Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007

When the show begins, we again see Kail being evicted from the "Big Brother" house.

Says Daniele, "Eric was my target. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out how I wanted it to, because I put my faith in people whose word is worth nothing. It’s worth less than a piece of chewed up gum found on the bottom of your shoe."

It’s now Day 41 in the "Big Brother" house. (Some days it feels like it’s Day 4001).

Here’s a shocker … Dick is angry that Eric is still in the "Big Brother" house.

We flashback to Jessica winning Head of Household. The LNC (AKA "The Late Night Crew," Jameka, Jessica, Eric, Amber and Dustin) are ecstatic over Jessica winning the Head of Household. Says Eric, "Not only was I not worried to celebrate, I was happy to throw it in their faces. It doesn’t matter if we dance on their graves, you know, throw a freakin’ parade, there’s nothing that they’re going to do to stop it."

In the Diary Room, Dick says he knows he and Daniele are up on the block. "Am I giving up? No. There’s a little more damage I can do in this place before I leave," says Dick.

And here, gang, is where things REALY start getting uncomfortable. Dick goes on the warpath. We again see the scene the last episode closed with. Grab your hats, blog readers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Dick goes on the attack with Jameka about her reading the Bible and her not casting her vote for Eric. "Isn’t it funny how I can be more honest than the people reading the Bible in the house?" asks Dick. Jameka counters back with her own verbal thrust. And, while she’s doing it, she claps at him while she’s yelling at him, and he claps back. I’m hoping the "Big Brother" house isn’t equipped with those "clap on, clap off" lights.

It’s World War III in the "Big Brother" house. And there’s no point in suggesting it anymore … they’re all wayyyy past the "Kum Ba Ya" stage at this point. You’re right, Michael, maybe Ritalin might work …

Says Zach, "Dick officially, you know, got duped in the game and he’s not happy about it. The peasants are revolting, and they’re not scared of him anymore."

Jameka praises God in the backyard. Eric thanks Jameka for everything and tells her they’re going to have a great week.

Later, Dick asks Jameka if she wants to talk and she tells him no. In the Diary Room, Jameka says of Evel Dick, "He led a personal attack on my religious belief. And my thing is, come at me with some good stuff. Don’t bring that in it. I can name several reasons as to why I don’t like you as a person and none of them have to do with your religious beliefs or lack thereof."

After the commercial break, Daniele and Dick talk. She tells him she hates everything. "I hate being here! I hate these people!" she cries to Evel. Daniele tells him she screwed up their plans. "It’s OK, it‘s OK," says Dick, "You have to take chances in life, and you have to take chances in this game. And it’s fine." I think I read that somewhere on a fortune cookie once.

In the Diary Room, Evel says the most important thing to him in the relationship with his daughter, Daniele.

Dick tells Daniele it’s going to be Dick going home this week. "And then what, I have to stay here with all of them? I don’t like anybody in here! Nobody! And I’ll be by myself the whole time?" Dick tells her, "So, fight for five weeks, for this to change your life." As if being reunited with her estranged father wasn’t enough to change her life, let’s go for the money, too!

Jessica, Amber and Jameka talk about putting Jen and Dick up for nomination. But Jessica says it really doesn’t matter, because their group has five people to the other group’s four.

Jessica screams, "Who wants to see my HOH, and you better come fast! There’s a new ruler in town!" I’d go to see it, but only if the tour of her HOH room comes with earplugs. When we see Jessica’s photos, Dick points out Jessica bleaches her hair.

Daniele tells her father, "If they’re smart at all, they’ll put both of us up." Dick says if Daniele goes up against him and it sticks, he says, "I will make everyone in here hate me so much, they won’t want one more minute of me here." Hate to break it to you, Dick, but I think they already hate you.

Dick, Jameka and Amber argue some more. Dick tells Amber, "You’re such a mental case. You must be a nightmare. And your little girl, oh my God, she’s gotta be a mess." Jameka says, "At least she talks to her daughter for eight years. She doesn’t have to have other people raise her daughter." There’s more, but I’m running out of Tylenol (Jameka even whips out the "B" word). Evel Dick makes fun of Jameka’s clapping, and she tells him, "Yeah, that’s to keep from hittin’ you. Please believe it." Dick calls Jameka a fake, fraud and a hypocrite.

Alone in her room, here’s a surprise, Amber breaks down. She cries to God. (OK, guys, the organ music starting to get on my nerves now. It was funny the first 15 times, but now it‘s starting to grate on my nerves.)

After the commercial break, Daniele goes to Jen and tells they have Zach and that Daniele her she has Jen’s back. Jen thinks that’s a good idea. Daniele says her best move strategically is to get along with Jen and get her over to Daniele’s side. In the Diary Room, Jen says, "I never had anything like against Daniele, other than her Dad. I think that Daniele and I are really good at this game in different ways, so I think that would be (a) really good team."

Then it’s time for the food competition, "The Big Brother Benefit Concert." Jessica, as HOH and "tour manager," has to divide the houseguests into two bands, the Big Brother Blues and the Red House Rockers. Poor Zach. He’s like, "Can I please have a blue one? Can I please have a blue one?" Dick then rips the red bandanas out of Dustin’s hands. Come on, kids, let’s play nice, or we’ll have to put you in time out. Then they all get dressed in rock star gear.

Hidden inside each guitar in the backyard is either a dollar sign or a slop sign. They have to smash the guitars and find the sign inside the guitar. The first team to get to 20 dollar signs wins the food competition. The losing team will be put on the slop diet. Also, inside one of the guitars is a one-week slop pass.

Says Amber, "I would say that Dick probably smashes a lot of things in his spare time. He’s got a lot of built-up frustration and a lot of anger."

During the competition, Dick finds the slop pass.

