Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007

After the last episode, dubbed "Big Brother Fast Forward," it seems like we’re seeing a lot of the same scenes at the beginning of this show we saw last time, so I’m dubbing this one "Big Brother Slow Rewind."

After the recap, it’s Day 69.

But, wait, Eric is still here. We’re still recapping. Let’s cap again, like we did last summer. (No, wait, that’s Chubby Checker and the twist, not "Big Brother" and the recap.)

In the "Diary Room," Dick says, "I believe that the entire state of Kansas hates the Denatos right now." Oh, come on, Dick. Don’t sell yourselves short. My guess most of the 50 states are not thrilled with you. South America, Asia and Africa might be on that list, too.

Two-faced Daniele tells Eric, "It was seriously a last minute decision. Like I’m sick about it. Like, I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good in many ways. I’m like shaking right now." Like, she’s lying through her teeth, Eric. In the next breath, in the "Diary Room, "she says, "Honestly, I had no sympathy for Eric. It’s just all strategic. It’s nothing personal." Yeah, yeah, let’s blame everything on strategy--why not, as Milli Vanilli once suggested, blame it on the rain?

Dick pulls Jameka aside and makes a deal with her. Dick tells her, "If we vote to keep you in, you get HOH, you do not put me and Daniele up together. The next two weeks, anything that you have is ours. You don’t have a vote, it’s ours. And that will carry you to the final three." Dick asks her if she promises on the Bible, and she tells him her word is all she has.

After Zach wins the Power of Veto, Daniele promises Jameka she’s not going home. But, in the Diary Room, Jameka says, "I generally don’t put too much stock in anything that E.D. or Daniele says, but I honestly felt like I would still be here when it was all said and done." I hope so, Jameka.

As we already know, Zach chose to not use the Power of Veto. "At the last second, I said, ya know, I’ve gotta keep them involved one more time in hopes that I can win HOH and really start upsetting the game."

"When Eric left," Jameka said, "It finalized the whole mentality of I’m on my own in this game. And I’m gonna do the best that I can. And I’m going to decrease and let God increase and just let Him do His thing. And I hope I end up pulling this thing out."

"This rules. This is so awesome. I’m so excited, I’m thrilled. I can’t be any happier. With the agreements that we have with Zach and with Jameka, we’re both in the Final Three. Guaranteed," says Dick

Daniele whispers to Dick that Zach has to go. "But then we‘ll like betray everybody … I just think that‘s so funny." Yeah, yeah, hardy har har. Zach, who‘s in the next room, tells them they better not send him packing.

Says Daniele, "Zach’s an interesting guy. I describe him as the friend on your cell phone where every time he calls you ignore it and then listen to his voice mail. Obviously, he’s gotten this far honestly being drug along by me and my Dad."

After the commercial break, the houseguests find the memory wall has been changed to 14 new pictures. They have to study the pictures for the next HOH competition.

Daniele says, "I want it so bad. It’s funny because Week 2, I probably could care less if my Dad went home or not. You know, I never thought I would wanna work this hard for me and for him."

The HOH competition is called, "Picture This." The houseguests will be answered a series of questions based on the photos which recently appeared on the Memory Wall. The first person to answer 7 questions correctly wins Head of Household. Jameka is out first, leaving Zach and Daniele to fight it out. The tie-breaker question: "What was the total number of houseguests in the 13 competition pictures on the Memory Wall?" Daniele answers 58, Zach answers 59. The correct number is 69. Zach wins Head of Household.

Daniele retreats to the bedroom, followed by Dick to console her. I’m not noticing the conversation as much as I’m noticing how dark her roots are. I guess there’s no Miss Clairol in the "Big Brother" house. (Although Dick could be hording it all and is refusing to share.)

After the commercial break, the houseguests get to see Zach’s Head of Household bedroom and more photos. "What’s up with the ears and the hair?" Dick asks, looking at a picture of Zach’s family. What’s up with the hair? Dick, have you looked in the mirror lately? "I don’t think anyone really wanted to go up there. We were just up there last week. It was just a bunch of bitter grapes up there that didn’t really care this time around," said Daniele.

Zach gets emotional reading his letter from home.

Dick tells Zach Daniele is bummed because if Jameka wins the Power of Veto, Daniele is going to go home. Dick tells Zach they have to get Jameka out.

Dick says to Zach, "I would prefer going up against you or Daniele in the Final Two, than Jameka."

"This is kind of where the line in the sand, so to speak, is drawn. If I don’t put Dick or Daniele up on the block, then I’ve got two Denado’s in the Final Three that I have to deal with," says Zach.

Zach tells Jameka that he wants to put up Dick and Daniele for eviction, and that Jameka needs to play her butt off for Power of Veto.

After the commercial break, Daniele goes to Zach and asks him if he’s going to put up Jameka. He tells her he has no idea. "Anyone against my Dad won’t win either. There’s no chance. Are you kidding me? He has played the best game, hands down."

In the Diary Room, Daniele says, "Zach honest to God thinks that he’s going to win this game. Aha. It’s amazing. Like what game are you playing because I’m not playing the same game as you." Anyone for a rousing game of pin the tail on the houseguest?

Daniele tells Dick she thinks Zach is going to put both of them up, and Dick tells her they need to win the POV.

"This guy is so stupid!" says Dick of Zach. "He couldn’t figure out how to get his underwear on if his Mommy didn’t help him in the morning."

Dick tells Zach Daniele’s had Zach’s back since Nick left the game. Zach tells him when you’re in the Final Four, you have to do what you think is best for yourself.

After the commercial break, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. Zach nominates Dick and Daniele for eviction because they "both rule in this game." He tells Dick and Daniele, "Nobody had the stones to truly try and muscle you guys out, well, I’m the muscle and I’m going to try and muscle you out."

Jameka looks stunned. "I am very excited. The fact that Zach’s the person that I would least expect to look out for me is just humbling."

Zach says, "I definitely, without a doubt, put my neck on the line, putting both Dick and Daniele up on the block. And I have to win this Power of Veto It’s the only shot It’s the only shot that guarantees one of the two of them are going home."

Daniele says, "Zach is a very cocky person, going to the Veto Competition thinking that you’re going to smoke us because it’s only going to ruin you. It just makes you want to win just to shove it in his face. It’s going to be brutal, to put it lightly."

"It might be the Final Three, but it’s really not," says Dick. "We win the POV, we win the game. Don’t you get it? Zach is not winning this game. No way!"

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