Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007

After the recap, it’s Day 48 in the "Big Brother" house.

Daniele says her two nominees for eviction, Jameka and Amber, get along with everyone in the house and she doesn’t want to be sitting next to them in the final two. (Hey, at least she didn’t say she didn’t want to sit next to them because they have cooties.)

But, even so, Daniele’s reason doesn’t sit well with Jameka. "I don’t know how Daniele can say, ‘Hey, you’re a threat because you’re nice to people.’ I don’t buy that, at all, whatsoever."

And Daniele‘s got Amber all revved up, too. "Daniele fueled my fire today by putting me up on the block," says Amber. "You know, I feel like I’m just busting out of the cake, like arrrrghhh, like, here I am, this is me, and I will prove to these people that good people can win this, and I will." Did someone say cake? Pass me a slice, please. This bag of barbecue potato chips sitting next to me is almost empty.

Eric goes to Jameka and Amber and tells them he’s sorry and he thought it would be him being nominated. "If he has a side deal, of course he wouldn’t be put up on the block. That’s kinda like a slap in the face to me," says Jameka.

Daniele tells Jameka it’s nothing personal that she nominated Jameka. Says Daniele, "I think that Jameka took it harder than I thought she would. But, we’re here to play a game, and that’s all there is to that." So there.

Jen and Jessica talk. "I feel like Dick and Daniele never meant to send home the people, like they always send home the replacement. That that’s how they do it, or whatever. I wish I could figure out if Daniele’s trying to do a replacement or not. I don’t think Daniele will put us up, hopefully," says Jen.

Eric offers to teach Jessica some "ultimate fighting" and they wrestle on the bed. Of course, Zach lumbers in. In the Diary Room, Zach says, "Eric doesn’t have any game with the chicks. I like blocking Eric when he decides to go for some personal time with Jess. I can torment him." Zach then joins them on top of the bed. Jessica shows Zach "the clench," the wrestling move Eric just taught her. The look on Eric’s face is priceless.

Jameka and Amber talk. Amber says she’s done with Jessica and Eric. Says Jameka, "Right now, Amber, seriously, all odds are against us now. You thought it was bad before, we thought it was bad before? Nah." Hang on, kiddies, and keep your arms inside the car at all times. It’s only going to get worse. (Yes, I know this for a fact. I’m not a psychic, but I play one on the Internet.)

Amber tells Jameka that Jameka is a pawn to get Amber to go home this week. "I’m a big threat in this game because I do get along with everyone. It’s a really good excuse for her to put me up. This week is to get me out of her and I’m going to win POV. I think we’re both going to be here next week. I had a vision. Like I feel like God did this for a reason, to make us stronger," Amber says.

In the Diary Room, Amber gets a little choked up as she says, "Last week, I saw a vision. I won the POV. And I feel like that was God’s way of prepping me for this week. In a couple days we’ll know, you know, if my vision was right."

Then again, Amber, after 48 days locked in the "Big Brother" house, you could just be seeing things.

Then, Amber tells Jameka, "I’m done crying. I’m done. I ain’t crying no more. I’m done. I’m done hurting. It’s my time. And I will win." In the Diary Room, Amber says, "No more crying, no more, you know, being upset. Time for me to step it up in this game, and show everybody that I will make it to the end. I will do this for my family and that’s why I’m here."

I’m betting Amber doesn’t go too long without crying. Can she hold out for at least one episode? We’ll see …

Amber asks God to pull through for Jameka and herself this week.

After the commercial break, it‘s time for the results of the last "America’s Player" question. When Eric goes into the Diary Room, he finds a box, labeled "Woobie." He opens it up and finds a stuffed brown dog. (Awwwwww.) Eric must share a special moment and give his "childhood Woobie" to the houseguest America has chosen for him. America chooses Jessica.

"How easy is it going to be for me to give Jessica my childhood Woobie?" Almost sounds like he’s giving her chicken pox. "We’re practically engaged in the house," says Eric. Leaving the Diary Room, he stuffs the dog in the back of his pants to conceal it.

Eric goes to see Jessica, who is in bed, and gives it to her. He tells her his Mom found it before he left to go on the show and she made him bring it with him. He tells Jessica he brought it with her on the first day of school He brought it on the first day of school??? Nothing better to make you a target for getting your lunch money stolen or getting your Crayolas snapped in half. (Alright, alright, I know, it’s kindergarten or first grade.) At any rate, Eric accomplishes his task.

Daniele says, "I feel like we’ve been here for freaking ever." I understand, Daniele. It feels like I’ve been blogging this season for freaking ever.

Daniele tells Zach, "I’m sick of my Dad, he’s driving me nuts. I’m sick of Jameka and Amber moping around. I’m really sick of Jen. I’m sick of her complaining. I’m sick of looking at her. I’m sick of hearing her voice." Welcome to the "Big Brother" house … the happy place on Earth!

Daniele says the funniest part is that since Day 1, everyone has wanted Jen gone. Zach says, "I think the only reason really is she’s still here is because she gave up half the money. I mean, realistically, she’s told lies about things that can’t be covered up. I mean, she’s like on our side, but she’s not. She’s a loose cannon."

