Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The Brady Bunch": My favorite episode

It’s the story … of a lovely lady … who was bringing up three very lovely girls ….

OK, it’s time to talk about one of my all-time favorite shows. Yes, you guessed it: The Brady Bunch.

So much to write about, so many blog entries to fill.

For those of you who have never seen "The Brady Bunch" (is there actually such a person?), let me give you a quick summary: Carol Martin (played by Florence Henderson) has three daughters--Marcia, Jan and Cindy--and she marries Mike Brady, who has "three boys of his own"--Greg, Peter and Bobby. Throw in Alice Nelson, the maid, as well as occasional appearances by Tiger the dog and Sam the Butcher, and you’ve got "The Brady Bunch."

My all-time favorite "Brady Bunch" episode? When Peter breaks Carol’s vase while playing basketball in the house. ("Mom’s favorite vase," Greg says. "She always says, ‘Don’t play ball in the house,’" declares Bobby.") And since Peter’s about to go on a camping treat, all five of the other Brady kids take the heat. But…just as Pete’s about to leave on the trip, he ‘fesses up.

If you’re looking for a great behind-the-scenes look at "The Brady Bunch," look for "Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg," by "Greg Brady" himself, Barry Williams.

Stay tuned for more talk about "The Brady Bunch."

--By Brad Wadlow

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