Monday, February 4, 2008

Readers poll: What's worse, a character being replaced or killed off?

OK, blog readers everywhere, time for a readers poll: What’s worse: When an actor/actress replaces another in a role, or when the character is killed off completely in a series?

First example of same character, different actor I thought of was Darren on “Bewitched,” who was played by Dick York and Dick Sargent. Other examples include “the two Beckys” on “Roseanne,” the two Chris Partridges on “The Partridge Family” and the two Lionel Jeffersons on “The Jeffersons.”

And, then we have characters who are simply killed off. Such as Valerie on “Valerie,” which became “Valerie’s Family” and then “The Hogan Family,” and Edith Bunker on “All in the Family.” But, of course, in TV Land, death is never a certainty. (Remember, Bobby Ewing’s resurrection on “Dallas”? Or how about Lesley Webber’s return from the dead on “General Hospital”? (Lesley was supposedly killed in a car crash, but was actually kept in a drugged state by Stafan Cassadine of that pesky Cassadine family.)

So, blog readers, here’s your chance to sound off on which is worse.

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