Sunday, December 16, 2007

Todd wins "Survivor: China"

Todd Herzog just won "Survivor: China." While I've watched all the episodes, I can't say it's been one of my favorites. There really wasn't anyone I was rooting for. I'm just hoping that as soon after the last tribal council, Courtney got something to eat. But, congrats to Todd for being the sole survivor of "Survivor: China."

I'm watching the "Survivor: China" reunion show right now. Who ARE these people? Oh, that's right. They're the survivors. They clean up real nice.

"Big Brother" starts again next year. (I think the promo said some time in February). While I won't be bringing you episode-by-episode reports, I'll comment on anything big or funny or shocking or all three.


Mommy11837 said...

Hey Brad, I wasn't fond of Todd either. I was actually hoping Amanda would win. I'm glad Courtney didn't, as the site of her emaciated body was quite sickening! LOL

I'm a huge fan of Big Brother and can't wait till Feb.

Brad Wadlow said...

Hi Mommy11837:

Thanks for posting! Amanda just kind of snuck in there. There were really no standouts among the four.

I don't know if you caught my "Big Brother" blog that I did last summer. (You can find it in the "Totally TV" archives. While I'll be commenting here and there about it, I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did last season.

But, be sure to comment on it anytime, by either posting or sending me an e-mail. I'll be happy to post the e-mail and comment on YOUR comments!