Friday, February 1, 2008

"Green Acres"

As I started to pack up my desk this morning in preparation for my move over to our sister paper, The Home News Tribune in East Brunswick, the theme song to “Green Acres” popped in my head.

Now, normally (and people rarely use this word with me), that’s not a big deal for me. Theme songs (and other snippets of useless trivia) whip through my head faster than an Oz-bound tornado in Kansas.

But, back in 1990, when I started working here full-time at the Courier News (back when I was younger and skinnier, and the Courier News was hyphenated), on my first day in the Features department, they broke out into the theme song from “Green Acres.”

I knew I was going like it here.

While I’ll be moving over to The Home News Tribune as Data Desk Editor, I’ll still try to post as much as I can on the “Totally TV” blog.

Now, on to “Green Acres” (because it’s the place to be … )

“Green Acres” ran from 1965 to 1971. It starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as Oliver and Lisa Douglas.

Albert plays a lawyer who moves his wife to a farm just outside of Hooterville. Lisa, a socialite who loves to shop, is none too happy. Both try to adjust to their new surroundings, which include Arnold Ziffel, a pig that watches TV.

For more details on “Green Acres,”

You can watch the opening of “Green Acres” on here (but don’t blame me if you get the song stuck in your head):

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