Friday, December 21, 2007

“The Waltons”

It would be a quiet night on “Wadlow’s Mountain” back in the 1970’s. My family and I would be just turning in, five of us in a pop-up trailer in some RV park.

And, then it would begin ….

“Goodnight, Mom …. Goodnight, Dad!” I’d say from my spot, at one end of the trailer.

“Goodnight, Bradley!” my parents would respond. (I don’t think I’ve actually introduced myself as Bradley since around 1977, unless it was at a doctor’s office or some place where full names were required. But, that’s another blog.)

But, I couldn’t let it end there.

“Goodnight, John-Boy! … Goodnight, Mary Ellen!”

Yes, that’s right, “The Waltons.” To be honest, I wasn’t a big “Waltons” follower. The only episode I remember, for some odd reason (but, hey, that’s me) is the episode where Olivia (that’s Mrs. Walton to you, buster) contracted polio.

The show began in 1972, and revolved around The Waltons, a 1930’s mountain family.(who lived on “Walton’s Mountain”). It starred Ralph Waite as John Walton, Michael Learned as his wife, Olivia, and Richard Thomas as John “John Boy” Walton, Jr. John Sr. and Olivia had eight children—including John-Boy, and another who died at birth. Will Geer and Ellen Corby played the Walton grandparents.

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