Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007

After the recap, it’s Day 41 in the "Big Brother" house.

Kail and Eric are up on the chopping block for eviction tonight.

Eric says, "Being up against Kail is a lot easier than being up against a lot of other people. Kail has no power left in this game." Why am I hearing Glinda the Good Witch say, "You have no power here, be gone, before somebody drops a house on you!"? Eric says his safety in this game is in the hands of Jameka, Jessica, Amber and Dustin.

Kail says, "I feel my chances against Eric is very slim. I felt safer being nominated against Jen. With Jen, I know people don’t like Jen. But with Eric, everybody likes Eric."

Don’t be so sure there, Kail. Recent suspicions have cast a different light on Eric. Says Daniele, "I definitely want to see Eric leaving the house this week. He’s one of the biggest threats in the house to everybody. There’s evidence Eric has been playing both sides and I want him out.".Eric goes to talk to Amber. She tells him he has Amber’s, Dustin’s and Jameka’s vote to stay in the house. Amber promises--swears--on her little girl’s life. Don’t these reality show people know that’s never a good idea?

Dick goes to talk with Kail and Jen. He tells Kail, "Unbelievably, I’m saying I want you to stay in this house." I don’t believe he’s telling her that, either! He tells both Jen and Kail that he has a problem trusting them, and that they probably both feel the same about him.

Evel Dick then goes to talk to Amber and tells her Eric is playing too many sides. Since she swore on her daughter’s life, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

But then … incoming, incoming … Evel Dick drops a bombshell:

Dick tells Amber that Eric told Dick a story about her boyfriend, and he’s saving to use it for the right time. Amber told Eric that she told her boyfriend she was pregnant twice, and she wasn’t. She left him and they didn’t talk for eight months. Dick tells Amber he wants "to seal the deal and make sure he’s (Eric) gone."

Dick campaigns to get Eric out of the house. Dick says he will come to a one week agreement with Dustin that if he gets head of household, he doesn’t put Dick or Daniele up. If Dick gets HOH, he will not put up Amber or Dustin.

Dick tells Amber God will understand if she breaks her promise to Eric.

Amber tells Dustin about the deal Dick offered. Dustin said, "I don’t like the way that Dick plays this game. I want Dick out of this house more than I want Eric out of this house." Amber is gunning for Eric. Dustin says, "Amber, you are so a psycho right now." (He’s just now realizing this?) They both decide to vote to get rid of Eric.

Amber goes ballistic. She tells Eric that had she not sworn on her daughter’s life, she’d vote to evict him this week. Eric is sitting there speechless. Amber tells Eric he’s a devil in disguise. (I’m flashing back to I think it was "Big Brother 3," where Danielle says of Roddy, "He’s the Devil!") She screams about Nick to Eric, "You made him look like he was doing everything wrong, when it was you!" Wow! And the most amazing part was Amber got through the tirade without crying!

After the commercial break, Julie talks with the houseguests live.

Jameka is upset with herself for agreeing not being able to compete in the HOH competitions for the next five weeks. Jen says she’s not here to compete for the money, she’s here for the competition and the experience. Why am I not totally buying this?

Then there’s questions from the viewers about why Dustin wears the same gray T-shirt day in and day out and if he owns any other shirts. Dustin says, "It’s all about consistency and since Day 1 in this house, I’ve been wearing the same three gray T-shirts because I’m a very consistent person and I think it shows a lot about me. And consistency. And staying the same is pretty much my mode of operation." Or maybe he just likes gray and has a limited wardrobe.

Several blog entries ago, I mentioned that Evel Dick was quite the name dropper, so we hear from some rock stars and promoters about what it’s like to know Evel Dick. Someone’s been raiding Jen’s wardrobe, because one of his friends is wearing a shirt that says, "Jenuine Evel."

Julie then talks to Daniele in the Head of Household bedroom. Julie says that we’ve heard Dick tell Daniele he loves Daniele, but it was only after the Head of Household competition that she said she loves him back.

She hasn’t talked to her Dad in a long time. "Nobody knows the real story behind it. There are reasons. It was my choice. It’s a very slow process. Just because you’re stuck in a house with somebody isn’t going to change the past." But, she says, it is getting better.

"It’s hard for me being in the house, because people relate me to my Dad and expect me to be the same person that he is. The worst thing about it for me is that people are afraid of my Dad and don’t want to stick up to him, so I pretty much get the brunt of it and people take it out on me," Daniele says.

Daniele says Eric is the biggest threat in this house and she knows she’s making the right decision.

After the commercial break, we delve into Kail’s personal life. She owns four businesses. We meet Kail’s husband, Darin. He understands Dick yelling at her is part of the game strategy.

