Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007

After the recap, we learn it’s a special live eviction episode!

It’s Day 74, and only one more week until the winner is crowned. I just got the Miss America song stuck in my head.

At the nomination ceremony, Zach says Jameka has restored his faith with God. In the Diary Room, Dick says, "Zach saying that Jameka has helped restore my faith in God. It was all a lie in order to get on Jameka’s good side, and it really makes me sick." Vomit bags are located in the pouch in the seat in front of you, sir.

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Zach lied to us. There was a deal made with Zach to be final three. I’m upset that Zach went back on his word."

Dick, in the Diary Room, says: "Every single week of this game, me and Daniele have been a target. We had the hardest game than anyone else in this house."

Dick tells Zach he has no shot against him, Daniele or Jameka.

Says Jameka, "I feel bad about some of the things that I’ve said about Zach. I mean, it’s not to say some of them weren’t true," she says, eliciting a laugh from me. "But, In terms of teaming up, I think it’s a great idea."

In the Diary Room, Zach says of Dick, " ‘You’re gonna sling mud in my eye, I’m gonna sling mud in your eye.’ Oh, my God. I’d just love to have him eat his own words and go down in flames, just really go down in flames." Here’s mud in your eye, Zach.

After the commercial break, we go to the Jury House, to catch up with the evicted houseguests. I almost feel like I should be bringing a Bundt cake or some sort of cookies. Wow, it’s very cool house … there’s even a water slide.

Dustin, the first one in the jury house, greets the second member of the jury, Jen. "First thing I’m thinking to myself is I just wanna smack the girl because she evicted me after she promised me over and over and over again that she would be evicting Dick."

Jen says, "Dustin and I, we’ve had our issues. He nominated me, I evicted him. But we’re going to put all that aside and have a blast at the Jury House."

The next week, Amber arrives. Dustin asks her what she‘s doing there. "The vibe in the Jury House is such a relaxing, calm vibe and it’s going to be really nice to relax, enjoy good quality time with Jen and Dustin."

The next week, Jessica arrives at the Jury House, and Amber says, "I was shocked. I was happy in a way because she kind of got what she deserved because she got me and Dustin out. All that’s left in the house that’s a good person is Jameka."

No sooner is Jessica there, than Eric comes into the Jury House. "Eric showed up and he was definitely the last person I wanted to see walking in that kitchen. Eric is the funnest person to hang out with that was in that house. So, I know I’ll have a good time with him and we’ll really get to talk about everything that happened."

Dustin says of Eric, "Can’t really say that I feel as sorry for Eric as I do Jessica, but he’s a loser too, so welcome!"

The evicted houseguests watch the last Veto Competition.

Says Dustin, "If Jameka can pull it together, she can be in the final two. No one in this house will be happy to see Dick or Daniele win. I can only hope that Zach and Jameka try and bond together, you know, and overthrow the Denatos."

Eric says, "If Zach has any brain, which I don’t think he does, he will understand it."

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Veto Competition

Jameka and Zach quiz each other on possible topics for the Veto Competition.

Dick tells Daniele, "If we’can’t beat these two idiots, we deserve to go home."

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Everything depends on this veto, because I know I’m the person that they’re going after. It’s win, or go home."

Zach and Jameka pray about the upcoming Veto Competition.

Zach: "This is now like a war. Jameka and myself felt like we’re on the good side, trying to extinguish the evil. Winning the Power of Veto guarantees that Daniele is going home.

Dick says, "This is the two of us against Zach and Jameka. Zach drew the line in the sand and he found himself on the wrong side of the Denados. This is do or die.

The final Veto Competition is called Big Brother Decoder. There are 8 clues and in between two clues go one picture. Both clues have to match up with that particular person. When they figure that out, they turn the wheel in the middle to that particular evicted houseguest’s face. Each face had a corresponding number. That was the number they take the cardboard and put it underneath.

Zach says, "I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I just sat there and tried to figure things out. I just figured if I could get one face out of the way, so to speak, and one number, then I could just keep moving down the road."

Says Zach, "There were so many different variables between understanding how the clues were supposed to work, how the numbers associated with the faces. As soon as I had, I think it was Kail, with both clues matching to her, the light bulb went on. Man, this is how the game was supposed to be played. I’ve been brainfarting for the first couple of minutes in this game."

