Wednesday, November 7, 2007

“Land of the Lost”

Rick Marshall and his children, Will and Holly, were on a routine expedition on the rapids when an earthquake struck their raft and took them down 1000 feet below to the Land of the Lost (lost … lost …lost)

Suddenly finding themselves back in prehistoric times, they find themselves pitted against irritable dinosaurs, such as Grumpy, and green amphibious, hissing, nasty men called Sleestaks. (Of course, there was one good one in the bunch, Enik. There’s always one good one in the group.). And, of course, there was the little monkey boy (no, not me) named Chaka (no, not Khan) who befriended the family.

Then, after the second season, Rick Marshall left “The Land of the Lost” (sure, leave the kids behind. You know, there’s laws about that, buster). And, suddenly, Will and Holly’s Uncle Jack (Rick’s brother, who went searching for them) shows up.

And there were these structures all over the place called Pylons, which had tables of crystals inside them. Messing with the crystals meant messing with the weather.

Hey, it’s raining out right now … stop messing with those crystals and get out of that Pylon! Now!

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