Friday, July 13, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Thursday, July 12, 2007

We begin on day 13 in the Big Brother house.

Dustin reveals he found trust with Amber right away. Amber says she feels confident that she’s safe. (We’ve heard those famous last words before!)

Carol apologizes to Jessica for fighting with her in middle school. (Let’s all sing kum ba ya). Joe decides Amber and Dustin need to be separated. Daniele says the situation with her father is an “odd situation to have to deal with in front of a bunch of different people.” Umm, Daniele, how about in front of a couple of million people?

Before the commercial break, Julie Chen tells us we’re going to hear from Dick’s son, as well as his mother. (Why do I picture a woman with wild hair, tattoos and piercing? Beats me …)

We find out the reason why Daniele hasn’t spoken to Dick in two years is because she borrowed money from him and she wasn’t able to pay him back. According to Dick’s son, Vincent, the way Dick handled it wasn’t the best way to handle it, and Daniele didn’t like that so she basically stopped talking to Dick for two years.

(So, with two out of the three “couples” with pasts, money plays a part the relationship problems. Seriously, let‘s get Dr. Phil or Suze Orman to the “Big Brother“ house, stat.)

Charlotte, Dick’s mother, looks nothing like I expected. We learn Dick became a father at 22. Geeze, I’m 40 and I can barely keep my bonsai plant alive...Again, that's another blog). We learn that Eric has watched every single season of Big Brother and has plotted this out for eight years, but he’s family’s concerned when they find out he’s America’s Player and it could throw his strategy off. Eric says Carol is a weak player, “There’s 13 sharks in this house, and then there’s one Carol.” America votes to have America’s Player evict Carol. By a vote of 10 to 1, Carol is evicted from the “Big Brother” house.

What I want to know is who the one person was who voted to keep her in! (Something tells me it wasn’t Jessica…)

I started cracking up at Carol’s facial expressions as Jessica was talking trash about her on the video clip Julie Chen showed her. Oh, we find out they’ll reveal who voted to keep Carol in on “The Early Show” on CBS on Friday. (Of course, I didn’t tape it. And, so, I still have no clue.)

Now to the next Head of Household competition. Tonight’s competition, “Majority Rules,” a series of questions about the housemates. If they answer with the majority, they will advance, if they respond with the minority, they will be eliminated. If the answers are split down the middle, no one will be eliminated. Jen wins the Head of Household competition with the tie-breaker question of how many gallons of water the spinning teacup in the backyard holds. Since there’s an open entrance to the spinning teacup, it only hold 9 gallons of water. (You gotta love a trick question!). Next TV viewer question for “America’s Player”: Who should Eric try to get nominated for eviction? My vote: Jessica. Sorry, my ears can’t take it.

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