Saturday, December 22, 2007


As I’m typing this, I have the song “Kids Are People, Too” (wackadoo, wackadoo, wackadoo) stuck in the void that I call my head.

The part I remember most about Wonderama (hey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen an episode), is when the kids from the audience would come down and select a can out of a row of ten cans. Nine of them were filled with those fake, springy snakes that would pop out when the can was opened. And, in one can, there was a small bouquet of flowers.

According to, hosts of the show were: Sandy Becker (1955-1956 and 1957-1959), Herb Sheldon (1956-1957), Sonny Fox (1959-1967), and Bob McAllister, (1967-1977). Bob McAllister is the host I remember. Well, him and Michael Young, who hosted the spin-off, “Kids Are People Too.” (McAllister hosted this show from 1978-1982).

Take a look at the clip I found on below. And check out the prizes of toys. Talk about memories! Do you know where your Chip Away statues are?

Here’s the link:

For more details on “Wonderama”:

For more details on “Kids Are People, Too”:


Mommy11837 said...

Hi Brad. Have you heard any good news today, today? Remember that song?

My cousins actually appeared on Wonderama back in 1976 or 1977, I can't exactly remember. I do remember being so jealous, LOL.

Brad Wadlow said...

Hi mommy11837!

Thanks for reading and posting! I always appreciate it!

No, I can't say I remember the "good news today" song. But, maybe if you hum it for me, it will bring it back ...

That's cool about your cousins! Did they walk away with any prizes? And it's OK as long as you REMEMBER being jealous of them for being on "Wonderama." It would be a different thing if you were STILL jealous of them for being on "Wonderama."