Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who’s your favorite Tuscadero?“

"Happy Days” brought us the Fonz, who could start a jukebox just by hitting it with his fist. (It must be a gift. I tried it myself. Didn’t work) It also brought us the phrase “sit on it.”

And, most importantly, it brought us the characters of Pinky and Leather Tuscadero.

Pinky, played by Roz Kelly, appeared on the show first, as Arthur Fonzarelli’s (that’s Fonzie to you and me) former love interest. She teamed up with the Fonz to battle in a demolition derby against the sinister Malachi brothers, famous for crushing cars with their signature “Malachi Crunch.” (Sounds like a cereal!)

And, then there was Leather, Pinky’s sister (played by Suzi Quatro), who spent some time in reform school and was now fronting her own band, Leather and the Suedes (first named Bertie and Gertie, and then, according to my Internet research, Millie and Jillie, although I always thought it was Millie and Tillie.)

I’ve been kept awake at night wondering if Pinky and Leather were actually their birth-given names, or just nicknames because of the clothes they wore. I guess it sounded better than something like Hester and Beatrice Tuscadero.

Personally, I liked them both, but I loved Leather’s music (and her backup singers). Everybody sing: Let’s go down to the Devil Gate… down to the Devil Gate…. down to the Devil Gate Drive.

I recently found Quatro’s CD on iTunes, called “Back to the Drive.” It’s on my iPod as I type this.I really need to get a life …

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