Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That was too cool! Thanks, Ruth!

I walked back into the newsroom Monday after a week's vacation of braving the malls searching for Christmas gifts, suffering writer's cramp from writing out Christmas cards (I tend to type much more nowadays than handwrite), and kind of dazed as I tried to get back into my "normal" (those who know me know there's no such thing) routine.

I approached my desk, and there it was. An envelope addressed to me,
"Brad Wadlow, Staff Writer," mailed to the Courier News. No return address.

Feeling like I was at the Academy Awards, I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the contents.

Oh, wow.

Out slid two photos: One was a color photograph of Ruth Buzzi as "Gladys Ormphby" from "Laugh-In." It was signed, "To Brad, Thank you for my great mention in your TV blog!! Love from 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In's' Italian sex goddess, Ruth Buzzi as ..... 'Gladys Ormphby' '07."

The other photo was a black-and-white headshot of Ruth Buzzi, autographed, "Thanks again, Brad! Have wonderful holidays! Sincerely, Ruthie '07."

As I said, there was no return address on the envelope, so I'm sending a great big thank you to Ms. Buzzi via my blog. Thank you, thank you. That was too cool.

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