica winning Head of Household. The LNC (AKA "The Late Night Crew," Jameka, Jessica, Eric, Amber and Dustin) are ecstatic over Jessica winning the Head of Household. Says Eric, "Not only was I not worried to celebrate, I was happy to throw it in their faces. It doesn’t matter if we dance on their graves, you know, throw a freakin’ parade, there’s nothing that they’re going to do to stop it."

In the Diary Room, Dick says he knows he and Daniele are up on the block. "Am I giving up? No. There’s a little more damage I can do in this place before I leave," says Dick.

And here, gang, is where things REALY start getting uncomfortable. Dick goes on the warpath. We again see the scene the last episode closed with. Grab your hats, blog readers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Dick goes on the attack with Jameka about her reading the Bible and her not casting her vote for Eric. "Isn’t it funny how I can be more honest than the people reading the Bible in the house?" asks Dick. Jameka counters back with her own verbal thrust. And, while she’s doing it, she claps at him while she’s yelling at him, and he claps back. I’m hoping the "Big Brother" house isn’t equipped with those "clap on, clap off" lights.

It’s World War III in the "Big Brother" house. And there’s no point in suggesting it anymore … they’re all wayyyy past the "Kum Ba Ya" stage at this point. You’re right, Michael, maybe Ritalin might work …

Says Zach, "Dick officially, you know, got duped in the game and he’s not happy about it. The peasants are revolting, and they’re not scared of him anymore."

Jameka praises God in the backyard. Eric thanks Jameka for everything and tells her they’re going to have a great week.

Later, Dick asks Jameka if she wants to talk and she tells him no. In the Diary Room, Jameka says of Evel Dick, "He led a personal attack on my religious belief. And my thing is, come at me with some good stuff. Don’t bring that in it. I can name several reasons as to why I don’t like you as a person and none of them have to do with your religious beliefs or lack thereof."

After the commercial break, Daniele and Dick talk. She tells him she hates everything. "I hate being here! I hate these people!" she cries to Evel. Daniele tells him she screwed up their plans. "It’s OK, it‘s OK," says Dick, "You have to take chances in life, and you have to take chances in this game. And it’s fine." I think I read that somewhere on a fortune cookie once.

In the Diary Room, Evel says the most important thing to him in the relationship with his daughter, Daniele.

Dick tells Daniele it’s going to be Dick going home this week. "And then what, I have to stay here with all of them? I don’t like anybody in here! Nobody! And I’ll be by myself the whole time?" Dick tells her, "So, fight for five weeks, for this to change your life." As if being reunited with her estranged father wasn’t enough to change her life, let’s go for the money, too!

Jessica, Amber and Jameka talk about putting Jen and Dick up for nomination. But Jessica says it really doesn’t matter, because their group has five people to the other group’s four.

Jessica screams, "Who wants to see my HOH, and you better come fast! There’s a new ruler in town!" I’d go to see it, but only if the tour of her HOH room comes with earplugs. When we see Jessica’s photos, Dick points out Jessica bleaches her hair.

Daniele tells her father, "If they’re smart at all, they’ll put both of us up." Dick says if Daniele goes up against him and it sticks, he says, "I will make everyone in here hate me so much, they won’t want one more minute of me here." Hate to break it to you, Dick, but I think they already hate you.

Dick, Jameka and Amber argue some more. Dick tells Amber, "You’re such a mental case. You must be a nightmare. And your little girl, oh my God, she’s gotta be a mess." Jameka says, "At least she talks to her daughter for eight years. She doesn’t have to have other people raise her daughter." There’s more, but I’m running out of Tylenol (Jameka even whips out the "B" word). Evel Dick makes fun of Jameka’s clapping, and she tells him, "Yeah, that’s to keep from hittin’ you. Please believe it." Dick calls Jameka a fake, fraud and a hypocrite.

Alone in her room, here’s a surprise, Amber breaks down. She cries to God. (OK, guys, the organ music starting to get on my nerves now. It was funny the first 15 times, but now it‘s starting to grate on my nerves.)

After the commercial break, Daniele goes to Jen and tells they have Zach and that Daniele her she has Jen’s back. Jen thinks that’s a good idea. Daniele says her best move strategically is to get along with Jen and get her over to Daniele’s side. In the Diary Room, Jen says, "I never had anything like against Daniele, other than her Dad. I think that Daniele and I are really good at this game in different ways, so I think that would be (a) really good team."