In the Diary Room, Zach says, "I’d like to call myself a silent assassin. All I can do is plant seeds of doubt. Little do they know, I’m a force to be reckoned with." I have the "Mission: Impossible" theme in my head now …

On to the veto competition. Only six houseguests will be participating: the Head of Household, the two nominees and three others chosen from random draw. The winner gets the golden power of veto, and the two finalists in the competition will be awarded with a "top secret" trip outside of the house.

As a result of the random draw, Dick, Jessica and Zach also playing in the veto competition. Daniele picks Eric to serve as the host for the competition.

Jameka says, "This is going to be a tough veto competition. You have people that normally could care less about the Power of Veto, but now you have a prize. And we know, with this house, greed is an underlying issue, and it’s a motivator."

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Veto Competition. The houseguests go out into the backyard, where they find a bunch of motorcycles. Says Dick, "Once I see all of these choppers. They were very cool. I’m like, ‘Wow! This was tailored for me!’"

For the competition, Big Brother fans were asked their opinions about hot topics in the house. There are five rounds. In each round, they will be asked to determine what percentage of fans answered a certain way in a survey about the "Big Brother" house.

Dick is eliminated after the first round, with the question, "What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician?" Dick answers 78 percent, the correct percentage was 19. Says Dick, "She didn’t say anything about anything. That’s what a politician does."

In the following order, Zach, Jessica, Jameka are then eliminated.

According to the poll, 47 percent think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe. Amber says Dustin is her boyfriend in the house. Says Amber, "I was surprised that America thinks Joe is a better boyfriend. Dustin’s like the best boyfriend in the world."

Daniele and Amber are the last two left in the competition, so they will be going on the mystery trip outside the "Big Brother" house.

The final question is: "What percentage of those polled said that Zach was the sexiest bunny of all?" Says Amber, "I started shaking a little bit. I thought to myself, ‘He’s the only guy bunny. He looks cuter in it than, you know, he did in real life, sad enough to say. And I thought a lot of people probably thought the same thing."

In the end, Daniele wins the Power of Veto.

In the Diary Room, Zach says, "I was stoked about that. I’m glad that 35 percent of America feels that I look very sexy in my bunny suit. I miss that suit." Well, the holidays are not that far off, Zach. Maybe you’ll get one then.

Says Dick, "Daniele is just tearing through this place. She’s killing it! Thank God she’s on my side and in my alliance!"

Jameka and Amber comfort each other.

In the Diary Room, Amber says, "I don’t know why God has it to where I lost today. And I started to lose a little bit of faith, because I mean, look I’m still on the block, and the person who put me on the block has the power to take me off the block."

"Absolutely all the odds are against me right now and I’m still not giving up. I’m gonna fight until the end," Jameka said. Fight the good fight, Jameka.

And, you guessed it, Amber’s crying about being up on the block. Says Jameka to Amber, "Your faith can be strong and you still … God is going to do what God is going to do, but He wants to know, will you trust Him?"

Then, in the category of "ask a stupid question," Jameka asks Amber, "You just want a good cry, don’t you?" And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Amber’s off and crying. Nope, didn’t even make it through one full episode.

After the commercial break, Daniele goes to Dick and tells him she’ll make a deal with Amber that she’ll take Amber off the block if Amber doesn’t put up Daniele if Amber wins Head of Household.

Jameka tells Amber don’t be surprised if Daniele asks Amber to swear on her daughter’s life.

Daniele and Amber talk. Amber tells her she’s up to making a deal with her of some kind. Daniele says she will take Amber off the block if Amber promises not to put Daniele up on the block next week or whenever she gets Head of Household. Amber swears on her daughter (geeze, why do they do that?), and tells Daniele she’ll vote however Daniele wants her to vote this week.

Dick says, "I love it when a plan comes together. Making an alliance with Jessica and with Eric was such an enormous long shot, but it did pay off. If things even go kind of sort of according to plan, we should be in the final four."

Dick tells Eric he really wants to backdoor Jen. In the Diary Room, Eric says he’d like to see Zach up there.

Daniele says, "If I do decide to use the power of veto and replace one of the nominees with Jen, it’s gonna to put a big target on my back. I definitely want to keep my options open."

After commercial, it’s time for the veto meeting, and the two nominees get to plead their case:

"Of course, I would like to be sitting on the other side, but at the same time, because of both powers that you hold this week, I’m sure that you have a direct plan in mind and you’re gonna execute that plan. So, with that said, I respect your decision and hopefully I’ll be on the other side," says Jameka.

Amber says, "I would obviously love to come off the block. This has been an experience that I can’t explain. It’s so much hard than I ever thought it would be. I’m trying not to cry. This has been a really tough week for me. I lost Dustin, I’m on slop, and I’m nominated. You take the good with the bad in this game, and Daniele, whatever decision you make, I respect it."

Daniele uses the power of veto on Amber. In her place, Daniele puts up Jen.

Says Daniele, "Jen has been on the block. This will be her fourth time. She’s gotten off all three times, and this time it’s not going to be that easy. You’re staying up on the block and you’re going home."

"When I’m still here next week, Daniele and Dick will definitely be my target for the rest of the season. Because she’s a cheat and he’s disgusting," Jen declares.

Amber and Daniele, the winners of the mystery trip, find they’re going to travel by private jet to New York City where they’ll be contestants on the game show "Power of 10," where they could win $10,000,000.

And, finally, it‘s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house? Go for Jen, Eric.

Until the next episode, "Big Brother" fans …

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