Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007--series finale!

Julie Chen introduces …. The live "Big Brother 8" finale … and then, we don’t just a recap from the last show, we get a SEASON recap! (I’m already tired.)

After the season recap, it’s Day 81.

At the Jury House, the jury gathers to see who’s going to be the next evicted houseguest.

Dustin said, "I would absolutely love to see Dick, or Daniele, honestly, it’s a 50/50 toss-up. Well, I would least like to Zach here, Absolutely, least like to see him here."

Says Jen, "I would most like to see Dick, because I really think that Dick, overall, has to be the absolute worst person I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I just don’t think that he even deserves to get $50,000, and I’d like to see him here tonight, where he could beg and plead for us to vote for Daniele…"

And here comes Zach to the Jury House.

Eric tells Zach that Zach remained in the Final Two, it would have been a 6 to 1 vote for him to win.

Dustin says, "Oh, my God, you guys. What are we gonna do? We have to pick between those two!"

It’s time for the results of the final "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric campaign and vote for to win "Big Brother 8"? America choses … Dick. So, of course, Eric begins to campaign for Dick to win "Big Brother 8."

Zach says, "Everyone here has been afflicted by a personal attack by Dick. If we want to send a message to him, then we can go back at him by him not be awarded with the major prize."

"With Dick winning," says Dustin, "we are condoning that type of behavior and sending a message to America that, you know, being a piece of (edited out) is great and it will win you $500,000."

Eric says, "Please tell me in the rule book where it said that being polite to people, being honest or trustworthy, being any of these things were a criteria for playing this game. Dick made a clearly defined strategy from the minute he walked in the door. Whereas Daniele who is a sniveling little baby, a brat who rode her father’s coattails …"

Jen interrupts and says, "I put them up Week 2 because I saw that, that they were both horrible people and that they were the strongest competitors in the game. We’re all pretty much stupid for not voting them out the three times they were up, so now we’re figuring out who’s the worst of the worst, and I can’t ever condone, ever do anything for anyone who is such a big (edited out) than Dick."

Says Eric, "I think that Dick’s best strategic move was targeting the correct person at the correct time throughout the game. Daniele’s best strategic move was allowing her father to carry her to the end and take the bullets for her."

"She really, at least in my eyes, was an amazing competitor," says Zach of Daniele. "You know, five POVs. Tied Janelle for the title for the most POVs won in a season."

Dustin says, "Her reason for winning would be, hands down, she was a strong competitor. Everybody knew that if you put her up, you know, she was most likely going to win that veto and take herself off and, you know, three out of four times, she did."

"He didn’t just play for one person, he played for two. And he looked out for two people the whole entire game. And look who’s in the final two. Him and her, mainly because of him. That‘s awesome. Like, I mean he‘s a (edited out), but it’s awesome," said Amber.

Jessica says, "I don’t see her on any higher level than her Dad at all. Well, ‘Dick is this,’ or ‘Dick is that, Dick did this’ well, Daniele did it all, she just did it quieter. She’s getting away with so much, and I just don’t understand like how you guys can’t see that."

"Granted, you know, Dick is totally freedom of speech and does his thing," says Zach. "But, Dick was the guard dog and Daniele was holding the leash and pulling it back. She would make a call and Dick would abide by it."

Jameka says, "You have Daniele, who, you know, is the pimp, and E.D. is the ho, and Daniele pretty much orchestrates, ‘OK, this is what we’re gonna do this, how you gonna get that money.’ E.D. enjoyed ridiculing people, talkin’ smack and Daniele just collected all the benefits from it."

"The two of them are up there, and by golly, it’s either Evel or Evel’s spawn that’s gonna win," says Dustin.

After the commercial break, the jury question the two finalists.

Dustin asks Dick, "Knowing that your daughter had said, ‘I will carry my Dad with me because he’s a terrible person and I would love to sit next to him because it guarantees me a win,’ how do you feel sitting next to her now?"

Dick replies, "I feel great sitting next to Daniele now. It doesn’t really matter what she said. We have had the hardest game of anyone in this house. Nobody really carried anyone. This I look at as the best team that’s ever played this game. Nobody else as a team has ended up here as the final two."

Amber asks Daniele, "Why should I give you your vote, considering what you did to your boyfriend on national television with Nick? Honestly, you’re a very pathetic person for what you did to him. I just wanna know, why should I respect you as a person?"

Daniele replies, "To be quite honest, Amber, my personal life has absolutely nothing to do with this game. Nobody knows my situation with Nick, how I really feel about him, what happened or what didn’t happen, and if you’re going to base your vote strictly on my personal life, I don’t want your vote, because that has nothing to do with this game."

Jessica asks, "Dick, if there could be one other person besides Daniele that you could be sitting next to right now, who would that be?"

Dick replies, "It never even crossed my mind. I never envisioned anything but Daniele. It was all about both of us getting here. I’m telling you the honest truth. I haven’t lied to you, Jessica."

