Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Thursday, Aug. 2, 2007

After the recap from the last episode, Nick says he was put up because he’s perceived as a threat later on in the game. Kail is surprised that Dustin nominated Nick because all along Dustin has been telling her he’d be putting up Zach as a replacement nominee. And here’s the biggest shocker … Amber leaves the room in tears.. (Who didn’t see THAT coming???)

Kail goes to talk to Dustin and says she was totally blindsided by Dustin nominating Nick. Dustin tells Kail Nick is a threat to everyone in this house.

Amber is STILL crying. In a quick flashback, we see Amber telling Dustin that he might be able to "backdoor" Nick, but when Nick asks her if she knew this was going to happen she tells him Dustin brought his name up but she didn’t think this was going to happen. Amber says she loves Nick so much. I’m not sure which Amber loves more: Nick or crying.

Daniele tells Nick everyone thought he voted to evict Kail. Nick tells Daniele the emotions he feels for her are real. Nick is upset that Daniele knew the whole time he was going to be nominated and she never told her.

Nick tells Dustin no hard feelings about being nominated, but he would have liked to have been told beforehand. Amber is still wallowing in bed in misery.

Dick calls Jen the B word for putting Jameka in a bad spot in the Power of Veto competition. Evel tells Jen, "You are a good person in your own mind!" and that she is hung up on herself.

We see Nick shaves his hair into a Mohawk.

Tensions flare between Daniele and Jen about Jen‘s relationship with Nick. Evel pours his drink on Jen’s head. Two points for Dick.

Daniele, Dick, Jen and Amber talk about the nominees. Daniele says Kail’s "a mess … She walks around like she‘s going to kill herself." Dick said, "I would like to see Kail go. So far as my daughter, personally, I’d like to see Nick go." Jen says, "There’s really no reason to keep Nick around. He’s been miserable (She should talk!) and he’s been rude and he’s of no help to me." Says a still tearful Amber, "I think Nick is a really, really genuine, good person. I think it’s better if he goes because then I won’t have someone to depend on, you know? Maybe I can get my emotions under control." It’s nice to have a dream, Amber. She says if she doesn’t stop crying, it’s going to bite her in the keyster.

After the commercial break, Nick talks to Amber and tells her he thinks he can get the votes to stay in the house. Nick says he has trust with Amber, Daniele and Jameka. He also thinks he would also have Zach and Dick, and possibly Jessica because she hates Kail.

Not to be outdone by Nick, Eric has Dustin cut his hair into a Mohawk. Copycat. (I'm actually considering the same look. OK, I'm done considering it. No way.)

It’s time for "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric nominate for eviction: America chooses Kail. So, of course, Eric goes around to the houseguests campaigning to evict Kail.

Dick says he would like to see Kail go. Daniele wouldn’t like to see Nick go. She says strategically it would be a good move for her to keep him in the house.

Julie asks Dick if he would like to apologize to Jen for pouring a glass of iced tea on her. He says, "Absolutely not. I just wish the glass was more full."

Zach, Jameka and Jessica talk about the nominees in the Diary Room. Zach says Nick is his greatest ally in the game. Jameka says the benefits for getting Nick out of the house is he is "pretty much the owner of Zach." Jessica says, "I really want Kail out of the house. She tried to be so powerful in the beginning, and it backfired in her face; then she tried to be a moping dog, and that backfired in her face." Jameka says she wants to keep Kail in the house because "she does an excellent job with putting the dishes away, and drying them, and making sure that the kitchen has no dishes out of place."

After the commercial break, Julie Chen talks privately with Dustin in the Head of Household room, Dustin tells Julie Chen he regrets putting Jameka in a compromising position.

Kail says she never takes one week in the "Big Brother" house for granted and appreciates all the houseguests’ friendships. Nick tells Daniele he is very smitten with her and calls her the "bee’s knees." (Wow, I thought that phrase went out years ago …) (And do bees really have knees???)

It’s time for the live voting. The results:Jen, Jameka, Jessica, Amber, Dick and Daniele vote to evict: NickZach votes to evict Kail, and Eric votes to evict Kail, per orders of America

By a vote of 6 to 2, Nick is evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

Talking with Julie Chen after leaving the "Big Brother" house, Nick says it all falls on Daniele about pursuing a relationship outside the house.

Nick then sees the goodbye videos the houseguests made for him in the event of his eviction. Zach says he tried to keep him in the house as best he could; Kail is sorry to see he is outside the house; Dick told him he should have been upfront about the alliance; Amber admits she sort of knew he was going up on the chopping block; Daniele says she has a strong friendship with him and she’s sorry he didn’t make it farther.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Head of Household competition, "Time’s Up." Every has to climb on a pendulum and sit there. If at any time they fall off, they’ll be eliminated. The pendulums start swinging. The last person on their pendulum wins Head of Household.

It’s time for the "America’s Player" poll: Which houseguest to you want Eric to get nominated? I’m gunning for (here’s a surprise) Jen.

After commercial break, the houseguests have to hang upside down on their pendulums. And then the houseguests are pelted with droppings from fake birds. (I’m hoping the droppings are fake, too!)

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