Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007

After the recap, and Jen is put up as a replacement nominee, Jen says in the Diary Room, "Obviously, I’m not close with Daniele, ‘cause she’s a liar." (And are her pants on fire, Jen?)

Says Jameka, the other nominee on the block, "I’m very happy with the replacement nominee being Jen. It’s a strong likelihood that Jen could be going home." I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jameka. (Well, I’ll cross them after I finish typing this. It’s very hard to type when your fingers are crossed.)

Jen tells Daniele she wouldn’t have put Daniele up as a replacement nominee, had the situation been reversed.

Alone, Daniele says, "I don’t see Amber and Jameka as a big threat to me in this game, Jen, she’s a loose cannon. You never know what she’s going to do, and that’s a lot bigger of a risk to keep her in the game for me."

Daniele tells Jen she is honestly sorry for putting her up on the block.

While Jen is on the treadmill, Dick confronts the "loose cannon" of the "Big Brother" house. "Everybody in this house has totally resented the fact that you could give a (edited out) about the money and everything else."

Jen retorts, "The show’s not just about the money."

Dick counters, "But from the beginning, you’re like, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t care, it’s not going to change my life, blah, blah, blah." Blah. "I didn’t say it wouldn’t change my life," Jen says. "I said I don’t know if it would change it for the better." Give me the money and I’ll find out for you, Jen.

Dick tells Jen that Jen shouldn’t be bitter towards Daniele for nominating her for eviction. Says Jen, "Oh, she’s not getting a vote, no matter what was said." Counters Dick, "If I was you, I would concentrate on staying instead of being a bitter (expletive)."

Jen says, "I don’t care. I’m not bitter." Does that mean she thinks she an (expletive)?

Jen goes to see Daniele in the Head of Household room. Daniele tells Jen, "On a strategic level, you are my biggest competitor. And, we have had problems along the way. You’ve made it clear, you know, that you want my Dad out of the house and obviously … that’s not going to help me at all." Jen gets a little teary, Daniele tells her "You and I are the biggest competitors in this house … It’s not personal."

In the Diary Room, Jen says, "I am so angry at Dick and Daniele. But, I always get the last laugh, because I’m always having a good time, even when I’m crying." Remember that when you’re walking out of the "Big Brother" house, Jen.

Amber and Daniele are summoned to Diary Room by Big Brother, to go on their trip outside the house.

Jen tells Jameka, "I just can’t go to the Sequestor House. Like, that would just kill me. You know what I mean?" Jen wants to know if you give up your vote if you don’t go to the Jury House. Well, duhhhhh.

In the Diary Room, Jameka says, "So many of us have given up so much to be here and for someone to take that so nonchalant, you know, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to fulfill my obligation.’ It just really degraded the integrity of the game."

With Jameka and Jen in the backyard, Dick exhales a large puff of smoke and Jen leaves. "Jen repellent," says Dick, "works every time."

"Dick is not polite with his smoking. It makes people smell bad, it kills people that smoke and kills other people that don’t smoke. I’m just sick of being here."

Jen puts her clothes into bags. Dick goes into her room and finds Jen has started packing her stuff. "I figure I might as well pack now," says Jen, as she’s cooking. Dick announces to the other houseguests that she’s packed.

Quips Eric, "As long as she’s taking the nomination well." Dick also tells them she’s cooking.

Jameka says in the Diary Room, "Jen, in the Veto Competition stated that she would be on slop for 30 days."

Jen comes out into the backyard and asks them what they’re up to. Dick says, "Talking about your erratic behavior. You’re being more odd than normal. And you’re cooking, why?" Says Jen, "Because I’m hungry."

Jameka tells her, "Don’t come this far and then start doing crazy stuff. That’s not good."

Dick says to Jen, "Hey, man, knock yourself out. Do whatever you want."

Wrong thing to say, Dick. She does what she wants to do and she takes Dick’s cigarettes and destroys them.