Jessica retorts, "You did lie to me, because you assured me all week that I was staying and that Jameka was leaving. But, both of you lied, so I just wanna say that this will be a very tough decision for me on who I will pick."

Eric says, "Dick, you have personally slandered every member of this jury at one time or another. So I’m going to ask you to do the opposite. Please tell me the reason that each jury member would deserve to be in the final two."

Dick pretty much slams them all, but he does say of Eric, "I believe that you were the best player in this game and a force to be reckoned with."

Zach asks them, "I want to know what you have learned and will take with you outside of this house from each member of the jury?"

Among the answers, Dick says of Dustin, "To be careful with overconfidence, because it gets you in trouble especially in this game."

Jameka asks Daniele, "What exactly do you credit yourself for in terms of the biggest moves and not using your father to help you advance in the game?"

Daniele replies, "It’s really hard for me because I know that a lot of people have seen us as one person and the whole Eric thing when I was first HOH was all my planning. Another big move would have been, you know, sorry, but backdooring Jen. It was about making it to the final two and doing what I thought was best.

Jen says, "I obviously don’t respect either of you as people in the real world, but at this point, I have no choice but to vote for one of you. Dick, do you think that this has helped you build your relationship with Daniele?"

Dick replies, "Wow, that’s a very odd question coming from you. I’m almost blindsided. This has been an absolutely amazing experience to share with someone that is so dear to me, that I love so much. Having this as a beginning to building some type of normalcy in our father-daughter relationship I appreciate even more than being here in the Final Two. I think I’ve showed that in this game and if you don’t already know, you’re an idiot."

Daniele says, "Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I never in a million years thought that we would have worked this well together. It’s not your normal father-daughter relationship. So, it is what you make of it. And, I honestly think that we made a lot out of this. There’s nobody I would rather be sitting next to and I hope that you guys just vote with your hearts, do what you think is best and I’m completely content with that."

Dick says, "I played hard, I’ve had to play this game hard from the beginning. There was no flying under the radar. When I was on the block against Dustin, the deal that I proposed to Eric changed the game completely, a 180. It was a last-ditch effort in order to try to convince Jessica and Eric to become our allies instead of our enemies, which we did. And we were a very strong alliance. When that came to an end, that’s probably the thing that I feel the worst about in this house, was turning on Jessica and Eric. I did a lot of the dirty work, I did what needed to be done. Not just for myself, but for Daniele. I’m here, I made it with my daughter, as far as I’m concerned, we won."

After their speeches, Daniele tells Dick his speech was bad.

The "Big Brother" jury is then introduced to the audience.

After the commercial break, Julie talks with Dick and Daniele and asks how they’re doing.

Dick says, "I feel really good. I feel great. It’s weird looking at myself right now, but, I feel really good, it couldn’t be any better. I’m here with my daughter."

Daniele says, "Honestly, it feels absolutely amazing. This last week has been really nice, you know, getting spending time with my Dad remising on all the houseguests, all the fun times, and bad times, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than to be here sitting next to my Dad, so I’m ecstatic."

The jurors cast their votes. Among the comments as they are casting their votes, Dustin says, "I just want to let you know that someone in the house once said to me that actions speak louder than words. So, I am basing my vote on strategic action, not just words."

Jen says, "Honestly, I prefer to vote for anyone besides either of you in the house, but I have no choice, so I will have to vote for one of you."

Jessica says, "Congratulations Dick and Daniele. I’m voting for the person that I enjoyed more in the house. May the best Denato win."

After the commercial break, we meet Dick’s mother and his son, and then the first five evicted houseguests return.

Joe said, "Watching Dustin play was actually pretty enjoyable. It was kind of neat to see like him fall apart, and put himself up there. I couldn’t hope for anything better. But, honestly, all I could say to him is congratulations, you did really well and you got far. Good job."

Time to reveal the big twist of "Big Brother 8" that … oh, my God … Eric is "America’s Player"!

Eric whispers to Jessica, and when Julie asks her what he said, Jessica said, "He just said we could talk later … All season I have not been able to be mad at Eric, and I’m not."

Daniele said, "OK, we knew the mustard was Eric, and we knew the two votes were Eric. Everything else, honestly, I’m shocked, but I think it’s hilarious, I think it’s really funny. So, I think it’s cool."

Eric says to Jessica, "Everything that we shared was true and genuine, trust me. Anyone will attest to the fact, I’m sure all of them will, that I have been dying to tell you for a long time. It’s been killing me and just know that everything we shared was me, really me, no nonsense."

After the commercial break, we are again reminded the winner will receive $500,000, and the runner-up will receive $50,000. It’s time for the votes, with four votes needed to win:

Eric (and America) vote for Dick
Jameka votes for Daniele
Dustin votes for Dick
Jen for Daniele

It’s a tie so far…

Zach votes for Dick
And Amber votes for …. Dick.

Dick wins "Big Brother 8".

Jessica also voted for Dick to win, as well.

Well, gang, we've made it through "Big Brother 8"! Hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have.

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