Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Sesame Street"

Wow, I was searching for a YouTube.com clip to go with this blog entry, and I found SIX that brought back such fond memories, I decided to include them all.

Geared towards the preschool set, viewers learned about numbers, letters and more on this show, which began in 1969.

One of my favorite books when I was little was “The Monster as the End of this Book.” It featured Grover from “Sesame Street,” who tries to stop the young readers from turning the page of the book. Because with each turn of the page, the monster at the end of the book got closer and closer. But, at the end, we find the monster was none other than the lovable Grover himself.

I used to love the falling baker, who’d stand at the top of the stairs, and announce things like, “7 chocolate cakes” and then proceed to tumble down the stairs, pastry flying everywhere.

My other all-time favorite, which I’ve already touched on in this blog, was “Mahna Mahna.”

Hope the following bring back some good memories for all of you:

Here’s the opening song:

See the Count meet Cookie Monster here:

Take a look at the falling baker:

Here’s Ernie singing about his rubbery duckie:

Big Bird sings about the alphabet:

And, finally, an encore presentation of “Mahna Mahna”:

For more details on “Sesame Street,” go to:

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