Friday, July 13, 2007

"Big Brother 8": Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kail says of her nominations that she got off “scotch free”! Is she talking about the alcoholic beverage, or the tape, or does she actually mean “scot free”? (You know, it’s these kinds of things that keep me up at night. Well, that and the half pot of coffee).

By the way, Jessica’s voice is STILL grating on my nerves! And I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart when Dick revealed he had a heart to heart comment with his son in a strip club. Who says family values are dead?

We learn Jen doesn’t like guys with muscles (wow, that woman would ADORE me!).

Nick begins flirting with the girls, while Amber starts dramatically talking to God while she’s alone in a room. (I’m titling it, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Amber.”)

Time for another competition. This time, it’s the Veto Competition. The holder of the coveted Power of Veto has the ability to take a nominee off the chopping block. The competition: “Hide and Seek Veto,” where the houseguests have to hide their veto symbols around the house, and the last one to be found gets the Power of Veto.

Daniele hid her veto symbol in a bucket of Big Brother slop. Ewwww. I wouldn’t look in there on a dare. I don't think I'd be able to survive on just Big Brother Slop. Take away my barbeque potato chips and my Dr. Pepper (yes, you guessed it, I'm a health food addict) and I'm one lost puppy.

Well, what do you get at the end of the competition when you get a bunch of frenetic houseguests searching for little veto symbols hidden throughout the house? You get one big mess. They tore apart the “Big Brother” house something fierce! And at the end of it all ... Daniele triumphs and wins the coveted Power of Veto.

Eric (remember he’s “America’s Player”?) has to tell a dramatic story to Kail. Loved the sad music they played while Eric poured out his fake story about a girlfriend with an eating disorder. (No, I’m not saying eating disorders are funny, just the music that was set to it).

Dustin says he needs respect from his ex-boyfriend Joe. (Sure, get me singing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”) Viewers find out the next thing we get to tell America’s Player: We get to tell Eric who of the two nominees he should vote out of the house. (Each of the contestants, except the Head of Household and the two nominees, get to vote for eviction.) OK, I have no choice but to close this blog entry with the immortal words of Aretha Franklin: R-E-S-P-E-C-T....RE-RE-RE-RESPECT....

I really do need to cut down on my coffee intake ... At any rate, see you at the next posting.

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