Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2007

And so this blog entry begins in just about the same way as most of the other blog entries …. After the recap, it’s Day 63 in the "Big Brother" house. (Except, of course, the number of days has changed.)

Having nominated Jessica and Jameka for eviction, Head of Household Zach says, "I am judge, jury and prosecutor to either one of them, so I’m kind of like the dream crusher." Well, Zach, if you don’t win on "Big Brother," you could always enter the WWF under the name "Dream Crusher."

Says Jameka: "I thought the Nomination Ceremony was full of …" Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Somehow, I don’t think that’s what’s she’s saying. "It would have been strategic for him to put up E.D. and Daniele. My instinct continues to tell me that Zach is in something with E.D. and Daniele."

Jessica says she doesn’t believe Zach when he said he didn’t hold last week against her and wished she had pushed harder for Zach to leave last week, so she wouldn’t be on the block this week.

Eric says of Jessica, "I’ve let her down. This is EXACTLY what she was afraid of. She listened to me, and now she’s in this situation." Good going, Eric.

Jessica and Jameka talk. Jessica says it’s bad Zach feels threatened by two girls. They both agree Eric has to win the Power of Veto this week. Jameka tells Jessica she wants to be in the Final Three with her.

Daniele and Zach talk about the way Jess was looking at Zach during nominations.

Daniele says, "Tomorrow will be very, very interesting … the worse case scenario would be if Eric won it. Anything else would be fine."

Eric tells Jameka he feels responsible for the nominations. "I feel like everything I do is wrong all the time. It’s either wrong in the game, wrong personally, wrong for my interests verses someone else’s versus whatever. I’m juggling things beyond the scope of this game that frankly, you know, may mean more to me than the game itself. I mean, I really care about her a lot," he says of Jessica. "I just feel like such a heel … and I’m going to lose the game and I’m going to lose the personal relationships." Who knows, Eric? You could be wrong.

In the "Diary Room," Eric says, "I’m America’s Player, and I’m doing what I need to do to support America and make my way through this game. But, here I am in a situation where I feel like I’m going to hurt someone. This is my absolute dream to be here, and it’s turning into a complete nightmare for me right now." Nightmare? Nightmare? Oh, puh-leeze. You wanna talk nightmare? Try 37 "Big Brother 8" blog entries. Or Eric, armed with giant containers of mustard, on a vandalism spree.

Jessica relates how at a Girl Scout convention, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. "And I said, ‘The first female President of the United States’ and they’re like ‘Yeah!‘ or a waitress.’"

In the "Diary Room," Daniele says, "I’ve been a waitress since I was 17. I love my job. It’s fun, it’s easy, the money’s good. You know, I love working with people."

Dick counters, "I want to be President … or a stripper. I’m not sure which." And Daniele shoots back, "Yes, because being a waitress is just like being a stripper." Dick says, "I didn’t mean it like that AT ALL." And, of course, Daniele leaves the table.

(Frankly, I’d chose President. If I chose stripper, I’d die in poverty.)

In the "Diary Room," Daniele says, "I found his comment to be extremely rude. And I’m the type of person, I’m gonna stick up for myself. And I that think it makes him really mad that, you know, I’ll put him in his place."

Dick goes to talk with Daniele in her bedroom and tells her that comment wasn’t directed at her. (By the way, the bedroom is a mess, with clothes all over the place. C’mon guys, you’re there 24-7, can’t you find time to put your clothes away?) Daniele gives him attitude, and Dick says, "Can’t you speak to me like a normal person, instead of like such a snot?" Daniele tells him to shut up, and Dick says, "The answer is ‘no.’"

In the "Diary Room," Dick says, "I can’t stand the way that she talks to me and the way that she treats me. Does she even see how she speaks to me? Does she think that ‘What?’ is the same as ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?’"

Eric and Jessica talk. Eric tells her the best scenario is for him, or Jessica, to win the Power of Veto. She tells him she doesn’t trust Dick and Daniele: Eric tells her, "I don’t trust anyone other than you." Eric says they need their votes, and Jessica says the only thing that kills her is she wanted Amber to stay.

After the commercial break, we see Janelle from two previous "Big Brother" seasons, enter the backyard.

It’s then time for the Power of Veto competition. The houseguests head outside. "When the sliding glass door opened," Daniele says, "it was like a pink bedroom. There was a big TV screen in the middle, there was a chair that looked like it spun around, and there was rose petals. I loved it, it was so cute."

The houseguests look at a screen, and see a picture of a former houseguest morphing. They try to guess who it is. "It looks like Miss Piggy meets Janelle. That must be her after the weight gain," Eric says. And, right after that, Janelle emerges. You can take your foot out of your mouth any time now, Eric.

The rules of the competition are then explained: The houseguests have to sit in the revolving chair for 60 seconds, then have to make their way to the Janellivision screen. They have to guess the names of the two houseguests whose faces are combined on the screen.

When it’s Dick’s turn, "Janelle standing next to me while I’m doing this, yes, it was a distraction." He says to the houseguests, who can’t see the person competing, "I’m not even trying. We’re just back here making out." Daniele retorts, "Janelle’s smarter than that."

As Dick and Janelle are about to go through the door, he says "After you" and Janelle says he’s such a gentleman, and, of course, the other houseguests (and most of the rest of America) crack up.

