Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Aug. 5, 2007

When we last left the houseguests, they were hanging upside down being pelted by nasty looking stuff from the sky.

The first one out is Amber. Then Eric is disqualified when he put his torso higher than the bar he was hanging from. Then Jameka falls off the bar.

Daniele said she’s furious that Nick was voted out of the house. "Miss Big Brother Teardropper" Amber said she was nauseous about the eviction.

But things can never be simple in the "Big Brother" house. A plane carrying a banner flies overhead. It says, "We love Nick. Amber and Eric are liars." Here’s a shocker: Amber is upset.

Then Zach is out of the competition. Jameka is elated when Zach falls off because she felt Zach might have nominated her for eviction had he won.

Dick, then Jessica, are out of the competition, leaving only Daniele, Kail and Jen hanging.

Evel Dick starts haranguing Kail and Jen. Jen calls Daniele a cheat for her relationship with Nick when she already has a boyfriend.

"America’s Player" Eric turns out to be "America’s Knight in Shining Armor" when he jumps to Daniele’s defense, telling Jen to "let her hang in peace." Hang in peace? Why does that strike me as funny?

Next, Jen is out of the competition.

Kail drops out as long as Daniele promises not to let Kail go home this week. Ladies and gentlemen, and Big Brother blog readers everywhere, Daniele wins the Head of Household.

Finding herself again nominated for eviction, Kail says she’s going to be "a professional on-the-block person."

Daniele wonders who cast the second vote to evict Kail.

Amber says she wasn’t the one who voted for Kail to be evicted. Daniele thinks she’s being set up.

After the commercial break, we see Daniele’s Head of Household room, with pictures of her boyfriend. In the Diary Room, Dick gets all teary when he talks about his Mom watching him and Daniele getting closer on TV.

Daniele suspects Eric about voting for Kail after she saw the banner because "no one would suspect him."

Daniele and Dick tell Jessica that it’s Eric who’s been the weasel voter. Daniele, Dick and Jessica discuss nominating Eric for eviction. They promise not to say anything to anyone, and then airhead Jessica goes right to Eric and tells him.

It’s time for the next "America’s Player" question: To whom do you want Eric to promise to take to the final two? It’s up to Eric to decide whether this promise is the truth or a lie. I’d like to see Dick or Daniele in the final two.

In the Head of Household room, Jen tells Daniele it would be funny to be nominated three times in a row. Jen apologizes to Daniele for the way she’s been treating her.

It’s time for the results of last week’s "America’s Player" question: Which houseguest to you want Eric to get nominated for eviction: America choses Jen. Good choice, America.

Eric starts campaigning for Jen to go home. Eric and Dick argue about the mystery voter. I’m waiting for them to come to blows. But they emerge from their verbal battle untouched.

At the nomination ceremony, we find Daniele has nominated Jen and Kail for eviction. "Third time’s a charm," says Daniele.

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michael said...

This is the second BB8 blog I have read today, and neither of you talk about Daniele's cryptic comment at the end of the show about really shaking things up in the house this week. That was probably the most interesting part of an otherwise boring episode. Does she think that trying to backdoor Eric will shake things up that much, or is it possible that she will totally blindside her father and put him up on the block?

I hope it is the latter as I have grown very tired of listening to him carry on each episode. If I were Daniele, I wouldn't have spoken to him in two years either.