Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Big Brother 8," Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We start out with, yes, you guessed it, a recap of the last episode of "Big Brother 8." After the recap, we open with Day 21 in Big Brother house

With Kail and Jen as nominees for eviction, Kail says we’ll see a new Kail if she stays. (Don’t tell me they’re gonna clone her …) Dick (Mr. HOH) tells Jen she’s not his target, Kail is.

Things go au natural when Zack streaks to the pool. And, of course, the other houseguests take his towel and lock him out of the house. (I have "The Streak" in my head now. Thanks, Zack.)

Alone, Jen and Kail talk about the Power of Veto competition, until Mike interrupts them and tells them he would take one of them off the block if he won Kail says she has to win, no "ifs, ands or buts."

Dick tells Kail she’s not a very good player and he doesn’t see Jen as a threat. In an effort to get to Evel, Kail fires back Jen’s going to go after Daniele.

We then find out the results of the last America’s Player question of which houseguest’s property should Eric vandalize. America choses (who else?): Jen. So, Mr. America’s Player (here he is….Mr. America’s Player…) puts mustard on Jen’s pillow. (Put your mustard on myyyy pillow, whisper in my ear, baaaaaby…). Thus, with his pillow mustard graffiti, Eric accomplishes his task.

In the Power of Veto completion, playing are: Zack, Jessica, Nick, Eric, Jen, Kail and Dick. Dick, with his sights set on Kail for eviction, tells Jen not to do anything to save Kail.

For the competition, the players put on crazy outfits (stop raiding my wardrobe, guys). For this completion, they have to balance a glass on top of their large hats.

But, of course, it’s never just quite that simple.

The other houseguests come out to heckle the ones playing in the veto competition. When all are eliminated except for Jen and Dick, almost every houseguest was trying to get Jen out of the competition. However, Kail and Mike team up and try to get Dick to laugh--utilizing such things as a grass skirt, whipped cream and an Indian headress. (Come on, guys, I meant it. Stop raiding my wardrobe). Dick finally throws off his glass off his hat. Jen wins POV, and Dik plans to put up Mike in her place. Meanwhile, Kail prays for protection that she’ll be safe from eviction.

Dick (and, by the way, they’re spelling it "Evel" Dick, as in Kneivel, and not "Evil." on the show.) finds Nick, Jen and Zack in Dick’s private Head of Household beadroom. Furious, Dick thinks Nick is in an alliance with Jen and Zack and is incensed that they would be in his room, no doubt talking strategy.

Daniele says Dick is ticking off (OK, that’s not the word she used, but hey, we’re a family paper) every person in the house and she’s getting the brunt of it. Daniele and Dick are each frustrating each other. But, calm yourselves, blog readers, there’s hope on the Big Brother horizon: In the next scene, Dick says he’s willing to do counseling with Daniele after all this is over. (I’ll sleep much better tonight now.)

Dick says Nick, whose been getting close with Daniele, says Nick could be ruining Daniele’s life outside the house. Daniele has a boyfriend outside the house. (Keep your scorecards handy, this is probably going to get more complicated as the show progresses.)

At the Power of Veto meeting: Jen uses the veto on herself. In Jen’s place, Dick puts up Mike for eviction nomination. So, now it’s Kail and Mike up on the chopping block.

Finally it’s time for the "America’s Player" question: Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house? I vote to have Eric evict … Kail.

Will I be right? Stay tuned ….

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michael said...

Evel is getting annoying, his whole "calling people out" fetish puts a bigger and bigger target on his back every time he does it. He is coming across as combative and emotional, neither of which will serve him well in the game.

Unless Kail finds a way to submarine Mike, which I doubt, I think she's going home this week.