Monday, December 24, 2007

The bad luck tiki on “The Brady Bunch”

Why do the Bradys go on vacation? In the two-multi-episode vacations they took (I’m not counting the one episode camping trip where they all went camping for the first time), they run into problems.

When they traveled to the Grand Canyon, for instance, viewers wondered during the cliffhanger episode if Bobby and Cindy would ever be found after wandering away in the Grand Canyon. (Relax, they were).

And the Bradys really get into trouble when they all (including Alice) travel to Hawaii. Bobby finds a tiki idol on a construction site, and WHAMMO! Bad things start to happen, such as a wall hanging falling down and narrowly missing Bobby; a spider crawls into Jan’s bag and makes its way onto Peter’s chest while he’s sleeping with the idol on; Alice hurts her back while hula dancing wearing the idol, and Greg wipes out while surfing while the idol’s around his neck.

They talk to an island native, who tells them the idol has to be returned to its proper burial spot, or they will continue to have bad luck. While returning the idol, they are temporarily captured by a Professor Whitehead (played by guest star Vincent Price) who’s afraid the boys are going to steal his great archeological find. But, the boys are rescued when Mike and Carol Brady show up. The boys DO return the idol to it’s proper place, and good luck resumes. As least until the series is cancelled.

Here’s a clip of surfer dude Greg surfing and wiping out:

Here’s another clips with the Brady boys and Vincent Price:

For more details, on the “Tiki Caves” episode, go to

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