Thursday, November 29, 2007

"A Very Brady Christmas"

The lovely lady and a man named Brady and their six kids (and Alice, too) reunited in this 1988 movie.

Carol and Mike Brady, unbeknownst to each other, plan surprise vacations for each other. When they learn what the other is planning, they decide to scrap their plans and instead bring the whole family home for Christmas. (Except for poor cousin Oliver. We missed you, Oliver.)

But, all’s not well in Bradyland. Alice has left Sam the butcher and winds up in tears on the Bradys’ doorstep, and they, of course take her in. Marcia’s husband, Wally, has lost his job with Tyler Toys; Jan and Philip are having marital problems, etc., etc.

On Christmas, Mike gets called to a construction project, dashes in to rescue people and the thing then collapses around him. But, Carol Brady knows the power of faith (and song) and starts belting out "Silent Night" with Cindy. And then the others chime in. And, Mike and the others miraculously emerge!

Cheesy, sure. But it’s fun to see the Brady kids as adults. (Susan Olsen, who played Cindy in the TV series, sat this one out and was replaced by Jennifer Runyon.)

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