Kail and Jameka talk about religion. We again hear the organ music (that still makes me grin) as Jameka asks Kail, "Do you think you’d be classified as super religious?" Kail says she has no idea how people classify her in this house.

The two nominees get to address their housemates and plead their case.

Third-time nominee Kail says, "It never gets easier. Every week is as just as hard as the first, second week. And I just want to let you know. Thank you for keeping me here the first two weeks and I ask for another week because I don’t take any week for granted."

Eric says, "I came here on Day 1 thinking I was going to meet 13 strangers who were standing in my way of winning this game. And that notion didn’t last long once I had the chance to meet you guys. I had some rough times this week and you all collectively got me through it. I hope that I get to stay and continue to build these bonds and work on bonds that need repair. It means a lot to me."

It’s now time for the live voting:

Dick, Jen, Zach vote to evict Eric; Jessica, Jameka and Dustin vote to evict Kail. Amber, the deciding vote, votes to evict Kail, staying true to her promise to Eric.

By a vote of 4 to 3, Kail is evicted from the "Big Brother" house. I grinned as Kail was walking out of the house with her bunny feet flapping on the ground.

Dustin lies to Dick about voting Eric out.

We see the goodbye messages the houseguests have taped for Kail. Unfortunately, we don’t see Kail’s reaction to finding out Eric is "America’s Player." What up with that?

It’s time for the live Head of Household competition, "Let’s Make A Duel." Two houseguests face off against each other and will be asked questions things their evicted houseguests have said in the diary room, until there is one person left standing. In the end, Jessica wins the "Head of Household" competition

It’s time for the "America’s Player" poll: Who should Eric get nominated for eviction. OK, gang, I’m ready for Evel to go.

Jameka says, "Did I break my word? Did I do anything dishonest?" Dick tells Jameka she broke her word a long time ago. Dustin tells Jameka, "Work it out, girl," and Evel tells Dustin, "Shut up!" Dustin tells Evel Dick, "Don’t ever tell me what to do ever again." We leave the houseguests arguing.

Anyone for another rousing round of "Kum Ba Ya"?

Until next time, "Big Brother" fans …

1 comment:

michael said...

I am more and more convinced that you have to fail an IQ test to get into the Big Brother house...

Dick is perhaps the most hypocritical player in the history of the house and it's time the voted him out. How is it a good idea to go to Amber and tell her that Eric is planning to sell her down the river, when essentially he has just done the same thing to Eric? If I were one of the houseguests, I'd now be careful not to trust Eric AND Dick. He hates Jen and Kail, then he aligns with Jen and Kail. He wants Nick out for Daniele's sake, then he gets mad when Nick is gone and says it was a mistake. If he'd stop talking for 3 minutes, giving the voices in his head time to follow suit, he might be able to play more cohesively.

I was feeling bad for Danielle since her father's antics were reflecting badly on her; however, even after admitting again last night the she's taking the rap for what he does, she still remains loyal to him.

Some random observations:

1) If Kail owns the majority of the town she lives in, why does her husband use a bowl to cut his hair? Maybe she could invest in a 5th business, a barber shop...

2) Amber reminds me more and more of the Molly Shannon character on SNL, Mary Katherine, the girl who sniffs her fingers after sticking them in her armpits. She's a little bit crazy, a little bit of a sad sack, but in the back of your head you know that she has an automatic weapon under her bed and could snap at any time. From what I have read on other blogs, she may have a white hood under the bed also...

3) If the producers are going to try to convince us that Dick is the kingpin of the music industry in LA, they may want to find a bigger name than Dizzy Reed, who now plays in a cover band, to vouch for him. Was it just me, or was it a little weird that the "groupies" they showed could have been mistaken for his mother. Aren't rock & roll groupies supposed to be relatively young and hot?

4) I too don't understand why they didn't reveal the "America's Player" twist to Kail, but since she looked like the most jacked up Easter Bunny ever, I was glad they kept her moving right along.

5) Dustin, the grey shirt is nice and looks good on you, but did you need to bring three of them? There was a collective groan from gay men around the world last night when they heard you brought three of the same exact shirt, although is may land you a sweet endorsement deal with Hanes.

It's time for the players to start thinking about who they want to be stuck in the sequester house with and make some voting decisions that will help to secure their sanity. Imagine being the person who has to spend a few days alone in the sequester house with Dick while he burps, passes gas, and accuses you of a conspiracy theory to get him out of that house also.

Please Jessica (or anyone who plans on flying over the house dragging a banner behind them); get Dick out of the house!!