Daniele wins the Power of Veto and screams so loud she could break glass. Jameka says, "I’m going home!"

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Wow, wow, wow, wow. It feels amazing. Number five. I’m so excited. Not only was this the last Veto Competition, it was the most important Veto Competition. I’m so happy, it’s absolutely amazing.

Dick yells at Zach that he’s not even going to be in the Final Two.

Jameka says, "By no means am I sorry that I lost to one of the toughest competitors. I’m mad that things didn’t work out differently. But, you know, I have no one to play but myself."

Dick yells more at Zach for turning on him and Daniele. Zach says, "I’m going to have to put up with a overgrown 12-year-old for another week. But I’m not scared of Dick. I’m bigger than he is, I’m smarter than he is. I feel like my mind is like a samaurai sword.

Daniele says, "Determination is all that you need in this game. Sorry, Zach, but there’s no way you’re getting rid of me that easy, not a chance."

Dick is just wayyyy to excited and boastful. Alright, Dick, calm down, cowboy.

Julie talks with the houseguests:

Julie says that Dick has admitted one of his tactics is to unnerve the other players prior to competition. But, with Zach, he waited until after the competition, and asked him why, to which Dick responds, "There were just some things that needed to be said. And I wanted to bring it out and make sure everyone out there knows what’s up."

After the commercial break, it’s the live veto meeting and eviction

Daniele choses to use the Power of Veto on Dick, and so Jameka goes up against Daniele.

They now get the chance to plead their case.

Jameka, "Well, I have been here 74 days, and I have enjoyed my experience with all of you all. I understand that everybody has played this game on their own agenda. So, that should not stop on tonight. So, E.D., you do whatever you need to do and I’m sure that’s not going to be a hard decision. But, nonetheless, I thank you all for this opportunity and experience."

Daniele says, "One speech I’m not used to. You know, what can I say? I had a great experience here." She says to Dick, "If you don’t use it on me, maybe I won’t talk to you for another couple of years. You know, do what you must."

Dick votes to evict Jameka.

Dick thanks Daniele for using the Power of Veto on him and he was very surprised by her doing that.

Outside the "Big Brother" house, Julie asks Jameka if her friendship with Zach will continue outside the house. "It would be nice, you know. I don’t see any phone calls, you know, being made. But you know, occasional e-mail here and there to check up on each other and see how we’re doing in our lives."

Julie asks Jameka about how Dick said attacking Jameka’s faith was merely strategy. Jameka said, "I do accept that. In the terms of how he played this game, it’s not surprising, it’s not shocking. It was to be expected. It did cut really down into my soul, into the core of my heart. You know, it’s his strategy and he has to do what he has to do to advance himself in the game."

We then see Jameka’s goodbye messages

Daniele said, "Jameka, unfortunately this week, what can I say? I can’t vote out my Dad. I really enjoyed spending time with you this summer. I know that we had our ups and downs, but overall, I’m really glad that I got time to get to know you a little better and I’m really sorry it had to end here."

Says Dick, "It has been a pleasure here getting to know you. Having fun and games in quarters and LNC and all kinds of stuff. I wish I could say I’m sorry to say you go, but in the circumstance as it is right now, I can’t say that, because it then would either be me or Daniele."

Zach says, "I’m finally am grateful to give you the chance to truly fight back in this game. And happy to have the last few days to really get to know you and understand that we’re pretty similar in many ways. And I wish you the best."

Jameka learns that her sister has had her baby

After the commercial break, it’s time for the final HOH competition. Woohoo!!

The final Head of Household competition, is called "The Bunny Hop." The current Head of Household may play in this game. This will be played in three parts over the next couple of days. Winner of Round 1 will advance to Round 3. The two other houseguests will compete in Route 2. The winner of the first two rounds will compete in Round 3.

The houseguests have to climb on a carrot perch, then grab a hanging key, which they have to hold at all times. There’s a little white rabbit, and they have to jump over him each time he goes by them on the track. If they let go of their key, fall off their carrot or stop the rabbit from moving forward, they are eliminated.

After commercial break, it starts to rain. We leave the houseguests competing in the rain.

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