Friday, October 19, 2007

Where's Milton?

My mind was wandering last night (one of these days I’d really like it to come home) thinking about what to write about for my next "Totally TV" blog, when I thought about Milton the Toaster.

You remember Milton? The cartoon toaster featured in Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts commercials in the ‘70s? I even went searching on the Web to see if I could find an answer. But I couldn't find anything definite.

My thoughts on the matter? Perhaps Milton met a cute little toaster oven and they’re living the K-E-double L-O-double good life in Pop-Tartville.

My worst fear? Milton short-circuited, was thrown out in the trash and picked up by Lamont Sanford and was brought back to the junkyard, where he’s been languishing ever since.

If that’s the case, to the person who threw poor Milton out: In the words of the immortal Fred Sanford, "Ya big dummy!"

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