"I’ve been wanting to destroy Dick’s cigarettes from Day 1. I hid all my stuff because I was planning on breaking every single one of Dick’s cigarettes and then pouring bleach on them. And I knew that that would upset him, so I had to hide my clothing so that he wouldn’t do anything to my clothes."

Jessica tells Dick, "I think she’s going to do something crazy and that’s why she took all her stuff out. I’d hide your cigarettes if I were you." Good advice, Jessica, but just a little too late.

Dick goes to put his cigarettes up in the Head of Household room and finds Jen has taken his cigarettes--four cartons worth. (Yes, sir, yes, sir, four cartons worth). Dick goes looking for his cigarettes and he finds Jen’s clothes and takes them up to the HOH room, which can be locked.

"Now all of Jen’s clothes are hid up in the HOH," says Dick, "and I think they’ll be hiding there until she leaves. I’ve dated girls like this before--not pretty, man! Nooo."

Breaking the rules, Jen is eating a turkey burger, cottage cheese and an apple.

"Nobody wants to be around a cheater," says Jessica in the Diary Room.

Says Zach, "Jen drives me absolutely crazy in this house. I have a big problem in the game with people that cheat or break the rules in the game."

"She is shoving food into her face. She must have gained 5 pounds in 30 seconds. And has her cheeks out to here with turkey burgers and apples. I was just sitting there dumbfounded," says Eric.

Jen is summoned to the Diary Room by Big Brother. Jen is given a penalty vote by Big Brother, so there will automatically be one vote against Jen at the eviction ceremony.

Dick sits down next to Jen and lights up, and she tries to take the cigarette out of Dick’s hands. "I’m not doing anything," says Jen. That ranks up there with, "Mom! She started it!"

After the commercial break, we see Amber and Daniele leaving by limousine and private jet to appear on the "Power of 10," which is hosted by Drew Carey. They learn that one person has been flown in to support them. For Daniele, it’s her former housemate Nick; for Amber, it’s her cousin, Katie. (But they don’t know that yet …)

Says Amber as she’s being made up for the show, "I have such an upbeat personality, that on the show, I know, that when I get out there with the crowd and like with the audience, they’re gonna love me." Just don’t break down crying, Miss Upbeat Personality.

In case you’re interested, and even if you’re not, The "Power of 10" episode with Amber and Daniele will air 8 p.m. this Tuesday on CBS.

After Amber and Daniele return to the "Big Brother" house, Julie speaks live with the houseguests in the living room.

Julie asks what the day of freedom meant to Amber and Daniele. Amber says, "It actually meant a lot to me, you know. It gave me a chance to get my head clear and, you know, get focused back into the game when I did come back in here, and it make me realize a lot about life and appreciate things in life that I had never appreciated, so it was nice."

"It was a well-needed, you know, in the middle of the game, time to regroup, get a little sanity back, get a little time away from people. So, it was well-needed and it was extremely appreciated," Daniele said.

Julie tells Jen she is the first person in eight years to break food restriction rules and get a penalty vote. When asked by Julie how it feels to have made "Big Brother" history, Jen says, "I thought I had already made history. I was upset with ‘Big Brother’ and I didn’t know what else to do, so I thought I would eat."

Julie says to Eric that every time he loses a bet in the house, it seems he can’t help but showing a "certain side" of himself . After a few clips of Eric in a dress and showing his posterior, Eric says, "I’d like to say this was exclusive to the ‘Big Brother’ house, but this is me, live and in color, take it or leave it. Hey, I’m a man of my word, and that was not right, that was not pretty, Julie."

After the commercial break, Julie talks with Daniele live in HOH room. Julie asks Daniele who she credits with her comeback after being in jeopardy of leaving the "Big Brother" house. "It was a lot of people in this house, you know. Between me and my Dad, my Dad with the Veto, he won, and then, you know, counting on Eric and Jessica to do what they did to get Dustin out. You know, I do owe a lot of credit to them, so I’m very thankful for that."

