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"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Sept. 2, 2007

These episodes just keep going and going, like the Energizer Bunny.

In the last episode, Amber was evicted from the "Big Brother" house. When she’s leaving, Amber tells Daniele beware of Eric. (Why, does he have bad breath?)

Daniele says, "It is kind of funny that she’d tell me, you know, ‘Beware of Eric.’ I think I told Amber that three or four weeks ago. I think it’s absolutely hysterical that nobody has any idea of what’s going on, between Eric, Jessica, my Dad and myself."

After the recap, it’s Day 62 in the "Big Brother" house.

Eric says, "In looking at the eviction, I was really satisfied with what happened. Voting Amber out was what America wanted, it’s what I wanted, and I was happy to see her go." I’m with you there, Eric.

When we last left the houseguests, they were competing in the Head of Household competition, running down a slick track with little cups of water.

Dick says, "My legs feel like wet spaghetti noodles right now. I can barely stand up. I’m 14 years older than the oldest person here. I don’t work out. And I smoke." And, don’t forget, you spit.

Dick says, "Going into the competition, we’re all feeling pretty good. It’s three against one. We’re feeling pretty confident that we should pull HOH and really do whatever we want at that point, kind of control the game."

On the sidelines, Jameka’s standing there watching it all. With the look on her face, she reminds me of Catwoman watching her henchmen fight. I’m waiting for her to bare her nails and hiss like a cat.

Daniele says, "My strides are so short ’cause my legs are so little and I felt like a rabbit, like galloping so fast. Aren’t horses the ones that gallop? Don’t rabbits hop? Could be a new dance at weddings, the Bunny Gallop.

Jessica then points out there is a small container in each of the houseguests’ lanes. The first houseguest to fill that container before the end of the game receives a phone call from home, or they can give that phone call to somebody else. Eric wins the phone call from home.

Two cups are then added to each of the lanes. For each cup used, the entire house will go on cold water for a day. "Ahhhh-haaaaa, I hate cold water," says Jessica in the Diary Room. You and me both, Jess. Nothing worse than ice cold water in the morning.

We see Dick scurrying down the track, saying "Feet, don’t fail me now." I can almost hear the cartoon sound effects of fast-running feet.

Dick reveals that an hour before the live show, he "really, really laid into Zach." Why? Because he had promised if Daniele went up, he would vote to get her out. Dick tells Zach he kept Zach off the block at least four or five times.

After the commercial break, the houseguests are still at the competition. In the Diary Room, Dick says, "The ball had to come out. There was no fishing it out, because your fingers wouldn’t fit inside to grab it. And I just kept saying to myself, "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, move, move, move, move, move." Don’t forget, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Says Dick, "I’ve got to win this thing in order to keep control in the house and keep our alliance in the driver’s seat." But, alas, Dick’s alliance is relegated to passenger when Zach wins the Head of Household competition.

Says Eric, "I am completely embarrassed and ashamed. Every dog has his day. And even this oaf and complete moron, I guess he had his."

In the Diary Room, "This is an absolute nightmare. I am devastated that Zach is the head of household and that this very may well come down on Jessica and make it a difficult week for her."

Eric, who won a phone call from home, debated whether to give the phone call to Jameka or Jessica. He gives the call to Jessica.

Eric says, "I spent the entire week trying to reassure Jessica that we made positive choices with our nominations. That keeping the nominees were correct. That Zach is a weak competitor and Zach cannot beat me, Dick and Daniele in any form of competition. She said, ‘Eric, I do not want to be nominated. He’s upset with me. He’s going to come after me.’ And I said, ‘It’s not going to happen. I won’t let it happen.’" Forget the cape and unitard, Eric. Better call for backup.

Daniele tells Dick that Zach is going to put up Jameka and Jessica for eviction.

Eric tells Jessica, "It’s going to be me and Jameka to leave. That’s the way we’re going to stay. It’s not how I want it but we should encourage that."

It’s time to see Zach’s HOH bedroom, and no one’s exactly running to go take a peek. Says Eric, "I’ve never five people more despondent to see someone’s HOH room in all eight seasons."

