Friday, August 24, 2007


Last night's episode was a refreshing change in some ways. Amber kept herself pretty much emotionally in-check. I've been getting tired (and it's not just from lack of sleep) of tuning in every episode to Amber having an emotional, weepy, melt-down. The only good thing about her emotional outbursts is they only last for an hour--I don't have to work or live with her. (Well, actually three hours by the time I'm done watching and rewatching the night's episodes. And, I've been so involved with this season so much it DOES feel like I'm living with her.)

I haven't mentioned it in a while, by Jessica's voice is STILL annoying me. It's annoying! It's grating! It's like fingernails on a blackboard! (I sound like a bad commercial). I think the hair dye's gone to her vocal chords.

I'm glad they got off Dick throwing Jameka's religion in her face. They mentioned Mike last night, and I've been blogging this show since this season's beginning, and for the life of me, I cannot remember who the heck Mike is. What concerns me most ... was he that one-dimensional that I can't remember him, or am I just starting to go senile? Or, perhaps it's both.

I'm getting tired of this "America's Player" thing. I'm sure Eric is, too. I'm sure he'd like to be able to think for himself and campaign to evict and vote for the person he actually wants out of the house, and not who America choses for him. Of course, he IS able to earn money for doing these tasks, so at least that's some consolation. (And, if he doesn't want the money, I'll gladly take it.) Perhaps they should alternate some of the "America's Player" questions. Instead of every week asking who he should campaign to get rid of and who he should vote to get evicted, alternate that every week with some more fun tasks like his putting food condiments on someone's pillow or giving his childhood "Woobie" to Jessica.

Zach pretty much just lumbers around the "Big Brother" house. I'm constantly thinking of him as Eyeore from "Winnie the Pooh" ever since one of the houseguests referred to him that way. The "Big Brother" house doesn't really revolve around him, and I'm assuming he'll be gone pretty soon. Unless, he's just "flying under the radar."

Everyone's got to go at some point, except the winner of "Big Brother," but I was glad to FINALLY see Jen walk out of the house last night. It was longgggg overdue. Her histrionics over her picture and her annoying behavior made her the perfect candidate for eviction.

Also of note, I've lost my faithful blog poster, Mike. See his comments under a previous blog entry. I miss him. If anyone's reading this, and I hope you are, please comment. Good, bad or indifferent. Just remember, no profanity.

And this question has been nagging at me this morning: How come we hardly see anyone spinning around in the teacup in the backyard? I think they have plenty of time on their hands. And it looks like fun to me.

Do I have a houseguest I'm rooting for? I was rooting for Dick at the beginning of the show. But his antics the past several weeks have quashed that for me. I do like Daniele and Jameka, but I'm not sure which one I'd rather see win.

One reader of this blog asked for more commentary, instead of just a rehash of the episode. Soooo, I'll try to incorporate some more commentary into the blog. I like to have at least the summary and some side comments done the night of the show. I know, you can't please everybody. But I can try. Again, I welcome your comments and feedback./Brad

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