Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"I Love Lucy"—originally aired from Oct. 1951 to May 1957

Definitely, one of the classics. Here’s just one of my favorites (I’ll touch on more "I Love Lucy" episodes in future blog entries):

"Job Switching": Lucy and Ethel trade places with Ricky and Fred. The men stay home and try to become domestic divas while the ladies head out into the work force.

Some of the highlights from this episode: Ricky telling Fred you don’t iron silk stockings, you starch them, as he holds up a pair of now-petrified stockings. But, he was right—no creases. And they can certainly be stored away neatly in the closet. Or when he holds up a piece of Lucy’s clothing he’s ironed, with the burned imprint of the iron on it. I have three pairs of dress shirts just like it. Trust me, it’s a definite fashion statement. I am the envy of all of my friends, relatives and co-workers, and I’m waiting for Kmart to contact me any day about developing my own "Brad’s Burnt Iron" clothing line.

But, the laughs really come when Lucy and Ethel go to work in a chocolate factory (yes, they landed my dream job … I’d last about two days—OK, probably more like two hours--before they kicked me out for eating almost as much as I made.) My mouth is watering and my stomach is growling just thinking about Lucy dipping candy in that chocolate. And it only even funnier when Lucy and Ethel are put on the candy wrapping station and the conveyor belt sends candy through at warp speed. They look like chipmunks as they stuff the candy their mouths (I would have loved to have been a stunt double for that)—as well as in their hats and shirts.

In the end, the couples decide that the men are better off making the money, and the women are better of spending it.

All this writing has made me hungry. I’m off to the vending machine. But, before I go, how about you? Would you trade places with your spouse/significant other if you could? How do you think you’d do … and how do you think THEY would do? And, what’s YOUR favorite "I Love Lucy" episode?

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