Julie asks Daniele if there will be a point where Daniele will turn on her Dad, or is it both of them to the end. "I hope that it is the two of us to the very end. To be quite honest, I would love to be sitting next to my Dad in the final two, because I think, you know, that a lot of people hold things against him, as awful as that sounds. I would love to sit next to him in the final two." Julie asks if its down to the final two, if Daniele would turn on him. "I hope I’d win. I’m here to win, you know. We both came here separate and, you know, honestly I do hope I win."

Tonight’s evicted houseguest will join Dustin in the Jury House.

The two houseguests are given one last chance to plead their case.

Jen says, "Well, in my whole life, I’ve always been a happy, positive person who’s honest. Obviously, I don’t fit in here. But, how I look at it is I got thrown this opportunity, and I thought I would try it out. And I was happy to come here, and I’m just as happy to leave."

Jameka says, "Basically, I’m so grateful to be here. Words cannot express sincerely how honored and how happy I am to be here. I feel as though a lot of you all know where I stand in this game. You know on what terms, in terms of how I play this game. And I hope that, with that, me giving you my word, you all can see some individual benefits with that and keep me long-term even still."

It’s time for the live eviction voting. There is already 1 penalty vote against Jen. Says Dick, "I am thrilled to evict Jen this week, finally." With a 5-0 vote (6-0 with the penalty vote), there are enough votes to evict Jen. Woohoo! Excuse my while I do my happy dance.

After the commercial break, Julie tells Jen she is evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

As she’s going, Eric says, "Jen, as happy as you are to be leaving, we’re happier to see you go."

After she leaves, the houseguests have a good old-fashioned Jen-bashing.

Outside the "Big Brother" abode, Julie talks with Jen asks her if she is like this outside the house. "I guess if you use the word ‘random’ to describe me, that it would probably work. You never know what you’re going to get with me, it’s usually positive, but in these circumstances, you really never know." Sorry, Jen, but "random" is not the word I’m thinking of.

Julie asks Jen what her strategy was in the game, having survived seven weeks, and being on the block three weeks in a row. "I didn’t have so much of a strategy as I was just going to be here and experience and learn from everyone and hopefully teach others you know, good things, so I just thought that, see how long it lasts, and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I knew I would have to go out the back door because otherwise I’d be able to win my way out and so, that was pretty much what had to happen."

Julie says that Dick said some pretty mean things to Jen in the house, and asks Jen if she thought that’s really how he really feels, or if it’s strategy. "I think either way, if it was Dick’s strategy or if it’s how he really feels, it’s not appropriate in any way, or true for that matter. I honestly like don’t even know where he came up with most of the things that he said. Like anyone that knows me knows that I’d say 95 percent of the things that he says are completely ridiculous but you know, I don’t know, whatever it is, it’s not going to work and I don’t know why he’d say that to people that are going to the Jury House."

Julie then shows Jen the goodbye messages her housemates taped for her. Among them, Dick says, "This is long overdue. You should have been gone quite a while ago. But, through will, fortitude, competitiveness or plain insanity, you’ve lasted here a very long time. And I hope that your experience was fun for you."

After commercial break, it’s the Head of Household competition, entitled, "Tanks for the Memories." As outgoing HOH, Daniele is not eligible to play. And Jameka gave up her right to play for HOH in a veto competition for five weeks. This is week three for Jameka not being able to play. The houseguests are seated about 350 gallon water tanks. The first five houseguests evicted were asked question, and the competing houseguests have to figure out how they answered. If they answer correctly, they stay in the game. If they answer incorrectly, Jen will press a button that will send them into the water. If they all answer incorrectly, they all remain in the game. In the end, Jessica wins the Head of Household competition.

It’s time for the "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated. Now, this is getting tough. I’d say, go for Amber, Eric. Although she kept her emotions in check tonight, I don’t have high hopes for that in the future.

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