Tuesday, October 30, 2007

“The Magic Garden”

I was just checking out some clips of this old children’s television show on YouTube, and while it brought back some fond memories, it also stirred up some hidden resentments buried deep within my psyche. I was watching the “Hello Song” video, where Carole and Paula would sing, “I’m fine” “Me too” “We’re fine and how are you?” and then they’d hello to the children out there in TV land, giving a short list of children’s names. Do you think they ever mentioned a Bradley? Or a Brad? Nope. I know I would have remembered that. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

OK, I know, time to make that appointment with a therapist.

But, seriously, “The Magic Garden” was one of my favorite shows as a kid. In addition to Carole and Paula, there was also Sherlock the Squirrel, who lived in the Magic Garden’s tree. (What, you were expecting him to live in, a condo?)

And, then there was the Story Box (“There are no locks on Story Box, on Story Box, on Story Box…” –a phrase I still use on occasion when someone’s telling me too much information and I’m out of Tylenol.) Story Box contained props that Carole and Paula would use to act out stories.

There was also the Chuckle Patch, a group of chuckling flowers, which had slips of paper with jokes attached to them. Hey, what can I say, it was the ‘70s.

And, at the end of each show, they’d close with the goodbye song, “See Ya.” “See ya, see ya, hope ya had a real good time …”

See ya.

Some sites to check out:

The Magic Garden “Hello Song” on YouTube:


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The Magic Garden “Chuckle Patch” on YouTube


The Magic Garden Goodbye Song “See Ya” on YouTube


And, finally, check out the Carole & Paula’s Web site, featuring an up-to-date photo of the duo at http://www.caroleandpaula.com/

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Carrie said...

I searched Google to find the list of names mentioned in the Hello Song and can't find anything. I'm shocked that our interwebs are full of information but not this important list? Please email me if you happen to know of any sites with this list. Thanks!
Carrie carrieatrust@gmail.com