Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Big Brother," Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We start out on Day 35 in the "Big Brother" house.

Jen thinks she and Kail will survive a third round of being on the chopping block, but Evel Dick tells them one of them is going home. Evel starts in again on Jen, telling her "Your idiocy. It’s amazing, so much idiocy could fit in one body … Everybody in the house wanted you up three weeks in a row, both of you. One of you will be going home this week. Nobody likes you that much." (OK, why did the song, "That’s What Friends Are For" just pop in my head?)

Eric says he got wind of plans to go after him this week (thanks to Jessica). Jessica tells Eric, Dustin and Amber that Daniele and Dick want Eric gone this week. Dustin tells Jessica needs to play along with Dick and Daniele 100 percent. Says Amber, "Dude, they’re in for a rude awakening." Says Eric, "They think they’re playing us. We’re 15 steps ahead of them. And, I’m glad that they’re so proud of themselves and think that they’re so sly, because they‘re not." Dustin says the five of them--Amber, Jameka, Jessica, Eric and Dustin--need to stick together. (Do I hear another round of "That’s What Friends Are For"?)

Amber and Jameka say their group has the votes to control the game. Amber questions Jameka about Jessica’s loyalty, and Jameka says Jessica will be loyal.

Zach goes to talk to Daniele. He says, "I don’t have any friends here. They’re all gone, but I have you, which is pretty decent." Daniele said she was the only person to stick up for Nick, and tells Zach this week is for Nick. Zach says if he wins Power of Veto, he’ll do whatever Daniele wants him to do. In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "I know since Nick’s gone that Zach’s going to try to cling to me, because we have the ‘Nick bond’ or whatever, and I can use that to my advantage."

Dustin says if Dick and Daniele decide to go through with their plan, it’s going to be the two of them out on their own.

Wow, it’s been 13 minutes into the show and we’ve yet to see Amber cry. But the night is young.

After the commercial break, it’s time to pick players for the Veto Competition. Daniele, Jen and Kail will play, along with three other houseguests, chosen at random. Daniele picks the first ball and picks Zach; Jen picks Dustin; Kail gets Houseguest’s Choice and picks Jameka. Amber will serve as host. (That is, if she can keep herself emotionally together).

At the Veto Competition, there’s a bright blue pond and there were things covered up. "I saw things covered and when you see things covered, it’s never good," said Kail.

The competition is called, "The Numbers Don’t Lie." The person who bids the highest number will be required to actually complete the task. The lowest bidder is eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing will win the Power of Veto.

The first item is, "Show Me the Bunny": Over the next five days, how many hours are the houseguests willing to wear a bunny suit in order to stay in the competition. Dustin, bidding the lowest number of 100, is eliminated. Zach, Kail, Jen and Daniele have to wear the bunny suit.

The next item is, "Dump the Funk" Over the next 24 hours, how many times are they willing to have a funky mixture dumpeed over their head. They get a chance to look at the mixture before bidding. "It looks like looking in the bottom of a port-a-potty. It was just gross," says Kail. Everyone has offered to "Dump the Funk" on their head for 24 hours. All remain in the game.

Next is, $10,000 cash. The person who writes down the highest number from zero to 10,000 wins the amount of money they write down, however, he or she will be eliminated. All bid zero. Everyone is still in the competition and no one wins the $10,000 cash.

Next is "Sloppy Summer." Over the next 30 days, how many hours are they willing to eat nothing but slop. Says Daniele, "When they lifted the cover off, I was, oh, my God, 30 days. I’ve been on slop for two weeks before and my body can’t really handle it. I felt like I was going to die." Bidding the lowest, Zach is eliminated; Kail and Jen will be eating slop for 720 hours.

The next item is Power Shortage. Of the next five Head of Household competitions, how many are they willing not to participate in. Bidding only 3, Daniele is eliminated. Kail and Jameka will be sitting out for the next 5 HOH competition. Dick tells Daniele it’s OK.

The last item is Money Walks: How much of the "Big Brother" $500,000 prize money, up to $250,000 would you be willing to give up to win the Power of Veto. Eric is pulling for Jameka. Jen wins the Power of Veto with giving up $250,000 of her winnings. Jamkea bid $10,000; Kail bid $248,999, Jen bid $250,000. Jen wins the Power of Veto. Jameka said she would not give up $250,000 for anyone in the game. In the Diary Room, Dick says, "I’m so happy right now. This is so awesome. It couldn’t be any better."

After the commercial break, Jameka broke down about not being able to compete in the Head of Household competition for the next five weeks. A still-composed Amber tells her, "God did this for a reason, girl. You were not selfish, you were not greedy, you didn‘t let the Devil get the best of you, you were faithful to God … Everything happens for a reason, girl."

Jameka loses it. She prays to God and again they start with the organ music. It still makes me laugh when they do that. Daniele tells Jameka she feels really bad. In the Diary Room, Jameka says Daniele "I don’t think Daniele was sorry. I think she wanted Eric out. She is a liar. She is her father’s child. She has a more cunning, witty way about it."