Zach tells Daniele he threatened him, "He raises his voice, he cusses at me." Daniele replies, "I…hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? You think that it’s for no reason that I haven’t talked to him for like 6 years of my life? He’s like one of those people who think that, you know, he deserves respect because he’s the adult." Zach counters, "But he’s noooot." Daniele says, "No. Exactly. Hellooo." Hello? Can you hear her now, Zach?

Zach: in the Diary Room, says, "Dick wants to always be in charge and be the LEADER of the house. Do I want to keep him in the house? Not so much. I mean, can you really trust a guy named Dick?" Not so much, Zach.

After the commercial break, Eric reveals he is desperate to tell Jessica he’s "America’s Player." Clark Kent felt the same way about revealing he was Superman to Lois Lane.

Eric tells Jess about the way he voted and about the mustard incident.

In the Diary Room, Jessica says, "There’s a lot more to Eric’s game play than I actually realized in the first place. It makes me wonder like, ‘Oh, what’s he doing now that I don’t know that he’s doing. But, I trust Eric still." Then why that look of doubt, Jess?

Jessica gets her phone call from her younger brother, Dean, who is just back from Iraq. As she’s talking to him, she says, "I wasn’t going to cry." Yeah, Amber said the same thing. We all know how THAT worked.

In the Diary Room, Jessica says, "I’m just so happy to know my brother and best friend are back in America. That was the hardest thing about me coming here was knowing that they were going to come back from Iraq and I wasn’t going to get to congratulate them on a job well done and thank you for serving our country and it’s just great to know they’re back." Later she says, "Just to know that my brother, who’s younger than me, has made it through. My brother is 20 years old, he’s been through war. I can make it through this house."

After the commercial break, it‘s time for the results of "America’s Player" question: Who should Eric get nominated? America picks Jameka. So, of course, Eric goes to Zach and tells him Jameka needs to go up on the block.

Daniele says, "If Zach were to nominate Eric and Jessica, and one of them were to go home, it would keep the blood off of my hands, the blood off of my Dad’s hands, and it would keep Zach safe at the same time." That’s a good thing. Blood can be a pain in the keyster to get off your hands. Need some heavy duty stuff for that stuff.

"If me and Daniele had no choice but to vote out either Jessica or Eric, they’re not going to know we really had a hand in the nominations," Dick says. "That would all fall on Zach, not on us."

We switch to the backyard and there’s Zach in the pool, swimming with a pair of his pants around his neck. What’s the matter, Zach? Couldn’t find an inner tube or a raft? "You ARE a freak," Daniele tells him. She tells him that if either Jessica or Eric don’t go home this week, Zach will be going home next week. Dick and Daniele promise Zach he will not be going home next week if they get HOH.

It’s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which houseguest should Eric mimic? I vote for Dick.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony.

"Honestly, Zach is the person in the game where if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours," says Daniele. "I’ve been HOH twice, I haven’t put him up, so I feel very confident. And, honestly, I’m not worried whatsoever."

Jessica says, "I’m the only one who hasn’t been nominated. I’ve won two HOH’s. I nominated Zach last week. I have no doubt in my mind I’m going up on the block."

"With these nominations," Zach says, "it’s been a toss up on do I go with what I think is the right move for myself, or do I go with what others think is the right move for myself, in hopes that I’ll still live to fight another day?" You’re in good company, Zach. Batman has the same inner dialogue with himself all the time.

We find Zach has nominated Jameka and Jessica for eviction.

Zach tells Jameka, "My social situations with you haven’t evolved at this point. It’s been difficult to try to get to know you as a person and overall, you’ve made a lot of good relationships in this game. I’m completely threatened by that in the endgame for me." He then tells Jessica, "You did put me up. I don’t hold that against you. I understand why you did that. I also fear you in the endgame for me as well. Everybody likes you."

Jessica says, "I guess Zach should feel threatened by me. But, I thought it was just a cop out because he didn’t want to nominate Dick or Daniele."

"Zach is unbelievable and I cannot wait for the Veto Competition," Jameka says. "I’m fighting. I am fighting." Go get ‘em, Jameka.

Zach says, "I don’t feel remorse whatsoever for my nominations. ‘Cause it puts me in a better position in order to win this game in the end. Hopefully, I’ll conquer."

"Jessica is now nominated and I feel like it’s my fault," Eric says. "And I think like she feels like it’s my fault as well. And I couldn’t be more devastated by it." At least you don’t feel guilty, Eric.

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