Then it’s time for the food competition, "The Big Brother Benefit Concert." Jessica, as HOH and "tour manager," has to divide the houseguests into two bands, the Big Brother Blues and the Red House Rockers. Poor Zach. He’s like, "Can I please have a blue one? Can I please have a blue one?" Dick then rips the red bandanas out of Dustin’s hands. Come on, kids, let’s play nice, or we’ll have to put you in time out. Then they all get dressed in rock star gear.

Hidden inside each guitar in the backyard is either a dollar sign or a slop sign. They have to smash the guitars and find the sign inside the guitar. The first team to get to 20 dollar signs wins the food competition. The losing team will be put on the slop diet. Also, inside one of the guitars is a one-week slop pass.

Says Amber, "I would say that Dick probably smashes a lot of things in his spare time. He’s got a lot of built-up frustration and a lot of anger."

During the competition, Dick finds the slop pass.

Later in the Diary Room, Amber says, "I found so many dollar signs. Every single time I looked around the yard, one guitar would catch my eye and I felt like that was God telling me, ‘There’s a dollar sign in that one, there’s a dollar sign in that one, there’s a dollar sign in that one.’ So that was God right there, it really, really was."

"It gave you an opportunity to let out and expel all of this anger and resentment and frustration. Kinda felt good," said Jameka.Don’t get too disillusioned, Jameka. Some of you are STILL going to need therapy after this is all over … The Big Brother Blues wins the competition with a score of 20 to 12.

Dick wanted to use the Slop Pass on Daniele, but she told him to use it on Jen. "I got the Slop Pass!" exclaims Jen.

Eric says of Dick, "I loved him trying to make himself feel all big by giving her the slop pass. I think that it was a well-timed attempt at trying to gain favor. Well, it really doesn’t matter. He has six more days left to eat slop or eat regular food, so who really cares? He’s going home on Thursday." Where have we heard THAT before?

After the commercial break, we learn that Zach really likes wearing the bunny suit. "Jessica definitely got a kick out of that. I think I may have scored some potential points, you know, for a possible date down the road now that I’ve totally wooed her with my bunny antics."

"There’s nothing like seeing a 6’5" grown man in a bunny suit, especially when he’s enjoying it," says Jessica.

Amber says, "It’s very weird that a 30-year-old man is bouncing around in a bunny suit. He’s just so sad. He has nobody." Does she mean, he has "no bunny"? (Sorry, couldn’t resist …)

It’s time to learn the results of the "America’s Player" question: Which houseguest do you want Eric to get nominated?" America votes for … Dustin. Eric is not thrilled. "Now I’m supposed to go up there and try and sell out one of the only people who actually went to bat for me? That’s not to say that I’m not going to try, it’s what the American people want, so it’s what they’re going to get. But, you know, if you gave me a directive that was in line with my strategic thinking, then it would be much easier to accomplish."

In the backyard, as Dick goes into the house, Dustin yells at him, "Washed up, deadbeat, white trash Dad!" He says to Jameka, "I would tell Jessica, ‘Put me up and have it be a five-one vote.’" The look on shock on Eric’s face, and the "ding" noise the show put with it … priceless! That was too easy, huh, Eric?

In the HOH room, Jessica asks Eric if he has any advice for nominations, and of course, he suggests Dustin.

By the way, has anyone noticed Dustin is wearing a gray shirt?

It’s time for the "America’s Player" question" To which houseguest should Eric give the silent treatment?" My vote is Evel Dick. Let REALLY send him over the edge.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. We find Jessica has nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction, for trying to get Eric evicted last week.

Daniele says it’s going to be a rough week and she needs to win the Power of Veto. Jessica says, "I’m not actually going for Dick to get out of the house. I am actually gunning for Daniele to get out of the house. I’m really putting her up because, strategically, Daniele is a much better player."

"This house has no idea what’s about to happen," says Evel Dick. He says he will "give these people holy Hell and make them make them absolutely miserable until I leave."

Brace yourselves, blog readers, for Tuesday’s show. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on Tylenol. See you Tuesday!/Brad