Jen thinks she and Daniele could work together and go to talk in the Head of Household room. Jen says she will use the veto on herself. Jen says she will vote to keep Kail. If Daniele has Jen’s vote to keep Kail, she guarantees Jen 100 percent she will not go back on her word and Kail will stay in the house. Daniele tells Jen she has one person in mind to replace Jen, but won’t tell her who at first, but then finally tells her it’s Eric, saying he is the brains of everything since Day 1.

Dick tells Jen if she lays off Daniele, he will lay off Jen. He tells her he is sorry and he is "totally down with calling a truce." (Get down, get down … get down, get down). Jen said she would like that. In the Diary Room, he says Jen needs Jen on his side.

In the Head of Household room, Dick tells Jen, "As long as we’re trying to get each other out, and everybody else in this house is totally and completely safe, and I don’t think that anybody in this house deserves to have the feeling that they’re totally safe week after week after week while we’re at each other’s throat … Eric is playing both sides, and I know it." Dick tells Jen it was Eric as the bottom of every single lie. He said Eric set Nick up from the very beginning and Eric needs to pay the price for that.

Jen says strategically it would be good to work with Dick and Daniele, but says she’s not sure if she’s ready to work morally with Dick and Daniele.

We see the houseguests pouring the "funk" over their heads. Better them than me.

Jen tells Jessica Eric is a good manipulator. Jen tells Jessica Eric told her he was playing everyone.

Jessica tells Dustin she believes them now. Dustin and Jameka don’t buy it.

It’s time for "America’s Player" results: Eric has to try to convince he’ll take Jessica to the final two. Eric easily completes his task.

Every time a buzzer goes off, they have to go "dump the funk" over their heads. Jen says it smells like manure.

Dick confronts Eric about constantly lying to him. Dick says, "You’re outed. You’re totally outed." Dick tells Eric is going up on the block. I’d quote more of this conversation, but there’s be a lot of "blankety-blank" words edited out.

Kail and Dustin say Daniele should put her Dad up for eviction.

Daniele says, "Dustin told me that I should nominate my Dad. I don’t know where he gets off thinking that he can do that. I’m HOH and the replacement nominee hasn’t been chosen and I very well could put him up on the block." Uh, Daniele, what happened to your plan that was going to cause an uproar in the "Big Brother" house? (See what I mean, Michael?)

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Power of Veto Meeting. With Kail and Jen on the chopping block, Jen has the power to veto one of the nominations. Jen choses to use the Power of Veto on herself.

Daniele has to chose a replacement nominee. She nominates Eric. So now it’s Kail and Eric on the chopping block.

Eric said, "It’s a desperation move. They’re trying to bury the player that they think is the best player and the biggest threat to them. It’s going to blow up in their face. Dick and Daniele, they are very dead in this game."

Says Kail: "Daniele made a lot of promises that I’m just not sure she can keep. I got the impression that I was going to be completely safe. We’ll see."

Dick says, "This is so rad! I love this! This is so awesome! Me, Daniele, Kail and Jen are working towards the same goal of keeping Kail in the house. How’s that for flipping the whole thing over?"

Jessica: "I would say this week I’m an extremely powerful player because I’m kinda of the vote both sides are relying on. This week, I feel like there might be a lot of butt kissing towards my way."

And for this week’s "America’s Player" question: Which houseguest should Eric flatter incessantly in order to ensure his safety in the house?" I’m going to say Dick, just because I want to see Eric push him over the edge.

(And, by the way, we made it through a whole episode without Amber crying! Mark this one in the record books, gang.)

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michael said...

Well Brad, I don't even know where to begin...

I was hoping that Daniele might be the next Janelle, but after last night's episode I can forget that. She had said, earlier in the game, that it would be to her benefit for her father to go because his actions were reflecting on her. At that particular point though, they really weren't. Now, as was discussed last night, people perceive her as Dick's puppet and the target on her back is getting bigger and bigger.

Then there's Dick, who will undoubtedly score a post-show endorsement deal with the American Psychiatric Association as the poster boy for Ritalin. First he wanted Nick out of the house, for Daniele's benefit, and didn't trust a word he said. Now, after casting a vote to evict him, he is acting as though they voted out Mother Teresa. He hated both Kail and Jen and actively campaigned to get them voted out, as well as wasted a great deal of time and energy antagonizing them, but now wants to align with them. If he is such an amazing judge of character, how are all these things happening?

I think Eric may be in trouble this week. Unless they change their mind (which is assuming there's one to change), we know that Jen, Dick and Zack will be voting to evict Eric. We also know that Dustin and Jameka will be voting to evict Kail. But that leaves Amber and Jessica up in the air and controlling the fate of the nominees. I would not put money on who either of them will vote for. I would, however, put money on the fact that Amber will be crying when she casts her vote.

While I'm happy that the show seems to be perking up a little, I am exhausted with these houseguests who make the same stupid mistakes over and over again, season after season.