Friday, October 26, 2007

Some burning 'Brady Bunch" questions

Some burning questions I have about “The Brady Bunch”:

1. OK, I’ve heard this one before, but I’ve never heard an answer, and it bears repeating anyway: If Mike Brady was such a great architect, why did he build a house with only two bedrooms and one bathroom for six kids? I’m assuming Carol and Mike had their own behind that partition next to their bed. But what about poor Alice? Did she have to run to the corner gas station? Or Sam the butcher’s meat shop?

2. Did the continuity editor fall asleep on the job? In an earlier episode, Greg wants his own room, so Mike reluctantly gives up his den. Carol had suggested the attic, but Mike says something like, “That would be great if Greg was three feet tall.” Yet … in later episodes, Greg moves up into a very spacious (and hardly three foot high-looking attic). One of those things that make you go hmmmmm.

3. Why can't I get the Fillmoore Junior High School cheer out of my head this morning? (F...F...F-I-L....L-L...L-M-O....O-O...O-R-E....Fillmoore Junior High)

Any ideas?

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