Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Magilla Gorilla"

A cartoon that’s close to my heart, since one of my many nicknames (one of the more printable ones) is Magilla (or Mag, or Gilla, or Magzilla). Some of my friends call me Magilla so much when they call me Brad, I know there’s a problem.

And, yes, I admit it, I have the theme song on my iPod. (As the theme song describes him, “Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet.” No wonder I identify … )

The television cartoon debuted in 1964 and centered around Mr. Peebles’ Pet Shop, and the suspender-wearing gorilla in the store’s front window he was always trying to sell.Then there was Ogee, the little girl with no cash, who wanted to buy Magilla. Trust me, we Magillas can’t be bought. Although we CAN be rented. (Just kidding). Ogee is the little girl shown in the opening who asks, “How much is that gorilla in the window?”

By the way, did you know Magilla Gorilla was voiced by none other than Allan Melvin? That’s “Sam the Butcher” from “The Brady Bunch.”

I’ll get to other segments of “Magilla Gorilla,” such as Richochet Rabbit, in a future blog entry.

You can check out the opening of the “Magilla Gorilla” show on YouTube by going to

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