Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amber and Daniele on "The Power of 10," Aug. 28, 2007

Amber and Daniele compete against each other at first. Amber gets three questions correct in a row and gets the chance to play for $10,000,000. Poor Daniele is eliminated.

When we come back from commercial break, Amber sees her cousin, and guess what ... Amber remains calm, cool and collected. No, wait, I’m lying. Of course, America, Amber gets teary. Jeeze, she can't keep it together outside of the house, either.

By the commercial break, Amber's at $10,000. Not bad for a couple of minutes work.

After the commercial break, Drew Carey asks her what it’s like to be on "Big Brother" and be scrutinized. And, Amber, true to form, says she doesn’t know what the word "scrutinized" means. I hope someone gives this girl a Webster’s dictionary after she gets out of the "Big Brother" house.

But, unfortunately, she gets the next question wrong and she leaves with $1,000. Hey, it’s still better than what I make in an hour.

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