Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Four-part series on the stages of love begins today

Today, I kick off a four-part series, going through the various stages of love. I’ll start off with “The Dating Game,” then I’ll look at “The Honeymooners,” “The Newlywed Game,” and, finally, “Divorce Court.” Hope you enjoy it!

“The Dating Game”

If you were looking for love—and tried the bars, social clubs, and blind dates—and still weren’t successful, there was always “The Dating Game.”

According to, the show began in 1965 and ran for 15 seasons.

Hosted by Jim Lange, the show featured either a bachelor or bachelorette asking questions of contestants of the opposite sex, trying to determine which of the three were the right match. After a time, the interviewer would have to make a decision between (saying in my best Jim Lange voice) Bachelor Number 1 … Bachelor Number 2 … or Bachelor Number 3. (or bachelorette, depending on the episode).

And some people who would later become celebrities—such as Steve Martin, Andy Kaufman and Bill Bixby—turned up as contestants.

The show would close with Lange and the couples who had paired off gesturing a big kiss to the audience.

Here’s a clip featuring Andy Kaufman, better known as Latka Gravas from “Taxi”:

And one with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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