Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 26th anniversary, Luke and Laura!

Today marks the 26th wedding anniversary of Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer and Laura Webber Baldwin on the ABC soap, "General Hospital."

Where did the time go?

Back in 1981, having just saved Port Charles from a deep freeze by the maniacal Mikkos Cassadine, the duo was feted with a lavish wedding ceremony.

But, of course, nothing in soap world can go off without a couple of hitches. (pardon the marriage pun).

Elizabeth Taylor (always seeming to be a bride, never a guest) originated the role of Helena Cassadine, the widow of Mikkos, in these episodes. Dressed to the hilt, she seethes as she watches the newlywed couple cut the wedding cake. “My curse on you, Luke and Laura. My curse on both of you.”

And, of course, this is no ordinary curse, but a Cassadine curse, so it’s a curse with some oomph behind it. And it doesn’t take long for it to kick in. When Laura (Genie Francis) throws the bridal bouquet, who should catch it but Scotty, Laura’s ex-husband (played by Kin Shriner). So, of course, Luke climbs down from the balcony and dukes it out with Scotty.

In later years, the curse keeps working, with Laura disappearing and presumed dead (actually kidnapped by Helena Cassadine), the kidnapping and brainwashing of the couple’s son, Lucky, and the eventual descent into madness of Laura.

Some clips to scope out:

See Laura pledge her wedding vows to Luke

See Scotty and Luke duke it out at the wedding reception

Robert Scorpio (played by Tristan Rogers) and Helena Cassadine (Elizabeth Taylor)

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