Monday, December 17, 2007

“Solid Gold”

“The sound starts to glisten, the more that you listen, and slowly it turns into gold … Solid Gold.”

That’s part of the lyrics from—hang on to your mousepads, bloggeroos, here’s a shocker—“Solid Gold.”

Each week, the “Solid Gold” dancers, clad in sparse, eye-catching garb, danced to the top 10 songs, beginning with Number 10 and working their way through to Number 1.

The show had several hosts during its 1980 to 1988 run—Dionne Warwick, Rex Smith, Marilyn McCoo, Andy Gibb and Rick Dees. In addition to those “Solid Gold” dancers, the show also featured musical performances.

Should my writing career ever fall through, I’m going to lobby the networks to bring back “Solid Gold” and demand I be cast as one of the “Solid Gold” dancers. Trust me, we need more comedy on TV.

Check out the “Solid Gold” dancers performing to the show’s theme song:

Watch the “Solid Gold” dancers count down a week’s top 10 songs. (Talk about nostalgia!)

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Mommy11837 said...

I loved Solid Gold! Especially when Andy Gibb was the host. I had a huge crush on him. It's amazing how great we thought these really cheesy shows were!

Brad Wadlow said...

Thanks for posting, mommy11837!