Zach says, "Dick was beaming for her. It was like a 16-year-old guy getting ready for prom all over again, except he’s 44-years-old."

When it was Eric’s turn, he says, "I wanted and needed this veto win badly. I want to be defending myself, I want to be defending Jess. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I needed this veto win badly to assure that Jessica and I would be guaranteed another week in this house playing together." Remember, Eric, always lift the weight of world on your shoulders with your knees, not with your back.

At the end of the competition, with a score of 7, Daniele wins the Power of Veto.

Daniele says, "Having this Power of Veto, I have the power to send Eric home, to send Jessica home, or to send Jameka home. You never know what’s going to happen." Ohhhhh, yes, I do. I’ve already watched the tape. Neener, neener, neener.

After the commercial break, Daniele and Zach talk in the HOH room about possibly sending Jessica home this week.

Jessica’s ticked. Eric tells her he’s not going to let her leave the house. No snuggling for Eric and Jess tonight. Jess tells him she’s going to sleep (alone) and Eric says he’ll leave her alone and splits. (Yup, Cher was right …sooner or later, we all sleep alone.)

In the "Diary Room," an obviously smitten (or just plain sexually deprived) Dick says, "Two months of being deprived and the one girl that I get a chance to flirt with is the beautiful, gorgeous Janelle." Dick tells Daniele and Zach Janelle told him he was "hot."

Daniele says, "When Janelle told my Dad, ‘You’re hot!’ I was like, "Ughhh, like have you been watching the show?’ It was absolutely ridiculous. It made me throw up in my mouth a little." Just a little?

Dick says, "I got so gypped coming in here. There’s the skanky Jen, horse-faced Amber, so yeah, seeing Janelle is just like, ‘Right on!’ We were totally flirting back and forth. It wasn’t one-sided, it was back and forth."

"Everything is fine with Dick and Daniele," Eric says. "They are on our side. Jameka is gonna go home and Jessica is going to be here to fight another week." Thank you, Batman.

Dick says, "Eric is confident that our alliance is set and strong. But overconfidence has been the downfall of quite a few people in this game. Me and Daniele hold the power to send anyone home that we want." Anyone? Can you send them to bed, too? Because I’m ready to go.

Eric and Jess talk for a bit and then get frisky (ohhhh, I’m having a Marion and Howard Cunningham "Happy Days" flashback). And then … we go to commercial.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the "America’s Player" poll results. Eric must mimic the actions and words of the houseguest America has chosen for him. America chooses Dick. Eric has a lot of fun mimicking Dick, and he completes his assignment with no problem.

Alone with Dick in the backyard, Daniele says, "Eric’s played the mastermind type of game. But, it’s been like a dirty, deceitful, manipulating game, where both of us have played more of a strategic, competitive game."

In the "Diary Room," Dick says, "This is really the first time that we really considered betraying the alliance. I’m not the type of person that in life goes and screws people over."

"If you’re going to do it, period, it doesn’t matter when, it’s still going to held against us. No matter what. That’s the thing. It’s either do it, or don’t do it, period. If you’re going to do it, do it this week. If not, then we’re not doing it. We have to do whatever it takes that’s going to take us farther," says Daniele.

After the commercial break, Daniele says, "Holding the veto this week, my options are absolutely plentiful. I need to decide what would be better for me, and for my Dad."

Jessica says, "I’d be really happy if the veto was used on me and Eric went up on the block. How do I know that Dick and Daniele aren’t going to cast their votes to get me out? I’d much rather have him be in that position than me."

"Best case scenario would be for Daniele to use the Power of Veto, and have Zach put up E.D.," Jameka says.

Eric says, "I think Daniele would be making a mistake to use the Power of Veto. I need and want to have Jess in this game, the four person alliance needs and wants to have Jess in this game. We’ve got to target Jameka for eviction, send her…home, and be done with it."

It’s time for the Veto Meeting. As always, the two nominees get to plead their case.

Jameka says, "I am excited and grateful that I’ve been here this far, especially with the five HOH’s, and, with that said, I would love for you to use the Power of Veto on me, but at the same time, if that is not your decision, I will respect that."

Jessica says, "Being on the nomination block, it’s a difficult situation. I respect all of you, because you’ve all been here and you’ve all survived the block. And it’s really hard being the first time sitting next to Jameka, someone that I am very close with in the house. So I’m not going to say anything to against her, but if you feel it’s necessary to use the veto on me, that would be nice, if not, I understand."

Daniele choses not to use the Power of Veto this week.

"I’m not ready to go, to leave the game," says Jameka. "I am worth still being here in this house. I still have fight in me. When it really, really needs to be there, it will be there."

Jessica says, "My fate is in Dick and Daniele’s hands this week. But, the entire time I’ve been aligned with Dick and Daniele, I’ve questioned it and not trusted them at all."

"I’m looking out for myself, and I’m looking out for my Dad. And that’s what’s most important," says Daniele. "It’s just a matter of timing and deciding what would be the best move."

Don’t miss the special double eviction episode live on Thursday.

And, finally, it‘s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the "Big Brother" house? Here’s a shocker … I’m voting to have Eric evict …. Jessica. If I have to sit through another week of listening to that grating voice, I’m going to pull my hair out. And no one wants that, trust me.

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