Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Batgirl makes her debut

It was season three of the 1960’s show “Batman,” when one of my favorite characters on the series was introduced. Yes, that’s right, all you Batfans out there—Batgirl.

Yvonne Craig played Barbara Gordon, a librarian and the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. But, when trouble ensued (and it always did!), Barbara would head to her vanity table in her apartment, flip a switch, and the wall would revolve to reveal Batgirl’s changing area. (I’ve been looking high and low for apartments with a revolving wall, but I haven’t been able to find one.)

Batgirl would then go into the next room, go to a vault-looking thing on the wall, flip another switch, and her Batgirl cycle would appear. She’d come out riding her motorcycle through a secret ramp in her apartment building. She’d wind up assisting the “Dynamic Duo” in their crime fights, turning them into a “Terrific Trio.

And, of course, the only person who knew of Barbara Gordon’s secret identity was Alfred, butler at “stately Wayne Manor” and also keeper of the secret identities of Batman and Robin.

Unfortunately, season three would be the final season for “Batman.” (At least, as far as this series was concerned).

You can check out the “Batgirl” theme song on here:

Take a look at this clip from the show’s next to last episode, where the three crimefighters are turned into cardboard-like shapes by Dr. Cassandra’s Alvino ray gun. They’re rescued by Alfred and brought to the Batcave, where faithful Alfred restores them. (One of my favorite episodes—Dr. Cassandra, played by Ida Lupino, frees all the arch criminals from the prison.)

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