Later in the Diary Room, Amber says, "I found so many dollar signs. Every single time I looked around the yard, one guitar would catch my eye and I felt like that was God telling me, ‘There’s a dollar sign in that one, there’s a dollar sign in that one, there’s a dollar sign in that one.’ So that was God right there, it really, really was."

"It gave you an opportunity to let out and expel all of this anger and resentment and frustration. Kinda felt good," said Jameka.Don’t get too disillusioned, Jameka. Some of you are STILL going to need therapy after this is all over … The Big Brother Blues wins the competition with a score of 20 to 12.

Dick wanted to use the Slop Pass on Daniele, but she told him to use it on Jen. "I got the Slop Pass!" exclaims Jen.

Eric says of Dick, "I loved him trying to make himself feel all big by giving her the slop pass. I think that it was a well-timed attempt at trying to gain favor. Well, it really doesn’t matter. He has six more days left to eat slop or eat regular food, so who really cares? He’s going home on Thursday." Where have we heard THAT before?

After the commercial break, we learn that Zach really likes wearing the bunny suit. "Jessica definitely got a kick out of that. I think I may have scored some potential points, you know, for a possible date down the road now that I’ve totally wooed her with my bunny antics."

"There’s nothing like seeing a 6’5" grown man in a bunny suit, especially when he’s enjoying it," says Jessica.

Amber says, "It’s very weird that a 30-year-old man is bouncing around in a bunny suit. He’s just so sad. He has nobody." Does she mean, he has "no bunny"? (Sorry, couldn’t resist …)

It’s time to learn the results of the "America’s Player" question: Which houseguest do you want Eric to get nominated?" America votes for … Dustin. Eric is not thrilled. "Now I’m supposed to go up there and try and sell out one of the only people who actually went to bat for me? That’s not to say that I’m not going to try, it’s what the American people want, so it’s what they’re going to get. But, you know, if you gave me a directive that was in line with my strategic thinking, then it would be much easier to accomplish."

In the backyard, as Dick goes into the house, Dustin yells at him, "Washed up, deadbeat, white trash Dad!" He says to Jameka, "I would tell Jessica, ‘Put me up and have it be a five-one vote.’" The look on shock on Eric’s face, and the "ding" noise the show put with it … priceless! That was too easy, huh, Eric?

In the HOH room, Jessica asks Eric if he has any advice for nominations, and of course, he suggests Dustin.

By the way, has anyone noticed Dustin is wearing a gray shirt?

It’s time for the "America’s Player" question" To which houseguest should Eric give the silent treatment?" My vote is Evel Dick. Let REALLY send him over the edge.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. We find Jessica has nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction, for trying to get Eric evicted last week.

Daniele says it’s going to be a rough week and she needs to win the Power of Veto. Jessica says, "I’m not actually going for Dick to get out of the house. I am actually gunning for Daniele to get out of the house. I’m really putting her up because, strategically, Daniele is a much better player."

"This house has no idea what’s about to happen," says Evel Dick. He says he will "give these people holy Hell and make them make them absolutely miserable until I leave."

Brace yourselves, blog readers, for Tuesday’s show. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on Tylenol. See you Tuesday!/Brad


michael said...

Dick, the most appropriately named person ever, has officially worked my last nerve. He is so quick to call everyone out, but he is doing it in a way that is both immature and shows just how insecure he really is. If anyone had stereotyped him because of his tattoos, black nails or striped hair, he would be furious, but he has no problem doing it to everyone else.

If Amber and Jameka have a strong faith, that's their right and he should back off. I have not heard either of them say they are perfect or even better than anyone else in the house because of their beliefs, so why go after them for that?

CBS needs to put some Xanax in his slop, because he is not making for "good TV". If anything, he is making me less inclined to watch it until he is gone because listening to him yell for 47 minutes is not my idea of a good time.

So far as "America's Player" goes, I agree, it has grown old fast. However, with that said, nothing is requiring Eric to complete every task. If it were between winning $10,000 and messing up the alliance that just saved me, or possibly winning $500,000 at the end of the game, America would lose.

I think the vote for Dustin to be the one nominated may be a backlash for him taking those two prizes in the POV competition, which makes no sense. Dr. Will did the same thing in competitions, sold out everyone for his own personal gain, and America fell at his feet. Dustin knows his actions were questionable in the context of his alliance, but c'mon, he's just a kid with a suitcase full of grey t-shirts and a dream who probably knows that the odds of him winning the big prize are slim to begin with.

While I would love nothing more than to see Dick leave the house this week, I think Jessica makes a good point about Daniele. Although I don't know how well she'll do once her father is gone, it is far more likely for one of the LNC to align with her when things get tough than it would ever be for one of them to align with Dick.

I still say that they are not giving enough thought to who will be in the jury. As we all know from past seasons, the sequester house breeds jealousy and bitterness, even the sweetest of players ends up sounding like a twisted old harpie when it comes down to the final episode, so why give Dick the chance to be there? And why would you want to run the risk of having to live with him all over again??

As a final note on last night’s episode, did we really need to see that Jen has even used the iron-ons on her drawers? Does having the word “jenuine” on the back of her underpants mean she is a “jenuine ass”?? So much to ponder on until tomorrow night’s episode…

Brad Wadlow said...

Yes, Michael, I noticed Jen's underwear, too. I guess if she doesn't win "Big Brother," she could always start her own clothing line catering to all those named Jen./Brad

michael said...

In the event that should happen, I would like to offer her some suggestions:

1) Jeneric

2) Jenetic Disorder

3) Jenital Warts

4) Jental Case

5) Jenace to Society

6) Jenopause

7) Jenitentiary

8) Jenicillin

If the clothing line doesn't work out, she can always pose in Jenthouse or try to get a job at the Jentagon...